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I had a nightmare and tried to turn it into a story as practice. Any kind of criticism is welcome.

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017



There was the man in the window again, watching. I can’t make out his face clearly but I think today he chose to be Bill Clinton. He wears a different mask every time but always the same tan trench coat and white shirt. I’m tired of chasing after him. Every time I get up to catch him he just vanishes. I never find him or any trace of him being there. It started about three weeks ago. He comes about 4 times a week and he just stares in the window. The first couple of times I tried to go after him and catch him but I never managed to actually do it. When I called the police he always disappeared right before they showed up so after the third time they told me to stop calling them. They didn’t care. No one cared.

I suddenly heard some rattling. Not this again…

- Peter, the snake is at it again! – I heard my wife’s shrill voice.

- I’m on it, darling. – I stood up hurriedly, ignoring the guy in the window.

My wife, Sally, swore to god that the sound under the floor was coming from a rattlesnake. She heard about them in the TV. I told her there are no rattlesnakes in this part of the country but she just started yelling and calling me names. So I started making up fake methods of getting rid of the rattling snakes. Hitting the floor with the broom or using the vacuum cleaner to scare it away.

- Where the hell are you!? – I heard her shout.

- I’m coming; I just needed to get the broom.

I start hitting the floor with the end of the broom. As the rattling stops I see my wife’s feet reaching the ground. Her feet were really thin and bony. They looked really fragile.

- Where were you, Peter?! – She started – Didn’t you hear the rattling?!

- Yes, I did and I came as soon as I cou…

- As soon as you could MY ASS! Didn’t I tell you to leave the broom next to my door?!

- Yes but I needed it in the…

- NO BUTS! I feel like I’m talking to an IDIOT! GET OUT!

I left. There was no reason to stay. The man in the window was gone. She didn’t care about him. She never left the room since… She never left the room. He couldn’t see upstairs, he wasn’t staring at her so it was none of her concern. She said it’s my problem so I should be the one solving it. The “rattlesnake” was her problem but I was the one who was supposed to solve that one too. I went back to the study and continued working. I was working on an article about Jack the Ripper. It was supposed to be done two months ago but I just kept postponing it.



It was just two days ago the man in the window was watching and he was at it again. I don’t know why he did it or what he was doing. I went up to the window and started shouting at him. He didn’t react. He was wearing a Donald Trump mask that day. After I started shouting my wife started shouting. She couldn’t hear the TV so I had to stop. He just kept staring at me. He didn’t move an inch. I went back to work. I was tired.


- PETEEEER! THE SNAKE! – I heard my wife.

- Coming.

Her feet looked really pale that day. She was shouting at me. I wasn’t fast enough again.

- What would you do if it bit me? Huh?

Other than having enough money to buy myself some normal food? I don’t know maybe living happily ever after… Of course I would never dare to say it out loud… I’ve been living on noodle soup for the past 4 years. I had to cook for her every day twice. For the first year I was cooking for the both of us but our savings quickly depleted thanks to her medical bills and her not being able to work anymore. So I tried to save money where I could, like eating noodles or selling my car. I tried to convince her to move to a smaller house or that she could eat the same stuff I do but she was having none of it and it always ended in her shouting at me.

She hates me since the…


I heard the doorbell. When I open the door there is a man standing there. He’s younger than me. Maybe in his mid-30s. Brown hair and brown eyes, a bit chubby. He had a round face and a snub nose.

- Hey my name is Jack White. I’m the new neighbour. – He shook my hand.

- Errr… Hey… Did you just move in or?

- No no no. Yeah, well “new”. I moved in like a month ago. We just haven’t met so I thought I’ll introduce myself. – He was smiling. Like a lot. I didn’t like it.

- Yeah well I guess you did. If there is nothing else then I’ll just…

- You never told me your name.

- Oh yes, sorry, I’m…

- Peter Valentine, yes it’s on the mailbox. Do you mind if I come in.

- I don’t think that’s a good idea… I have… work to do.

- Oh. Well it was nice to meet you anyways. See you around! – His smile never left his face. I wanted to punch him in the face… It’s not his fault. I just felt frustrated.

I went back to the study and started working on my laptop. I was trying to focus but the guy just kept popping up in my mind. Something was bugging me about him but I just couldn’t put my finger on it…

Later that day I had to scare the “snake” away again and then listen to my wife’s shouting but it was rather eventless.

