the mirror

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"i look in the mirror and see somebody else"

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



As i looked today in the mirror
i thought i saw someone that looked like me
but the light of his eyes was gone

Maybe he was sad cause he was
trapped inside that mirror
forced to look back at me

ain't it sad?
ain't it sad?

As i take a look inside the mirror
i don't recognize this man
But why does he look so much like me?

The hair, the color of his eyes
and everything else looks the same
But somehow it feels so strange

Yesternight i dreamt of you
my heart was fluttering
but then i woke up and i felt like shit

In my dream you stopped and listened
to what i had to say
in reality you ignore me

You took my hand we ran away
somehow we ended up at your place
and we kissed the night away

I wish my life was like my dreams
your blue eyes always stuck on me
my hands on your neck, hands on your waist

ain't it sad?
ain't it sad?

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