The Outbreak

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A small group of survivors is trying to make it through the apocalypse. Will they survive the apocalypse, find out!

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



The Outbreak

My name is Paul, this is the story how me and my daughter, Molly survived the apocalypse. No one expected the virus to spread so fast, the government said that everything would be fine. There was an outbreak of what the government called “a small flu” about a year ago. Then the virus spread to the small towns, and after those to the big cities. Luckily my family was at home when the virus hit Los Angeles, but not everyone was as lucky as we were. We tried to escape the city but failed and had to find shelter before night. Our small group ended up following a rode to a middle school.

The infected were following us as we barricaded ourselves in the dark halls of the

abandoned school. There was a FEMA camp set up in front of the school, I guess that’s where the infected came from. A couple people followed us when we got off the freeway, those people’s names were Lucas, Mia, Charley and Becca. They all seemed like nice people but they are strangers still. After this we scavenged the halls and classrooms, found a place to rest, then went to sleep.

I awoke to panic as I saw infected pushing through the dark hallways. “Help me barricade the door Paul!” said Charley as the dead tried to push open the door. I lunged towards the door, grabbing whatever I could to barricade it. As Charley held the door closed I pushed a desk in front of it. It was clear how relieved the group was with the massive sigh everyone breathed out loud. My daughter was hiding under a desk, teary eyed and scared. I beckoned her to come over and told her we were safe, but she didn’t budge. I walked over to her and sat down “I know it’s scary, but everything will be alright.” That seemed to work because for the rest of the day she was content.

After the dead almost got to us we decided it was time to leave. We started to pack what supplies we had and plot how we were going to get out. We all agreed that we take a bus, but how could we get to them? Then I realized “Hey we could distract them, I picked up some road flares at the FEMA camp.” Everyone seemed to agree with my plan, so I opened up the door, threw a flare out the small opening, and waited till they swarmed it. My plan worked, as soon as I threw the flare they flocked to it. We ran as fast as we could to the buses, hopped in and drove off.

We didn’t know where to go, so we picked somewhere sparsely populated. “How ‘bout New Mexico!” Mia blurted out. Everyone seemed to agree with that location, it’s sparsely populated, most of the terrain is desert, and it’s not that far. “Then it’s decided, we’re going to New Mexico!” The drive was grueling, most of the highways were blocked with cars. Thank god nobody was bitten or hurt along the way, that would’ve made the drive even worse. The bus was nice though, we got to relax and didn’t have to worry too much about shelter. When we got there I was surprised to see that there were basically no infected at all. We picked a nice motel to set up camp in, I have to admit it was an amazing step up from a bus seat.

The motel was really nice, it was shaped like an L and already had a fence around it. It even had solar panels for electricity. I was amazed how lucky we got coming to New Mexico, I didn’t know what to think when Mia recommended it as a new home for the group. That night I slept great, no one even kept watch because the walls were made of concrete and the gate of metal. In the morning Becca and I decided to go out on a small supply run to the gas station across the street from the motel. Inside we found the items you’d usually find in a gas station. We found some candy, beef jerky, and even some comics.

But while we were leaving something caught my eye, I saw the door to the back room open. As soon as I walked through the door one of the infected tackled me onto the floor. I tried to find something I could grab as a weapon but to no avail. I yelled at the top of my lungs for someone to help me when Becca came up with a baseball bat and executed the rotting corpse. She helped me back up on my feet, grabbed the supplies and then we left back to the motel.

When we got back to camp we saw an amazing sight. There were humvees and men and women in military uniforms. I ran to a soldier and asked if he was here to rescue us, which he replied “Yes sir, we’re here to rescue you from this unrelenting nightmare you call life these days.” I thanked him and asked him where I could find my group, then he pointed north and said “We’re taking you to Kirtland air force base where you’ll be living from now on.”


The End


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