As I was cooking dinner for Sally it hit me. He moved in around the time I noticed the masked man staring from the window. It can’t be him, right? He’s just a neighbour who’s trying to be nice. I mean I wanted to punch him in the face for no reason other than him smiling all the time. No, it can’t be… I’m just being on the edge that’s all. There is no need to jump into conclusions.


Weeks had gone by. Now the snake rattles at night too. I couldn’t get a good night sleep in a while. My wife’s shouting wakes me up two or three time per night. I was going to take a nap in between work and cooking dinner but then I noticed Abraham Lincoln watching from the window so I gave up on it. I can’t get any work done. My editor called earlier today and said if I don’t finish my article this month I’m fired. I just can’t concentrate on Jack the Ripper right now. I still have one and a half week to finish it so I’m not worried.

I heard the doorbell again. When I open the door I see Jack standing there with his trademark wide smile on his face.

- Hello.

- Oh yes, hey so I just bought this crate of beer and I was wonderin’ if you’d like to join me. – He looked at me with bright hope in his eyes. I felt a chill running down on my spine. – You know, nobody likes to drink alone.

- Sorry, I’m just not really in the…

- Please? It’d mean a lot to me, Peter. You don’t mind if I call you Peter, right? – I’ve never seen another man with such puppy eyes in my life.

- Eh? Sure. But for just one bottle, alright? Don’t want the wife to notice if you know what I mean. – I winked at him. Maybe he’s just a nice guy. A weird guy for sure but nice.

- Yeah of course. – Wow I didn’t know his smile can be wider than that. – Aw man, this is awesome!

I closed the door behind me and followed him to his garden. We both opened a beer. He bought that American pisswater they call beer here. Can’t stand the stuff but I didn’t want to be rude so I drank it.

He wouldn’t stop talking… I mean he just couldn’t shut up. My head was about to explode. I felt like punching him again… But I didn’t. I was actually proud of myself. I just sat there listening to him while sipping my beer. At some point I felt like I’m going to throw up then later I almost fell asleep. That was the point where I felt like this was enough. I stood up, excused myself and left. I didn’t even finish my beer. Not that Jack seemed to mind it.

When I opened the door I started feeling dizzy and like throwing up again but I snapped out of it immediately when I heard Sally screaming. I ran upstairs and started beating the floor with the broomstick. After the rattling stopped I turned around. I didn’t have to see her face to tell she was furious. Her feet were tapping on the floor. I suddenly felt her palm hitting my left cheek. She wasn’t as strong as before. She didn’t say a word. I felt her tearing the broom out of my hands. The next thing I felt was the broomstick coming to contact with my jaw. Then with the back of my neck. My nape. The back of my neck again. My back. My back. Back. Back. Back…



- So what happened to you Peter? – Asked Jack right before taking a sip of his beer. – Look I can see you wanna avoid talkin’ about it, but look man, we’re friends, right? You can tell me anything.

- Oh you mean the tooth. It wa…

- The tooth, the bruises on your neck and why you’re lookin’ like you haven’t slept since we had that beer 4 days ago. – This is his concerned face?! He looks like he just won the lottery and became the prom king in the same hour!

- It’s nothing I fell down the stairs at home and my one of my teeth fell out. You should see my back it’s full of bruises too. – Why am I hanging out with this guy? I literally can’t think of anything else right now than hitting his face again and again and again…

- Oh okay then, pal. You know I just had to ask. Friends look out for each other, right?

- Right. – I so fucking hate you and your stupid smile.

I stood up, getting ready to leave when I suddenly froze. Through the glass door I saw an open closet with a tan trench coat hanging inside.

- Hey is that your coat? – I looked at Jack. His smile stayed the same but his eyes got a bit colder.

- Which one? Oh that one yeah. I was Sherlock Holmes last Halloween and you know… new neighbourhood so I can use the same costume. Though I’m in dire need of a Dr. Watson… You up for it, pal?

- Eeer… no, sorry I don’t do Halloween.

- Oh, a shame really. – Smiled Jack at me.


