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when holograms take control of the world, what will happen to the humans, and how will they fight back.

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



In the year of 2020 holograms will be the new trend for everyone, from doctors, engineers and so on. But then in the year 2025 holograms where everywhere. At first holograms were the future, they helped so many achievements. Doctors used them to show what’s wrong and where; this caused them to have better accuracy and less fatality’s. The holograms also showed what the doctors needed to put in to the bodies. One night this girl was brought in because of a construction accident, she had a steel beam lodged into her cranial cavity. The doctors started the hologram and ran the right simulation for the job. The doctors do what the hologram told or showed them what to do. They removed the steel beam and added a new Nano-fiber to the brain. But what they didn’t know the hologram was built with an A.I., or artificial intelligence. The hologram was sentient and wanted control but needed help to complete its dreams. Then increasingly people began to disappear. That’s when it started.

Around 2028 the first space station was built using holograms and ten people lived on it with artificial gravity and two years’ worth of water. There was a door that was off limits and under no circumstances must be open. The Scientist that where on the station noticed that once a day there was steam coming from the room behind the door. The only person that knows what’s behind the door is the director and the hologram that runs the system. Then eventually one of the scientist became too curious and opened the door. What he saw was a hologram system nothing out of the ordinary so he turned around and went to walk out the door then wires grab hold of him and he ends up banging his head off the floor, he passes out while he hangs upside down.

The other scientist start worrying about the one that went missing; they start looking for him. They found him on the floor with a scratch on his forehead. They take him to the infirmary and wait. Around 1:30 he wakes up and go back to the room that was off limits; the hologram had told him to start assembling a 2,000-megaton nuke, he started right away. The other scientist thought he was completely normal. Things where normal for two years, except the scientist, he was never around saying he had to check on something and would begone for hours at a time. On the last day before they ran out of water and food, the east wing of the station separated and began to fall towards earth. The scientist on the west wing couldn’t do anything but watch. They watched the east wing fall closer to the earth then it hit the earth shook with so much violence the islands sunk and nations cracked. That’s when the world new there was a new revolution was about to happen toward machines and humans.

The year was 2035, machines ruled with an “iron thumb” with a few human slaves that they reprogrammed. There was an all-out war with the machines. It was such a terrible time, many people died; children, mothers, fathers, brother and sister, such a sad time. Many people fought back and many ended their own life’s so that they could keep their humanity. The world, or what’s left of it, was controlled by the machines, their leader was a hologram designed for war strategies in the military. They didn’t think that one through.

There are many groups that have come about since this terrible war, there have been peace groups only to see peace with all forces, rebels that only want to see the machines destroyed, and the love group who want to fraternize with the machines and many more. The love group have a very strong feeling for the machines even though they might have killed their families and loved ones. Although when all this happened I have yet to been born. My mother was part of the love group and my dad a mind-controlled slave they somehow managed to fall in love. What I’ve told you is in the past and the only way I can write about this event is that the war is over. It’s to my parents love that brought the war to its knees. I love them so much yet I can’t see them again for they died to save this world.

The way they died was heroic they broke into the main hologram’s room by hacking into their system and made them dormant for a few minutes. By this time, I was already born and only just starting to learn of the past from my elders. My parents destroyed the holograms system but in the process the system shorted out and exploded they didn’t make it out alive. Even though they died for what was right and just they will never be forgotten in all of time for I am their son, a mix and machine and human, I age at much slower rate. It has been two centuries since the war and my parents’ death. I teach the young ones to never forget that machines aren’t all bad and yet not all machines are good. I’ve outlawed A.I.s but some still roam the earth; I have made it my life’s mission to see that every A.I. is destroyed for my parents.

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