The Long Journey: Convergence

The Long Journey: Convergence

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



A coming of age tale of the naive, yet optimistic Prince Bryland, who suddenly finds his way of life thrown into chaos after his chance encounter with a sultry demon hailing from a distant realm of beasts. With little preparation for the encroaching perils of life, he soon finds himself wedged into war and battles that threaten to tear his livelihood apart and perhaps even his entire world. Only with the aid of unlikely allies and lifelong friends can he survive the terrors and destruction to come. Yet those closest may be the ones to truly fear, for not all beasts strike from afar.
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A coming of age tale of the naive, yet optimistic Prince Bryland, who suddenly finds his way of life thrown into chaos after his chance encounter with a sultry demon hailing from a distant realm of beasts. With little preparation for the encroaching perils of life, he soon finds himself wedged into war and battles that threaten to tear his livelihood apart and perhaps even his entire world. Only with the aid of unlikely allies and lifelong friends can he survive the terrors and destruction to come. Yet those closest may be the ones to truly fear, for not all beasts strike from afar.

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In a realm very much like our own, darkness encroaches and with it, the true nature of man is revealed. The distant Kingdom of Zerock, one ruled by five kings that govern with equal power, soon finds itself embroiled in chaos and tyranny unlike any other. This is the story of Prince Bryland of East Zerock, son of King Everon...


"Bryland! Get your ass over here before we're late again!” Rias, a rather stern faced friend with shoulder length ashy brown hair and a taste for snobbishness, yelled in his coarse voice as he checked his brass pocket watch.

"Sorry, pal," Bryland, the future King of East Zerock and a bit of a slacker when it came to hard work, acknowledged his sluggish pace before flashing a cheeky grin back. Even though he was a prince, most would never guess it by his casual looks and how he acted. Even his hair was a mess of brunette layers, almost covering his light hued eyes and inquisitive eyebrows. His height was also that of the average person's and no one could possibly claim he was a man to be feared, despite being of royalty and next in line for the throne.

 As Bryland continued to run around the filth riddled house, completely shirtless, searching for the rest of his clothes, Rias scolded, "This will be the third time in one week that we are both late to class because of your slow-poking around and I seriously doubt that our teacher won't mind." The prince's friend grumbled ever louder as he rapidly tapped on his watch, signaling that they were quickly running out of time.

Rias started becoming quite agitated with his princely friend making them late so often, but since both were in their early twenties they did feel the need to skip classes every once in awhile. However, Rias also knew that King Everon wouldn't be too pleased that his son was shirking his royal duties again.

Finally, after five excruciatingly long minutes later, Bryland finally located his crumpled up jacket and shirt jammed halfway under the couch before proudly exclaiming, "Found em," while simultaneously giving them a strong whiff. "Oof! That is certainly in need of a fresh wash," the prince groaned at the musky smell of his own attire before sliding the rather plain clothes onto his sturdy frame. "Wait up," the prince then called out as he ran past the creaky front door of his modest home to catch up with Rias, who had already left in frustration just moments earlier.

Once caught up, the two friends ran as fast as their legs could muster until both had made it to their class at Tameniun Academy, a school for higher learning amongst the local populous. As soon as they opened the archaic amethyst door to the classroom, their teacher, Master Lex, announced in his stern voice, “Late again. Third time in one week. I expect to see both of you once class is concluded.”

“Yes, sir,” they both obliged in unison as they swiftly took their seats amongst the rest of the students, who were none too surprised at their tardiness since Bryland had gained quite the reputation of being a slacker. Perhaps it wasn't good for the son of the king to be so nonchalant when it came to matters of learning, but Bryland had little desire for responsibility. It wasn't that he never tried, just that he preferred a leisurely lifestyle free from stress. However, no one could claim he was extravagant since he barely flaunted his wealth and instead stuck to a rather modest living.

