The Phone Battle

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter One

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



Two students were wall running as they were chasing each other. They all had their phones out ready to tap the ‘Death’ button. “Bitch!” One said as one girl flipped in the air as she flipped backwards and landed on the other side of the roof. The other girl kicked a trashcan as she side kicked it as it launched at the woman at full speed. The girl was whacked across the face with the trash can as she slid on the ground scraping her knees open. Flesh and blood stained the ground below. She was pissed, she aimed the phone to the other girl as the other girl was doing sick parkour as she was trying to aim. “Gotcha bitch” She said as she tapped the button as the other girl exploded in the air as the headless body flipped and landed on a fence. 

Further away in a shop two boys and one girl was agruing over who should get the next drink. The first boy as yelling at the girl as the other boy was trying to break it up. But the other boy accidently tapped the ‘Death’ Button while pointing at the first boy. Just then the first boy’s head exploded as blood spurted from the wound and stained the celing. The girl screamed as blood got on her. She turned as the other boy pointed his phone at the girl. “No, please Ayutsi!” She pleaded but the other boy pressed the blue button as her head exploded.

One Week Ago


Chapter 1

Okinawa, Japan

“Holy shit this new social media site is bitching!” One student said as he was on his Real Account as his friend was posting pervy upskirt shots of the girls at the school. He got tweetts such as ‘Looking Good Girl’ and ‘Damn, nice pussy’ He had 2560 followers. Then Okushu Watanabe was walking inside the school gates as he was on his phone texting his girl in Kyoto. He tapped his phone so fast that he sent a long message in under a minute. He headed inside changed his shoes and headed into the classroom.

“I’m MatPat!…..and this is Game Lab” a voice was playing on someones phone who was clearly a Game Theroists fan so is Okushu. He sat at his desk as he pulls out a manga called ‘Real Account’ it has two of his names on the cover. ‘Okushu’ and ‘Shimizu Watanabe’ so yah. Then something weird happens.

The power goes off as they all looked around as their phone was forced to shut off. Everyone was questioning on what the hell was happening. Okushu stood up as he seen his phone turn on as well as the rest of them. But the apple or android icon was changed to a skull with a button labeled ‘Death’. They were all confused as their phone could not turn off or die even. Okushu looked at the chalkboard as he seen a word saying ‘Phone’ as he drops his phone as everyone turns to him. “Phone Battle Royale. That is what this is, I remember seeing a article about phone battle royale as…the icon was the same” He said as everyone gasped.

“ITS SIMPLE!” A cheery voice can be heard as a projected light came from behind. “HELLO STUDENTS! THIS IS YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD ‘GAMORI!’ TO BRING YOU TO YOUR FIRST EVER PHONE BATTLE ROYALE!” Gamori yelled as he had a ‘Emoji’ mask on with a red cloak with a instagram pendent. They all looked at the funny looking mascot. “As you may know this is an unfair game with unlimited possibilities. This is a battle royale meaning, no rules apply just kill kill kill! Keep killing until you killed all your classmates by pressing the ‘Death’ icon on the phone and if you are in close range than…BOOOM BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BLAH!” He said as he was imitating what a head would do if exploded, he placed a gif from the movie Scanners. Everyone cringed. “OKAY SEE YOU DEAD MODAFUCKERS AT YOUR FUNERALS!” He said as he spun around and the class was soon filled with sleeping gas. Everyone conked out, so did the entire school.

Goto Islands, ONE DAY LATER.