William Shatner is looking at me from the window. I flipped him off and went back to work. When I looked up the next time he was gone. Finally… I was tired. I felt my eyes trying to blink but they didn’t open back up. I could feel my consciousness drifting away… Then my wife suddenly screamed. My eyes popped open. I ran upstairs.

- There was a man in the window! – Sally screamed.

- Did he look like William Shatner?

- What? How the fuck should I know?! You useless piece of shit! There was a man in my window and all you can ask is if…

- I just asked because…- I felt a slap on my cheek.

- Don’t you fucking interrupt me ever again!

After she stopped screaming I left. I don’t remember what she said. Five minutes later all I remembered was the paleness of her feet and the feeling her screaming left in me. I just crawled up on the sofa downstairs. When I fell asleep my hands were still shaking.


I woke up swimming in sweat. In my dream I saw Bill Clinton and William Shatner taking turns on strangling and beating me. I got up and headed to the bathroom. Then I went to the kitchen to wash the bitterness of the vomit off with a glass of water.


- Heeeey, buddy! Wakey-wakey! – I hear a familiar annoying voice. I’m surrounded with something really soft. Maybe it was all just a bad dream.

- What? – I open my eyes to see Jack waving in front of my face.

- How are you, Cinderella? – Jack looked at me with his puppy eyes. – One minute you’re drinking my beer and in the other you’re snoring like an elephant.

Something was off. I didn’t feel good. I felt this thing inside… I couldn1t tell what it was… I felt uncomfortable in my clothes. They felt unnatural. My mouth tasted weird. Something was off…

- What happened?

- I just told you, didn’t I? – Jack looked at me smiling. - You fell asleep while drinking beer and then I couldn’t wake you up so I carried you to the bed. You’re welcome, pal.

- Thanks… I guess… - I stood up. Something was off. – I’ll be going now, okay?

- Yeah, sure, man. Don’t worry, I won’t tell the wife. – He winked at me.

- Yeah. Thanks.

As I was arriving home I notice my shirt is buttoned the wrong way. I was walking around this the whole day? I must have been really tired in the morning. I had to wake up twice to deal with the rattlesnake.

I was checking the shirt’s buttons as I noticed my belt was in the wrong hole. I suddenly started gagging. I tried to make my way into the bathroom but then I just threw up on the carpet. I felt stained. I felt warm tears running down on my cheeks. I threw up again. I was on all fours for hours. Below me a mix of my tears and vomit.

I suddenly hear the rattling. I get up. That fucking snake is not getting away. I’m not letting it. I’m not letting that snake terrorize me anymore. I’m making my way up the stairs. My leg got stuck at the last step and I hit my head in the wall. But I’m not stopping. I don’t care anymore. I just want it to end.

I’m in the room. My sight is still blurry because of my tears from earlier but I can see the snake lying on the bed clearly. My heart feels like it’s going to explode. There are butterflies in my stomach. Sally must have left while I was asleep. Doesn’t matter. It’ll be over today.

I suddenly grab the snake turn it around and start strangling it. I can feel the adrenaline rushing in my veins. I feel strong. I’m listening to the snake gagging. IT’S BEAUTIFUL! I’m just holding onto its scaly neck like there is no tomorrow. I start hitting it with my left fist while I’m choking it with my right hand. I can feel its warm blood on my knuckle. After it stops moving I start hitting its head with both fists. It feels A-MAIZING. I stop. Its face is an unrecognisable plump of flesh and scales. I can hear my laughter. I’m laughing. I’M LAUGHING! I hit it one more time. Snakes are sly and tricky. I’m not taking chances. It’s a huge snake. Maybe I’ll burn it. Later. Right now I have one thing left to do…

- I CAN SEEEEEEE YOUUUUUU! Yes, Robin Williams I’m talking to you!

I walk closer and closer to the window where the masked man is watching from. He looks like he’s texting or something and then looks up to me. His eyes are sparkling through the mask’s eyeholes.

- You’re next, you sick fuck! – I’m charging at the window but he suddenly jumps off the roof and runs away.

I’m running down on the stairs. I’m stopping as I see myself in the mirror. My face, hands and shirts are stained with blood. I don’t care. It’s not the time to wash up yet. I’m walking into the garage. I’m pulling out the drawers one by one till I find a hammer.

Time to get the fucking bastard.

© Copyright 2018 R. Puskás. All rights reserved.

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