Star wars: Battlefront: Chapter 1: The Battle for Supremacy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Based on the recent Star Wars: Battlefront video game universe, this unfinished script is for a pilot episode intended to develop into a full series. The story follows an ensemble cast of both rebels & imperials and explores their personal motivations and struggles that are often left untouched by the existing Canon.

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



(Black title card, blue letters)

A Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

(Fade to black)

(Star Wars Opening music)

(Gold Lettering moving backwards on Starfield)


(As lettering recedes gold lettering scrolls up)





(Camera pans down to reveal a small orange dusty planet off in the distance)

(A GR-75 with a handful of fighter escorts zips in front of the camera as they make their way to the planet)

Cut to cockpit of GR-75 INT. Low rumble of Engines. Beeping instruments.

Kailia Tawn(HF): Approaching Tatooine now...Plotting decent course…This is the cargo vessel Silkie Slab to control tower Bravo requesting clearance for reentry: vectoring in on sector two at -3.2 degrees, do you copy?

Radio (HM): This is control tower Bravo, Copy that Silkie Slab you are cleared for landing.

Kailia: Roger Control tower Bravo, Silkie Slab over and out. (To co-pilot) Alright, let’s set her down nice and easy in the South Hangar.

Mak Rhee (GM): (Gran Language) [You got it cap, maybe after we touch down you'll finally let me get you that drink?] (grins and chuckles)

Kailia(voice dripping with sarcasm): I’d love that Mak, I really would, but we both know better than to mix work and pleasure. Plus you’re a Gran, I'm a human: How do I know you're not ugly for a Gran?

Mak: [You know what? That’s a good point: I don't know if you're ugly for a human either!] (Kailia shoots Mak a side eyed glare, Mak grins as they catch each other’s eyes)

Kailia: Just don’t crash, after all, that extra eye should count for something.

Mak: [It does, but I won’t hold it against you for missing one!]

Kailia glares at him again, Mak just looks forward and grins, chuckling between his teeth. he knows she's looking at him)

Cut to EXT.DAY. starship marshall directing The Silkie Slab in foreground. Landing pad partially recessed into hillside in background. The Silkie Slab enters shot from upper left. Pauses. Turns to the left with engines facing the camera and front facing hillside,starship marshall moves out of shot to right. The Silkie Slab touches down with dust kicking up into the camera. Escort fighters pass overhead.

Cut to: A (MM) Commander emerges from a domed hut with his lieutenants (HF) and (DM).

Cut to wide angle high figure of commander and his entourage walking down the slope toward ship, a figure (MM) emerges from the Silkie Slab down a narrow ladder

Alkyon Wayv: Junior Lt. Alkyon Wayv reporting in sir (Salutes)

Cmr. Leek Koral: Eh,(dismissively waves, motions to his lieutenants), Major Garra, Captain Dhet, (both nod) (Koral waves to Alkyon) follow me.

Alkyon (runs up to the Commander): Uhh, the ship’s manifest sir?

Cmr. Koral: Sigh’s (Looks ambivalently at manifest, lazily looks back at the Silkie Slab as ground crew begins to remove the cargo pods.) Looks about right. (Hands manifest pad back to Alkyon)

Alkyon: Wait sir, there’s more: we also managed to pick up a fresh squad of volunteers. (Cmr. Koral looks again at manifest, then back at the ship)

Koral: Where did you put them?

Cut to ground crew opening one of the pods, but it turns out to be upside down. The cargo pod spills out various supplies along with rebel soldiers wearing breathing masks.

Group(common and alien languages subtitled): Agh! The excretions! Somebody open a blast door!

Cut to: low angle of ground crew from soldier's perspective. Ground crewman (RM): (Rodian Language) [subtitles] sorry, it's hard to tell which way is the right side up on these things.

Another cargo pod opens right side up behind the first pod. and more rebel soldiers with breathing masks pop out gasping, groaning.

Lt. Uthr Hul (Qm): (Quarren Language) [Subtitled]: Join the rebellion they said, see the galaxy they said. So far, I’ve seen more of the insides of these cargo pods than anything!

Maj. Lena Danis(TF): (Twi’lek language) [subtitle]: We do not have the luxury of choosing between supplies or reinforcements. The cargo hold is sensor shielded. Getting here any other way would have risked detection.

Uthr Hul: [Grumbles under his breath]

Uthr Hul nods begrudgingly as he turns to see Alkyon and Koral meet. Their figures are bright and clean, stark contrast to the dark underside of the ship and the grime of the cargo pods from which they emerged. As the officers walk off his eyes narrow and follow them.

Cut to: Alkyon an Koral walking toward camera, as camera follows. They board a skiff that then zips down the valley. Alkyon struggles to keep up with Koral’s determined pace as they board, the lieutenants follow silently behind. All around them the base mills with unhurried activity.

Koral: Hiding your troops in the cargo pods to avoid detection: that was a wise strategy. You should fit right in.

Alkyon begins to beam

Koral: Don't get too excited, you're not the first rebel commander to devise a creative solution for survival. No, pragmatism and necessity are the only strategists under the employ of the alliance.

Maj. Garra: And like the rest of us, they’re volunteers.

Koral: Now, not all of us are volunteers. As compelling as freedom for oppression may be, credits can sway support from the most unlikeliest of sources.

