I Could Cry Now

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In this poem, someone else I knew had been badly let down by school, and with GCSE's coming, pressure was getting to me too. I've never liked school, or the education system, and while deep in the feeling of sadness, hopelessness and frustration, I wrote this.

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017



I could cry now,

But there are better places for such a time.

The cheerful happiness of the innocent

Slaughtered frightfully. Butchered. Murdered

Enraged by such injustice,

Let down at every turn.

Those that put in their heart, and more,

To get nothing back. That’s fair?

Where is justice?


It is their life for which they fight, is it not?

Reminded sternly it is their future – no other.

They surrender it, under duress,

To avoid such a vicious confrontation.

Suppressed, the masses are,

Lost, more so.

Helpless, ever more.

They cry.


Their innocent hearts broken,

Their success lost, their hopes…shattered.

Their grades dropped.

Their happiness executed as if it were evil,

Their innocence ripped away

Like their emotions rip at their heart.

And who cares?


Nobody spares them a thought,

Those precious few.

Tortured. By the system.

Demands ever higher, success…rarer.

A fight harder,

One dares not.

For success is a punishment.

Which with happiness, is paid. 

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