Five tips to prepare your best for exams

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Now, scoring top marks isn''t a headache at all!

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



E X A M   S !

This word is no more uncommon to a student. After all, this is the most important word that compiles up a stack of useless tensions and stresses inside the brain of a child. The sorrow at the day of beggining of exams is equal to the joy at the day of the ending of the exams. But, oh! The day of results sends goosebumps all over the skin, another havoc to a well going life of a few days. No problem! Now, I am introducing five little tips, which if you will follow, you can score the highest,

1) Prepare a timetable regarding the subjects of the exams. A good timetable with timings from morning to night for each subject not only increases the efficiency but also saves time for revision.

2) Always do excercises of eyes at regular intervals while studying. You can do this by massaging your eyes and closing them for a minute or two and refresh yourself greatly in this way. 

3) Always aim to complete your topics by 10 days before exams so that you get enough time to revise your subjects thoroughly.

4) Remember to engage yourselves in a creative activity for atleast once a day. It can be games too. Remember that,' All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.

5) The last and most important of all is to read and write. Keep in mind that it is psychological that if you will write something you have already read you will be able to memorize it longer. Besides, writing also does the job of brain revision of whatever it has interpreted and understood before, more accurately.

So, go ahead and Best Of Luck For Your Exams!

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