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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A one shot story about the abduction of a child. Approx 640 words.

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017




The still spring water flowed through the wide stream, the sound like a soft burble. Birds sat high on the tree tops, whistling to the sound of morning break. The wind blew south, gentle and commanding, as the tree branches rustled, with a crisp sound. Down below, a little girl sat on top of a brick wall, in her hands was a small wooden doll. The girl played, unaware of her surroundings, she was a soul, lost in the world of imagination. Her white blonde hair, with a pretty red bow on top, lifted and swished along with the wind.

Around the corner her mother came out from a tiny cottage house; she was a beautiful woman with red stained lips, her blonde hair wrapped in an elegant bun. She wore a neat blue dress with the kitchen apron around her neck. She carried a freshly baked pie in her oven mitts covered hands. She gently placed it on the windowsill and looked towards the hills hoping the dessert she lovingly prepared for the entire family would have cooled by supper time. Her eyes landed on her daughter who played at the far end of the field. A burst of joy escaped the mother and a loving smile. Her daughter looked so happy playing with her doll; in her own little world. Just a little longer, then I'll call her in for early meal she thought. At one final glance at her pride and joy she walked back into the house.

The little girl spoke softly to her doll; she liked to pretend her doll had a voice and that she would talk back to her. "Alicia..." which was the name she had given the doll. "....what would you like for supper today?" She held the doll to her ear, listening intently. 

"Oh yes! That's what I'll be having to!" the girl excitedly exclaimed. 

"Well, we better run along fast and tell Ma that you'll want her freshly baked pie as well or else I'm afraid Pa might eat it all." 

The little girl hopped off the wall, straightened out her little dress and made her way back across the field with her doll. Her steps faltered when she heard a rustling behind her by the shrubs over the brick wall. Being a curious child, the girl walked back towards the brick wall again, thinking it may be those cute little badgers she saw earlier. As she neared the shrub a shadow crept out of it, slowly lengthening until it finally reached her, before the girl knew what was happening a vast darkness suddenly descended upon her.

 Not a sound was heard out of the ordinary. The trees still rustled and the birds still whistled.

When the food on the table turned slightly cold the mother finally returned outside to call her daughter in. She looked toward the brick wall where she last saw the girl but she found it to be deserted. She called out her daughter's name but no answer came. Slightly worried, she ran round the side of the house to look there, then she looked inside the house but still found no sign of her little girl. An awful feeling overcame her. She ran back outside towards the brick wall, tears forming in her eyes. Please God no she desperately thought. She peaked over the wall searching the scattered shrubs. Nothing; she wasn't there. Just before she turned, her eyes caught something red. She quickly leapt over the wall calling out her daughter's name. As she came round one huge particular shrub it was not her daughter she saw but her red bow that she so often wore, stuck on the plant. Looking around, she picked the bow and clutched it close to her chest. A heavy sob escaped her and she cried for her lost little girl.


The End

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