Play: The Bully and The Nerd

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Anna stands up to the "mean girls" of her school

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



Characters: Anna ( the protagonist): She is in her senior year. She is bullied by the students of her school, Regina to be specific. She is quiet and doesn’t talk much unless it is to answer a question.

Features: big (black) glasses that covers her chocolate brown eyes, strawberry blonde hair, that she keeps in an unattractive bun. She is wearing a red checkered collared shirt that is tucked into a light blue skirt with purple suspenders strapped to each side, white thigh-high socks and red Chuck Taylors. She is carrying three books along with the black backpack on her shoulder. Two pens and pencils are in her right breast pocket.  

Regina (antagonist): She is also in her senior year. She is the leader of the mean girls that are bullying Anna and she is the queen of the school. She is rude and stuck-up, also the hottest girl in school. She is always putting Anna down with verbal abuse. She is a total slut, she has slept with half of the guys in the school (even ones that had girlfriends). The girls in her group don’t talk much (or have names), except for 3 line each girl says, other than that they nod or say yes.

Features: aqua blue eyes and bleached blonde hair. She is wearing a pink tube top, showing off her star-shaped piercing on her belly button, with jean short shorts (you can almost see her butt), fishnet stocking, and knee-high patent leather heels (black). She has a heavy amount of makeup with cherry-red lipstick paint on her lips. (She basically looks like a stripper)

Mean Girl #1 (AKA: MG1): She is one of Regina’s followers and has one line.

Features: It doesn’t matter what her hair or eye color look like since she is only a minor character. She is wearing something similar to Regina but it’s not the same.

Mean Girl #2 (AKA: MG2): Same with MG1.

Features: again same with MG1

Mean Girl #3 (AKA: MG3): Same with the other two followers

Features: again same with the other two followers.

Boy #1: He is the only other person that has one line. He is not important.

Features: doesn’t matter what he looks like or what he is wearing.

(The play version of The Nerd except to mean girls name are different.)


Scene 1: Facing the Bully

(fade in)

(Red lockers outline the hallways and people are either talking to their friends or heading to class. A girl with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes makes her way down crowded hallway, avoiding the people in her way as she made her way to class)


Boy #1(taps his friend's shoulder and points behind the man)- Hey, look the nerd appeared. (He practically screamed it so the whole hallway heard what he said)


(Everyone stops laughing and talking. They looked to the girl making her down the hallway, they start to whisper-yell to each other. The girl can hear everything they’re saying.)


Anna (mumbling)- Are they even aware that I can hear them? I mean come on, these people need to learn how to whisper.

( Laughter filled the hallway, and it was coming from a group of girls dressed in revealing clothing with makeup painted on their faces. They were a few feet away from Anna, but Anna chooses to ignore them and continued walking.)


MG1(She cackles as she stares at Anna)- She looks so last century. (She lets out a snort as she laughed.)


MG3 ( A small smile is present on her face)- I know right! I’m mean just look at her, I bet she’ll die alone with fifty cats!


(They laugh at what she said and continued to talk about Anna.)


MG2 (she stops laughing but a wide smirk replaced the smile that was leaving her face)- I heard that if you pay the nerd with some calculators or stuff like that, she’ll do all your homework for the entire year. ( The group cackled louder.)


Regina (in the middle of the girls leaning against the lockers)- Should we give it a try? (She chuckles.)


(Anna walks right past them but she was stopped by a hand that landed on her shoulder. She turns to face them with a scowl visible on her face.)


Anna (calm tone but the anger in her voice is clear)- Yes, how may I help you?


(The girls stop their giggles and turn their eyes to Anna, Regina leans off the locker and begins to walk over to Anna.)


Regina (amusement written on her face)- We just wanted to know if the rumor about you doing all our homework for an entire year if we pay you with some calculators or something? (She looked through her hot pink book bag to find something.)


(Anna looked blankly at her before her face twisted into anger. Regina looked up from her book bag with two calculators, four notebooks, and six pencils. She reached her hands out waiting for Anna to take it but Anna threw to the ground.)


Anna(she’s not yelling but she is talking loudly)- Why would I want that? I already have one but you look like you need it way more than I do, so you keep it. (She looked Regina directly in the eyes.)


(Regina, along with the rest of the hallway looked at Anna in shock. Regina was starting to show the anger she is feeling but hid it with a small smirk.)


Regina (Voice laced in anger but her face still had the smirk)- Who do you think you’re talking to NERD? ( Her minions came up behind her and nodded.)


Anna(Smirking)-  I believe that I am talking to a group of sluts who are apparently trying to nail every guy in this school just to get HIV. (chuckles) Oh my gosh, you shouldn’t wear so much makeup it’s bad for your face and you look like the Kardashian family and a band of circus clowns threw up on you.


(The hallway was silent before the crowd started cheering.)

(fade out)


Scene 2: Humiliating the bully

(fade in)

(A large crowd starts to develop around the group of girls, who didn’t seem to notice or care. Anna and Regina are in the middle glaring at each other.)


Regina(disgusted)- Well at least I’m not a teacher’s pet who can’t get a guy to even talk to me unless it’s about the homework. (She and her minions cackled.)


(Ann snorted with a wide smirk plastered on her face. The crowd started to laugh at what Regina said.)


Anna (Fakes like she is hurt by the words)- You are so right, I am pathetic and don’t deserve to live anymore because I’m an ugly nerd.


(She fake cries and covers her face with her hands. Regina, who thought that she won, laughed. She was stopped laughing in the glory of winning when she heard a small chuckle coming from Anna. The chuckle soon turned into a giggle then a laugh.)


Anna(laughing)- Hahahahahahah! You thought I actually care about that. Do think I lie awake at night thinking about how I can’t get a guy? Wow! I think all the makeup dumped onto your face is affecting your brain cells. Sorry to break your little heart but I’m not like you, I’m not really in the mood to get AIDs, and judging from that, (Anna waves her hand Regina’s whole body) I was under the assumption you already had it. (Laughs at the looks on their faces.)


( Regina looked at Anna in complete shock with her mouth open and her eyes wide. Her minions are having the same reaction but not as dramatic.)


Regina(still in shock but angry)- Why you-- ( she gets cut off)


Anna (satisfied and puts her finger up)- I wasn’t done. What’s so bad about being a nerd? Sure I like to study and get good grades on tests but is that any reason to pick on me? You bully everybody that isn’t to your liking, anyone who is unique in their own way. You run this school like a queen but I don’t remember high school ever becoming a monarchy. Who elected you the queen? I sure as hell didn’t! Don’t go making up rules that make no goddamn sense. You know what’s coming up: Final exams then graduation. High school is only four years and it is not your fucking castle. So while you figure what hoe outfit you’ll wear tomorrow, I will be studying my ass off trying to memorize everything I can fit in my brain. Next year I’ll be in college while you rot in here wondering why you didn’t study when you had the chance.


(Anna turned around and started walking towards the class she planned on going to. The crowd parted so she could get through. Regina looked as if she was trying to say something but couldn’t get the words out. Before Anna exited the crowd she turned back around to face Regina.)


Anna (smiling)- Regina, remember to take nothing lower than a 100 when you work the corner.


(Anna turned back around and walked away from the staring crowd. She rounded the corner just as Regina fell to the floor and the crowd started to disperse.)  

(fade out)


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