Monster Under Bed

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A Boy & A Deadly Bed

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017



  Once upon a time, there was a boy named Edgar Creeps that's lived in Beverly Hills. Along with his parents and no siblings. So one day Edgar buys a bed from off the street. After the bed is bought "All Hell Breaks Loose" along with a mystery monster. The monster doesn't bother Edgar until Edgar bothers it. 
  Now it's the next morning he get dressed and takes a shower then Edgar goes into the kitchen where his parents are. "Hello son" says Mr. Creeps while stiring his morning coffee. "Goodmorning Eddie" says Mrs. Creeps. He hugs his mother than sits down and says, "Goodmorning mom and dad nice day today". He eats then off to school he goes looking forward to a good day. 
  Edgar goes to school and runs into his friends Sonnie, Nierra, Xavier, and Andrew. Sonnie has long black hair, grew up just near the school in Los Angeles County. Nierra was from India but grew up in Palmdale, CA all her life. Xavier is tall, but not too tall he grew up in the Hollywood Hills near Edgar's grand parents home. Now Andrew with braids to the back had just checked in the school not too long ago. He moved from Canada to California recently. 
  When Edgar goes to class he runs into problems with his peers and new teachers immediately. With his rough past of him giving up quickly he leaves the school to ditch. He ends up at the mall with Xavier and Andrew. He goes school shopping for the time being. Starts a rumble at the mall that got him kicked out and banned from the mall. He goes home real brief...
  And goes right into his house with sign of his parents anywhere. Until the phone rings... 'Ring,Ring,Ring' "Hello" says Edgar. And it's his mother she tells him he has a week to get his shit together than hangs up the phone. He's now mad but goes to play his PlayStation on the living rooms flat screen television to calm down. So while he's in the living room he hears a thump come from his room upstairs. He simple ignores for now. 
  Night time approaches and he hears his parents pulling there cars in the garage. The first person that comes in is his dad who looks at him in anger. Then in comes his mother who tells him to go his room. He goes to his room not thinking of the noises he heard hours ago. Until he hears a thump again from under his bed, he yells out "COME OUT YOU UGLY MONSTER"! The noises stop and Edgar eventually falls asleep. 
  Edgar doesn't know that the monster comes out when a person gets into a deep sleep. The monster now tries to wake him Edgar doesn't moves a muscle. Edgar goes to the restroom he's a sleep walker so the monster doesn't react. Boom! Edgar comes back in the room with his dads gun and shoots the terrifying creature. The monster is now gone and Edgar begans to do good. He goes to college but needs a bed... you know what's next! 
The END. 

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Monster Under Bed

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