The Town

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Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017




The Town



Canyons burgeon abstract and uneven 
Along a distant shoreline morose and mistreated. 

Plump, somber rainclouds 
Like fluid stained glass bruises 
Slide electric oblong across a barren desert vista. 

Hitching the worn strap of a pack that's been timely loosened 
To fit the weary miles these rugged boots have plowed in, 
I settle my sights on a bowed, rusty ballista.  


And fashion my trek towards an approaching township. 

To my dismay 
And utter reproach, 
I see blocking the way a frail skeleton post 
Naked and chained to the sign just outside 
The town's muddy walls, beneath words that decry, 


"Beware wary traveler. To arrive is to die. " 

Once inside 
My loping stride adumbrate aligns 
With dusty gold cobblestones 
And leads me to a decrepit shrine. 

There I see rings of people 
Yammering all in a maze of lines,
Pointing to an empty stage 
With many a wail and keening moan 
That time


Was solely on their side. 

Shaking my temples, 
I pursed my lips and bit my cheek
Pivoted right around 

And returned to the fractured horizon bleak. 


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The Town

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