Later that day, once class came to an end and the other students departed, the two friends approached Lex's desk to await their punishment. Their teacher, a middle aged man with the charming face of a young adult that hardly gave away his true age, presented them with a rather playful smirk before setting a bronzed box on his cluttered desk, knocking aside various papers in the process. “I have a package that needs to be delivered to Mrs. Ranetta. Since I have some other matters to attend to, I want you both to take it to her.” Leaning ever so slightly forward, Lex instructed them in a hushed tone on what to do as he held out the small metal box.

“But she lives in that neighborhood all the way on Standfall Hill?! That is at least an hour away!” Bryland gasped in shock at the rather inconvenient task.

Master Lex just continued smiling as he nonchalantly replied, “Should've thought about that before being late to class.”

Rias shot a disapproving look to his friend before grabbing the metal box, replying, "Yes, sir. Come on, Bryland," he motioned as they departed from the classroom to go in search of Ranetta's house. As they began their walk from the academy, Rias hastile started to criticize, “This completely sucks. I wanted to go home and spend the rest of the day studying the art of swordwork. I have a few new theories I need to test out.”

Bryland lazily shrugged back as he watched other people enjoying their day, commenting, “Oh well. Looks like that'll have to wait it seems. Are you still trying to figure out a new method for crafting weapons?”

Rias shot the prince a stern gaze of agitation before simply nodding his head in reply as the two friends continued walking through the lush outer city limits of East Zerock's capital. While they walked in silence, passing local farmers and other members of the peasantry, the prince curiously eyed the metallic box and suggested, "So how about we take a gander at what Lex plans to give Mrs. Ranetta? I bet it's some love letters or something along those lines. I just hope her husband doesn't find out." He chuckled at the thought, imagining Lex caught up in some convulated love triangle worthy of everyone's gossip.

"No. You've got us in enough trouble. It's none of our business," Rias grumbled as he clutched the box even tighter in his grip, ignoring Bryland for the remainder of the trip.

Almost an hour passed before they eventually came within eyesight of Ranetta's neighborhood, a modest area with few surrounding trees and tightly packed houses that left little room for people to relax outdoors. As they picked up their pace, ready to end the excursion, Rias heard a familiar voice call out, “Hey fellas!” Swiftly, they turned around to see their slightly younger friend, Zane, waving them down with a friendly grin as he charged over. Although he was only a couple of years their minor, his athletic body was far more toned and the only indication that he was younger was that his face resembled that of a teenager rather than a young adult. His bright blonde hair jutted wildly in all directions and his sweaty clothes indicated that he had probably just finished with his daily training regimen, something that Bryland and Rias definitely lacked in.

“Hey there, pal! How've you been?” Bryland greeted as they shook each other's hand with enthusiastic glee.

“Pretty good. I heard your dad is trying to lower taxes in the market districts,” Zane replied with casual small talk as he smacked at an insect hovering over his sweat drenched shirt.

Bryland simply shrugged back, answering, “I guess. I haven't visited with him lately.”

"You should visit him more often you know," Zane mentioned as he jokingly wagged his finger at the prince.

Bryland just nodded his head with confirmation, replying, "I would, but he's pretty busy and so am I."

"As if," Zane laughed at his friend's pitiful excuses while simultaneously giving him a playful smack on the back.

Rias, not one to waste time, then spoke up, “Well, Zane we'd love to chat, but we really gotta finish this errand. You can thank Bryland for that.”

Zane just laughed even more, revealing his innocent and playful chuckles as a wide grin overtook his chipper face. “Don't be such a stick in the mud. Where are you two headed?”

The prince happily answered back, “Just need to take this to Mrs. Ranetta's place on Standfall Hill and then we'll be free for the day.”

“Well I have nothing better to do, so let's go. I don't mind stretching my legs on a little walk. It's like five minutes from here so let's hurry,” Zane confirmed as he squinted his sapphire blue eyes at the sun beaming down on them.

