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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beginning of the End

Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017




For as long as I can remember the Frosters have been in power.  It's been this way for generations, possibly since the beginning.  And with a name like that, rumors spread like wildfire.  At least they used to.  When I was five, anyone with the guts to question the Frosters, was quickly eliminated.  No one really knew how, or if they were still alive.  Over ten thousand people disappeared almost overnight  We call it the the vanishing, it was how I lost my brother.  Now, eleven years later, I still wake up from nightmares of them taking my family.  They need only suspect that you are leery of their rule to take you out.  No one is safe.  That's why today, when my little sister said, that the Frosters were evil evil people, and that she was going to tell them they were to stop, everyone stopped in their tracks.  My parents faces fell and it felt as if the world had gone completely still. I felt a new kind of terror creep into my bones as I realized that we were no longer safe in our own home.

"Quinn, why would you say that?" my mother carefully inquired once the shock wore off.

"Because they took Reza and won't give him back. They took him and I never got to meet him, isn't that not nice? I thought we were supposed to share," Quinn stated in a little kid innocence that is so rare, "I am going to write them a letter telling them that it is our turn to have him."

"Farren, why don't you go that book with the green spine." My father sighed, his face ashen

We only had one book with a green spine.  I knew what this meant.  My seven year old sister was about to grow up, way too quickly.  That book was given to everyone by the Frosters about six months after the first person went missing. I knew that they had eyes everywhere, it was how they kept everyone in control. I'd hoped my sister wouldn't have to learn to be concerned about her every move this young, living each day as if she was walking on eggshells. But now, all I can hope is that the Frosters don't hear about what she said.  They take pity on no man, or in this case child.


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