Walk Away

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Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017



What once was is no longer more,
For the day he walked out, I locked the door.
And my benevolent dreams had distracted my fate,
For one night I met a man who's kindness shrunk by eight.
Drunken slurs and back handed hits,
He was always proud, 
For he never did miss.
I left a bloody trail from wound to rug, 
He would laugh bitterly, walk off and shrug.
I tried to kiss my lips,
For they didn't know another's feel.
He'd rather hit my cheek, 
For I often lacked appeal.
I slept on the ground,
While he dreamt soundly in my bed,
I thought "How did this happen?"
"Why does he want me dead?"
Oh! the answer cannot be pulled from above,
For I've been through every rhythm and rhyme,
The answer lives in his beastly soul,
And I think I'm running out of time.
Bruises began to outline my throat; 
It started to resemble a necklace,
People would say "He's such a dear!"
I'd say "He's so fucking reckless."
Sometimes I believe that I'm able to change him,
But you cannot help if they do not ask,
Sometimes people aren't always broken,
They're just too damaged by their past.
And so, as a reminder, one you must never forget,
A lesson that I learned on the way, 
If you feel guilty for the pain they have caused you,
Walk the fuck away.

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