“Hmm” Okushu said as he scrached his head as he looked around and he felt something in his head. He grabbed his phone and seen a blinking blue light inside his head. “What the fuck” He said as he looked around and seen about 2000 blue lights blinking. “The entire school is in on this. That makes a huge disadvantage and a advantage as well” He said as he kicked someone as he seen Miyuki Sato who was laying on his croch at the moment. He looked down as he felt some squeezing as he tried not to scream. Then Miyuki woke up as she looks up at Okushu. “Oku….” She said as she looks down as she scoots back while whacking another person while in her sleep. “What the F—!” She started to say as everyone woke up at that moment as they all realized where and why they were where they are right now. “HOLY SHIT!” One said as everyone looked over “WERE FUCKED!” Another said as everyone now started screaming as Okushu laughed as Miyuki looked at him as she said “You think this is funny you fucking bastard?” Miyuki asked him as he stopped and looked down. “WHAT THE HELL IS THE BLUE LIGHT!?” One said as everyone seen each others blue light. Okushu was curious about the ‘death’ button. He pressed it not knowing what to do.

But after he pressed it a girl’s head exploded as blood and brains sprayed all over the wall as blood fell on the people around her. Okushu looked over as everyone gasped(Now this is where the super cool movie transition focus on expressions) “AAAAAAA” Everyone started to yell as a large projecter shown us the same asshat from before. “Oh! Someone is already dead, props to whoever did that!” He said as everyone looked and glared at him.  “As you already know the handy yet deadly button on your phone LITERALLY mean death” He said as he placed the gif from scanners. “I believe you’ve already seen what the ‘literal’ death button will do” He said as one said “SCREW YOU GLOBE!” One said as the person who has a earth as a head flipped him off and exploded his entire body. Blood and guts sprayed all over as Okushu scooted back as he landed in Miyuki’s massive titties. “PERV!” She yelled as Okushu seen the two bloodstains on the walls in the room. 

“Now the rules of the games, you can kill whoever you want. But no escaping the island at any costs or that results in a automatic explosion. To your head that is. So if you even attempt to escape by sea or ground your tracker in your head will trigger a explosion when out of island range! So like Battle Royale you are literally FUCKED! have fun games start now! But wait until you reach outside because in 5 minutes if no one is out of here, I will blow every one of you fuckers to the modafucking heaven” He said as everyone raced outside as some were kicking and already pressing the death button as 23 heads started to explode out of 2000. Blood and death can be seen all over the place. 

Okushu was in the crowd as he was being pushed and trampled on as he stands up and points the phone at some random person. He pressed the button as two heads explode of two girls! Blood and brains sprayed in the air as everyone was trying to avoid the blood and brains as they did not last long. 

Okushu was outside as he seen some people pin down some people and exploded their heads that way. Blood and chaos was already breaking out as he seen blood exploding in the distance and screaming. Okushu felt someones hand as it was Miyuki covered in blood and she licked her mouth. She had a knife and her phone in her hands she killed someone without even looking. “In fact I hate pretty much everyone in the school, so I don’t give two shits about them. But you I have kept my eye on you for quite a while Okushu! Lets split!” She said as she pulled Okushu down a allyway as someone was looking at them.

Near some houses a girl named Miko Suichi was walking down a street when she seen a dead body without no head. Miko hid behind a bush as she seen a boy named Haru Tetsuo as he looked around as he held a gun and his phone. He looked around the street as Miko had her hands on her phone when he was walking. Her hand quivered as she was very hyped to kill the person she hated! But then she seen someone lift her up as Haru turned and seen his friend Etu who was Miko’s rival. “Hello Miko” She said as she licked Miko’s face as Haru started walking towards Miko as she was struggling to get out. 

Further up the street Okushu and Miyuki heard screams down where the houses were. Then the sounds of huffing and puffing and a gasp. Okushu pointed the phone at the figure who was buckling his pants. “HARU!” Okushu yelled as Haru looked at Okushu as he waved as Eto had white stuff on her face as well as blood. Then a sound of exploding head can be seen as blood sprayed all over the fence and walls. “She was a pretty one” He said as they raced to the ally as they seen a naked girl who had been raped as her head was no more. “Miko” He said as he stood up as he said “He raped her then killed her. Etu was holding her down” Okushu said as Miyuki looked at him “Soon enough, this game will be the death of all of us” He saids

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