The leap in Time

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the story revolves around a guy who, one day encountered an unusual phenomena that lead him to think about thousands of possibilities but he was not able to solve the mystery the story however, is a total work of fiction made and written by a 16 year old guy and can contain fatal errors.

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



Last year, during summer, It was a great day for normal people but for me everything is not normal. I was on a vacation after 2 months of hard work. I decided to spend my vacation on a beach. The color of sky was Azure, the purest color of sky u can imagine. The day was so perfect that the scene looked as if it was scripted. I am not that old of a guy but for me sun bathing is way too relaxing than playing in water. I was busy doing my bathing thing. people say that the time is getting short each day however, that day the time seemed to have expanded. It took almost an eternity for 5 minutes to pass. The main problem was that only i was experiencing this unusual phenomena. Everyone was moving at the same speed as myself but only i was able to notice that huge difference. It was like i am the only normal guy left in the whole world but wait? could it be that the time was always like this and it was my memory that was altered? Yes, that did seemed like a more promising thought and soon i was lost in this vast topic. Every thought opened 3 new thoughts and soon i was lost in my own memory. That was when a beach ball gave me a face palm and diverted my attention. When i checked my clock, i noticed that my long journey thorough countless thoughts took only 5 minutes. The shock was greater than the natural lighting. I felt chills down my spine as i acknowledged that what was happening was all true. I wetted my throat with some juice, the dryness of my mouth made me believe that i was in desert for centuries. Then, i gulped my saliva down my throat. Shivering, i realized the graveness of the situation What could have caused this? God? universe? its like someone is playing with me! but why? WHY ME!? Why not someone more important? why do i have to suffer alone? these thoughts bundled in my mind along with the severest urge to break into tears. My soul was lost in a thought which the whole humanity, currently present on Earth, could not have solved. The fears of being cut from reality consumed me slowly but surely. My heart started to cry, *No one could understand you anymore*. Once again, i gulped my saliva which had my fears mixed in it down my throat and started to think logically, What could have caused this? My soul begged everyone and anyone for an answer but their was no answer from the other side. Soon my suffering came to an end when someone other than me asked the same question? What is happening? why is time not passing? At that moment my mind itself gave a sigh of relief however, soon after that my brain got divided, one part told me to stop worrying i am not the only one experiencing this hell but the other part was still crying, So what if u are not alone? he is also asking the same question. He is just like you. He does not know why this is happening. My thoughts were soon interrupted by my own resolve, nothing will happen if i stand here thinking about what should i do. I started to walk towards the guy who was similar to me. At that time my mind was telling me not to expect much but my heart was pounding with fear that this hope could also die out. "I am going to lose 20 minutes of my life by this pounding", as soon as this thought skipped through my mind filled with questions, It changed the physic of my mind. U can also call that thought a revolt. Now, all the cells in my body which held the ability to think were asking each other the same question, "with this ability, we cam survive longer right? maybe its a superpower. Maybe God or otherwise the universe has chosen some special guys for removing evil" after 2 seconds of happiness my thoughts were once again lost in darkness, what special thing have i done for getting a special power? i am sure that my sins are way more than my good deeds, then why? wait, it can also be true that world itself has chosen this never ending suffering of being cut from reality. That is when i gazed at sky to ask y? why u did this to me!. That was the moment i thought that nothing can surprise me more than what i have already been through however, the sky above my head was not the perfect sky i saw this morning, instead of azure its color now was close to green. What? What the hell just happened? Somewhere down in my right hemisphere, my cells recalled the memory of a guy telling me that after a hundred decades, ozone will change its color to green. My fears held me still for about a moment but soon after, i lowered my gaze with my head filled with screams, I witnessed the act not even the greatest magician could perform, just a moment ago this beach was filled with people smiling and playing, but now no one was here. In front of me their was only a vast land filled with sand which extended towards the horizon. The man of my kind was also standing their. As soon as he saw me, he struggled across the last part of the beach as quickly as he could in order to approach me. Unlike my crushed soul he still had the strength to run. I felt tired even though i did no physical work. My eyes opened with tears falling. As soon as i tried to speak, something pinched my toe. With a scream which could destroy hell and all beings i woke up. My body was sun burned. My eyes were red from continuous crying and the people around me told me that i was asleep for about 6 hours. Was that all a cursed nightmare? my body crumbled through my fears. Yes, it should all be a nightmare. "I need to stop watching movies" i thought and sighed. after a 2 minute, The man of my kind came to me, his appearance was not very different than mine.

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