A Poem That's Anything But Sweet

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I ended up breaking up with my partner of two years in Dec of 2015, things just weren't right and I couldn't take the extra weight in my life. She quickly turned around, got herself together and presented a more promising and copable future together, so I took her back in Jan and things were sooo much better ever since. Some people however... made it out to be a crime, even to go as far to hit me for making a "stupid decision"

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



Don't read this in pursuit of love, happiness or inspiration
I do write this for your admiration. 
So I say this once, don't be disgusted nor discouraged by what you see here below
Away stricken with anger I go. . .

I'd like to take a second to say fuck you, youand you
For its because of three yous that this anger ensues
I'd tried to endure it, I tried to be nice
I've now heard it not once but 3 x twice

If you have something to say keep it inside
Otherwise, shut the fuck up and strap in for a ride
I'm not keen nor willing to find another love
But hey what the hell we'll give him a shove

No other love will ever be better than hers
Don't need no more fucking saboteurs
I will do as I please, and love who I like
Pushy ass know-better-than-yous I thoroughly dislike

So I'll say it now and again and again
From all that stupid ass bullshit I'd ask you to refrain 
Now thanks for the pathetic waste of time
Didn't know taking back someone was such a fucking crime

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