This Will Be Over

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Submitted: May 03, 2017

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Submitted: May 03, 2017



Ever since I can remember,

There’s been this emptiness…

It’s like this void

That keeps eating away at me.

And it’s taking everything I am.


Now, I’ve heard it all.

“Do something that makes you happy,”

They say.

“Oh it will go away...just think more positively,”

They say.


But it’s not that simple….

It doesn’t matter how much I buy

Or how much I smile and laugh…

I STILL feel like there’s

This piece of me that’s missing.


And some days,

I can’t even get out of bed…

Am I just lazy?


I just don’t feel like going on like this…

I can’t STAND living like this…

...knowing that there’s something missing,

But not knowing WHAT exactly that is…


Therapy and other coping methods,

They only provide temporary relief.

The feelings always come back.

And sometimes,

They hit you even harder than before.


But don’t worry…

One day, this will be over…

You’ll be able to smile and laugh,

For real this time…


Soon, you won’t have to fake anything.

You’ll be able to genuinely

Be happy,

Be yourself…


I can’t tell you exactly when that will happen,

But hold on…

Things will be better..

You’re stronger than you think you are...

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