Far Wars

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War will never end.

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



When there is so much pain and anger in the world,
The black wings of death come unfurled.
The polititians who create a peace that is fake,
Well I say let them eat cake.
Because we all know that the cake is a lie,
No matter what, we're all going to die.
The truth is that there is no reward,
For going to slaughter the enemy horde.
We cannot stand and praise the sun,
Because when one enemy is dead, up comes another one,
Another warlord to stand at the head,
Of another army that will soon end up dead.
With a fart in the white,
Who cares not about the plight,
Of those that have fled the devastation,
Of a place they once called their home nation.
For those that stand at the airport gates,
And if they turn back, only death awaits.
Far away, a fat man's in charge,
He loves his country like Homer loves Marge.
Nuclear war will be his solution,
On the bright side it will end all the pollution.
This man is not immortal, he can only try,
To make a magic portal to where he can never die.
There's always a man who hasn't got a clue,
He stands and says "I've got another job for you".
Oblivious to the wasteland that the world has become,
Help is a thing and people always need some.
Even the good will breathe their last breath,
When they are collected by the Angel of Death.

© Copyright 2018 Lucas Barstow. All rights reserved.

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