English Journal - Day Three

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The continuing saga of English Class 101 and the daily life of Akumakaze as He tries to navigate through the harsh realities of writing within the Papers universe.

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017



Captain's Log - Stardate: 2000.9.1


Just to start off where I ended my last entry, The Compsition nebula was rather interesting due to the various names of its spiraling arms from its epicenter. Some of the names included The Dangling Modifier, Passive Voice Stretch, and the Fragment Clause.

I could list them all, but there were at least nine arms stretching from that stardust cluster. I would rather not bore you with all the details, so I hope you get the gist.

Now, to get to where I should be, the class todaywas a bit lax in its instructional value, however we're still in the first week which means we're still getting oriented to schedules and expectations. The class got a little more interesting as we received some feedback concerning our essays from Wednesday.

The one I wrote entitled "The Room of Constant Doom" received recognition as being in the top twelve essays written. In other words, it got a good rating. This meant had she been grading them I probably would've received a "A" or "B" for the record. This essay was just a prelude for other essays that we would be writing for this term.

To conclude this entry, the class ended as we returned our essays back to our intructor. I stayed behind for a few moments to ask a few questions concerning my journal to which I show her my entries so far. Her smile, the laugh she gave, and her statement were all the indications of this being a promising year for me.It makes me feel good to know that the creativity instilled in me has such a wonderful impact on people. Ensign Akumakaze signing off....blip.

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