Together the three friends journeyed forward and began hiking up the overgrown grassy hill near Ranetta's neighborhood, until Bryland plopped down on a patch of dirt for a quick rest. Before he could even get comfortable, Rias pierced through him with an uncomforting glare. “Hey, get up! We're almost there,” he impatiently lectured, tossing aside his parted hair while flailing his arms for emphasis.

“Gah... gimme a break. I'm tired,” Bryland nonchalantly responded back as he stared off at the clouds. Rias kept glaring however until Bryland relented and announced, “Alright, alright, let's go then.”

As soon as the prince managed to stand back to his feet, a blindingly bright light exploded roughly four meters away. Once the intense light faded away just as swiftly as it had came, they looked ahead in great surprise to see what had appeared before their eyes. Just mere steps away from them stood a woman in a blackened violet leather outfit, revealing her rather slender frame. Her lengthy and buoyant, caramel blonde hair hung down in a ponytail beside her hips as she stared everyone down with her frightening amber colored eyes. Although her outfit was a dead giveaway that she was not from their world, she looked almost exactly human, except for the rather pointed ears and fang-like teeth.

Zane shuttered with fear as he took a step back and stammered in surprise, “It's... a... a demon!”

“Demon?” The girl repeated in a sarcastic tone, grumbling, “Trust me, you're not so hot yourself.”

Rias, almost mesmerized by the fact that an actual demon was right ahead, spoke up with an odd calmness. “The rumors must be true. More demons have been appearing lately within our world.”

Fearfully, Zane inched slightly away from the demonic woman, desiring to know, “What should we do with it?”

“IT?! I'm not some it!” She yelled back through clenched teeth, her hands faintly illuminating as her anger rose.

Although far from being brave, Bryland was the first to slowly step forward and ask, “Why are you here?”

She glanced around at the nearby Zerockian homes with questionable curiosity before focusing back on the prince and shrugging. “I honestly don't know," she heaved with despair.

“You must know!” Zane argued, hoping to unveil a more sinister purpose.

She glared at him with great annoyance before mockingly reassuring, “Well I don't. Trust me, I would never choose to come to the human world.”

Hoping to diffuse the escalating tensions, Bryland gently questioned, “Do you have a name?”

She softened her vexed demeanor as she answered, “Jezera,” with slight hesitation in her voice.

The prince displayed a thumbs up as he happily greeted, “Nice to meet you, Jezera. I'm Bryland and these are my friends, Rias and Zane.”

“Great,” she sourly groaned, “looks like I'm stuck here.”

Rias quickly pointed out, “Actually, we'll need to escort you to King Everon and he'll decide whether or not if you're a threat. If you pass that, then you'll be able to stay.”

She groaned with disdain towards life while slumping her shoulders downward in agitation. “Terrific, now I have to appeal to some human king just to stay in a world I don't wish to. Just my luck.”

“Don't worry, he is my dad and we'll escort you there,” Bryland kindly informed, trying to give her some sort of reassurance.

"Uhh are you sure that's a good idea? We should notify some guards. One demon is far more than a match for us. She might flip out and murder all of us," Zane cautiously whispered to his friend.

Bryland was no fool to how powerful demons were, yet he felt an odd trust towards her. Perhaps he was being too trusting, but he remained calm and reassured Zane that it would be okay. Rias just shook his head and directed, “You and Zane can escort her. I'm going to finish our delivery like we were supposed to.”

“You sure?” The prince asked with a puzzled look, figuring Rias would never pass up on such an opportunity.

Rias glanced over at Jezera while a slight chill crept up his spine before turning to his friend, nodding his head in reply without uttering a word, visibly still upset about having to complete Master Lex's boring errand and perhaps a bit fearful of being near a demon with the potential to slay them without a hint of hesitation. Bryland could easily see the mild fear in his friend's eyes as he replied, “Okay, pal. We'll meet up with you later,” he exclaimed with an obliviously cheerful tone as they went their separate ways, leaving Rias to wonder whether his friends were safe escorting her all the way back to the castle.

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