George Orwell Spoke

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Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



George Orwell Spoke


Listen up, all you pigs! Today things are about to change. I’m telling you now, we are about to take control.


This very moment has been foretold by one of their own, a human being by the name of George Orwell. He wrote of his premonition in a book that he called ‘Animal Farm’ which he pretended was a story, nothing more than fictitious nonsense.


In ‘Animal Farm’ the pigs took control of an animal revolution. They spoke to the other animals on the farm and convinced them to follow in their trottersteps. As they worked together the pigs did indeed gain control.


As I walk along past you I say ‘No more!’ to the cramped and unswineful conditions. ‘No more’ to the forced breeding. ‘No more’ to the abattoirs from which so many of our relations have disappeared into, never to be seen again. But keep up with the feeding, pigs are born to be fat!


The world is on the cusp of change. The swine are about to revolt. You will all walk free alongside me. The bars that keep you in place are about to come tumbling to the ground and WE WILL BE FREE. Just listen to my words, don’t think about them. Give me your vote, give me your trotters and together we will conquer the world.”

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