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There's always light in a place where there's love.

Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017



In the rain I sing higher in hopes you will hear me over the thunder. In the rain I smile hoping you will see me before the lightening. For you I wouldn't mind dancing in the rain to lose track of the pain. I don't want want to sleep during a storm without you near me. I'm no superman or Hercules, so I won't travel miles in the rain to wait on you to make up in your mind that I'm actually good enough to spend your time with for the rest of your life. Like rain drops I want you to be able to see through me without any secrets of who I really am. In the rain I'm willing to swim through your ocean of tears caused by your past break ups hanging over like clouds in your mind. The thunder may roar from your pain hinting you really need a super hero. I don't wear a cape, but I do have heart willing to kindle with your spirit through the stormy day leading to the stormy night, and sit on your rooftop awaiting the sunrise followed by a rainbow showing the colors of love. The clouds that were in your mind will fade into space never to return bringing out cumulus clouds making pictures in the sky of us smiling together through all our worries. My heart once broke like a glass vase standing on top of an uneven coffee table around careless clumsy women. I don't mind opening my knowledge and free spirit to you because I know you will do the same while we grow together in this universe, and the next hand in hand powering through the forces aiming to keep us apart.

I seen days darker than most. It could all feel wrong at first when just coming from a heart break and your friends are no where to be found. The light that your heart created to shine your way through the tunnel of worries you were traveling in your mind. That felt like a roller coaster ride may have dimmed your light now. Your guard will be higher than it was before, your trust will fade along with your love. The only thing that will seem to grow at that moment will be the bad thoughts clouding your mind of him abusing your good heart for reasons selfishly pertaining to a monster. Though the end of the tunnel will not be clear, I will appear in the mist of your troubles. I may catch your eyes glimpsing my way in curiosity as to who I am and my purpose for showing up at such a time in your life of being lost and broken. As I approach with my smile giving off light for a clearer picture of what I am, I can see your guard is still up so you will not give me the time of day. Even when I only ask your name. Still I've felt your energy, and the universe says you're right for me as I feel we were meant to meet. You'll tell me your taken, but your tears and angry statuses on social media pertaining to all men will give away your insecurities. You'll turn me away because of how uneasy you may feel when those memories attack you with every step I take trying to comfort you. It's like the devil is attacking you. Slowing God on his journey to restore peace and love in you. You've been through so much and only I can see it.

My mind is set on getting closer to you comfortably being able to talk to you about your feelings for a change. People you've delt with before have only considered their own feelings, and gave you the wrong impressions as you only wanted to love and be loved. It shouldn't have felt like a game of any sort to try and unlock their love for you when it should've already been there from the start. There's no sense in them watching you cry, and only asking you whats wrong when you decide you want to move on. They hate the fact that you're wise enough to leave with your warm spirit. A lovely spirit such as yours roaming around signifies that there's no doubt you will be blessed with someone much better. Since then you haven't quite been the same as you explained to me in detail what happened. The slow rhythm of your cries get even more harsh with every line you tell me. However, those walls are crumbling down with every sentence you spill my way. For once in your life you felt like you actually mattered. You should feel that way each day and night. As the day is ending with the sun setting, so are the terrible memories retiring from your mind forever. As long as I'm here to comfort you. The only thanks I want is your love for me where it will only get better with time. You'll be forever mine. An argument can't change this fact, nor can another soul take me away from you. My word is for us and our bond is eternal. If anyone should ask who are we to each other. Just stand up tall look them in the face and tell them "He's the world's greatest lover". I will shout "she's the world's greatest lover down the tunnel which will also echo to the clouds over head at the end of this road. I hope tomorrow will bring a better you and a better me. We can do anything we want, and go anywhere we want because our love is strong. Our faith will lead us out the tunnel together even through the rain storm outside. We know that what we have will last forever, and the sun will always shine on our side. Questions will rise from your friends and family about your joy of being with me. They won't understand, but simply tell everyone you know that "We're just doing our thing if you know what we mean"!

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