Project Life

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The prototype has been launched after validation of all the required parameters. The uniqueness of the game is manifested by the fact that it has been created in absence of any previous benchmarked design or concept and as such is the first ever program of its kind

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017



"What is life?"

"Life is a journey of all living things from birth to death."

"Are you sure?"

"Well, I believe so."


Period 1

The prototype was launched post validatiion of all the desired parameters. The uniqueness of the game is clearly manifested by the fact that it was created in absence of any previously benchmarked design or concept, and as such is the first ever program of its kind. The game settings are being aligned to receive the participants.

After completion of the test mode, the final version of the game shall be released and all players will resume their part from where they had left the game. However, it would be a new environment, completely different in terms of scope of the game and their own advanced and enhanced capabilities compared to the trial run phase.


  1. All players are empowered to make free choices 'without any restrictions' to begin with their participation in the game which will be culminated by the Architect after the desired project milestones are achieved.
  2. There are designated start and finish points for each activity.
  3. The game is time-bound and there are different time slots allotted to various participants.
  4. The game manual is available to all for reference and guidance.
  5. The players have been assigned with different tasks with varying degrees of difficulty according to the powers built in. They will be evaluated and ranked accordingly.
  6. The entire game, every move of it shall be documented and archived to ensure fair assessment and equitable rewards.
  7. The treasures are hidden and will be exposed to participants depending on their efforts and the needs in order to facilitate continuation and progression of the game.
  8. There will be periodic spurts of information relay to players in order to help them learn and advance. The information download will cease at a preordained point. By that time the participants are expected to move forward on their own, equipped with sufficient knowledge required to make balanced choices. 
  9. The coded instructions will however continue to guide them after the information stops pouring in. They will be able to learn from the other participants as they are free to interact, mingle and learn from each other.
  10. All treasures must be discovered for the game to conclude.
  11. The game participants are to build on findings to finally reach to a point where they will realize the extent of the domain and will look outward to eventually find the One who had designed it.
  12. The game will come to an end at that point.

Period 2

There will be a start point but no end as the test mode will be over. The final version of the game 'Infinity' will be launched.

All players will receive their total scores and corresponding rewards. The winners will have the privilege to see the One who had designed the game. They will receive greetings in person.

Play well. Play fair.


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