Should Everyone Get a Trophy?

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Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



Should Everyone Get a Trophy?

This is an interesting question in today’s society given there are varying opinions depending on generation and different ways of thinking.  It is my opinion that trophies should not be handed out freely and that the decision to give an individual a trophy should be based on accomplishment.  My opinion is based mostly on my upbringing, however, as I get older and more involved in different activities, such as sports, I’ve realized that receiving a trophy is a way of being acknowledged for standing out.  I also believe that receiving a trophy is a reward for hard work, and it provides an incentive to everyone to push themselves to be better.  There are many other reasons that lead me to this opinion, and I will attempt to explain a few of them in this paper.

Trophies are a symbol of achievement, for example, when an individual decides to participate on a team there is an expectation that the individual will do just that - participate.  By the end of the season, the team as a whole may be recognized for a successful season, however, if one person went above and beyond the expectations of the team by outscoring the others by a significant amount, or perhaps this individual stood out for other reasons, I believe it is appropriate to recognize this individual for his or her extra effort.  By doing this, it provides a means of rewarding them for not only showing up, but for showing up and excelling.  Instead of the other teammates feeling left out, I believe the majority of them may feel motivated to work harder in order to obtain that trophy next time.

If anyone feels badly about not receiving a trophy, perhaps it’s up to them to think about the reasons behind not being the recipient.  Feeling bad about something like this is not always a negative thing.  I believe this could be seen as a motivator for some people.  It should be perceived as something to work for.  In my opinion, receiving a trophy is a reflection of an individual’s performance, and one could argue that not acknowledging an individual for their extra effort is unfair.  We should all strive for the trophy instead of expecting it because in a world where everyone receives a trophy, we may see a decrease in effort by high achievers.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve heard different (Older) people, such as my parents, grandparents, and people in the news debate this topic.  I’ve learned that a certain group of people seem to feel very strongly that everyone should receive a trophy in an effort to be inclusive.  This seems to be the popular way of thinking by the newer generation, known as the “Millennials”.  I believe that if you work hard you will be rewarded and I think that there are many life lessons that can be learned from this topic.  Teaching young children that they should be rewarded, for not necessarily excelling may be setting them up for disappointment later in life.  Life isn’t always fair, and to expect something for nothing may lead to things such as lack of motivation, lack of productivity, and a disadvantage when competing for jobs.

In conclusion, this is a topic that is widely discussed and debated by people with different opinions.  I believe it’s an important subject that can have lasting effects on my generation.  Some people argue that children may develop a sense of low self-esteem if they are not rewarded for simply participating.  During different times in our lives, we will encounter situations where we may or may not be recognized for our efforts, it is my hope that we focus on personal goals and accomplishments that we are proud of.  We should always try to do our best regardless of the potential reward at the end.


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