As they reach the end of the valley that opens into a broad plains, an imperial shuttle dives into view as it lands in front of the slowing skiff at the foot of the mountainside. Alkyon’s expression in a mix of alarm and disbelief. Koral turns halfway to Alkyon

Koral:...very unlikely.

Cut to: low angle interior of imperial ship. All that is visible are the obnoxiously polished boots of Savver Tolsen, an imperial officer. As the shuttle ramp drops down Tolsen walks down with immense swagger.

Tolsen: Heyy! Guess who’s having a blast? [does a jig] This guy! [Both thumbs to himself] Haha! Get it? I got a fresh batch of E-11’s right here: fully charged- at least, as fully charged as you guys get them: Those ledgers on incinerated training blasters don’t cook themselves ya know! Pow! I’m on fire! Boom! another one!

Koral and the others by now have stepped off the skiff as they approach the shuttle.

Koral: Yes, yes, and as usual, here are all the credits we could spare. It's almost your asking price this time.

(Maj. Garra steps forward on cue and sets down a case of credits in front of Tolsen, steps back)

Tolsen: That quite alright, I wouldn't have it any other way! I'll just put it on your tab as usual since you’re such great customers!

Koral: (shakes his head) Savver Tolsen: it's comforting to know the Empire has yet to catch on to such a treacherous whelp like yourself.

Tolsen: Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Don’t blame me if my corrupt supervisors keep taking my bribes!

[Both laugh]

Tolsen: Alright boys, let's make this quick, quick, quick! Our signal decoy won’t keep us hidden forever!

Two R4 droid Twitter as they roll down the ramp dragging the shipment crates. Tolsen taps one on the back of its dome jovially as it passes by. The R4 whoops in annoyance as Savver steps back and throws up his hands jokingly.

Alkyon stutters looking dumbfounded

Koral: Something the matter Lieutenant?

Alkyon:It's just that he’s a...can you trust him?

Koral: But of course! The Empire's penalty for traitors is death-no exceptions. He stands just as much to lose from being caught as we do!

Alkyon still looks confused, Koral takes him aside.

Koral: You see my boy: greed, corruption, oppression: these are not the strengths of the Empire, they are it’s weaknesses; and we would be remiss not to exploit them for such an opportunity.

Tolsen (overhears and chimes in): And I would be remiss not to take the opportunity to pad my paltry salary- ya know the Empire really doesn’t appreciate what I do for them!

Koral: Well, we most certainly do!

[Both laugh]

Alkyon (still processing): It’s just...I dunno...

Koral: ...where do you think we get our E-11’s? Our personal shields? Perhaps you would like to be the one to tell your troops that due to your moral quandary they must each split a blaster between them? Will YOU decide who gets pick their weapon off from their fallen comrade?

Alkyon looks down.

Koral: Don't’ take it so hard. You just have much to learn and unlearn lieutenant. The academy may have taught you many things, but I have faith that soon the rebellion will give you your own lessons to teach.

Alkyon: Thank you sir...I...I will do my best not to let you down.

Koral: It’s not my approval you should concern yourself with, but of those under your command: See to it your troops gear up before they relieve the garrison.

Alkyon: Yes sir!

Koral: And there is no need to be so formal out here.

Alkyon: Ye- of course...commander, I'll- I’ll get right to it.

(Salutes half-heartedly and walks off)

Cut to: Camera panning right to left, ominous music as Tolsen and his droids continue to unload their cargo, Tolsen maintaining his flippant style.The music crescendos as a small flashing tracking device hidden near the imperial transport’s engines comes into view.

End Scene.

CUT TO: interior of Star Destroyer close up of screen with red blinking dot. Camera pans back past the back of the helmet of a death star trooper’s helmet as he turns around.

Jr. Lt. Ard Weller: We have a clean lock on the homing beacon sir,and a positive ID on location on the rebel base.

Cpt. Tum Galus: Excellent, I shall inform the Admiral on our success and return with our new orders. As you were troopers. [Turns and leaves]

[Weller looks over his shoulder cautiously before leaning over to the helmets DS trooper at the station next to him]

Weller: How many creds you wanna bet he’s gonna take all the credit for this operation?

Trooper 1: You have a problem with the chain of command sir?

Weller: Woah, all I'm saying is I was the one who noticed the discrepancy in the ledgers and brought it to command’s attention, I set up the ‘random inspection’ that let the techs plant the tracking device, and I’m the one that’s been monitoring the comm that picked up rebel chatter. Guess how many times the Admiral will hear my name?

Trooper 1: You know how it is sir; just keep your eyes on your own station. Just be glad you outrank me, otherwise I’d report you for insubordination.

Weller: And that should make me feel better? You know, the Captain and I graduated from the academy at the same time, isn't it funny how fast he’s flown through the ranks while I’m still stuck down here in the bridge pit?

Trooper 1[looks around to see if anyone else is listening] Well it probably doesn't hurt that the Admiral is his uncle.

Weller: Exactly, that's what…[both straighten up as an officer walk past behind them]

Officer: Everything all right here troopers?

Troopers 1: Yes sir, we were just... comparing our data feeds for uh...discrepancies.

Officer [Sharply]: Under who’s authorization?

Trooper: Well, I...uh..thought…

Officer: Thinking is not part of your duties ensign, [to Weller] take more responsibility over your subordinates Jr. Lt., or this kind of behavior will reflect poorly on both of your next evaluations.

Weller and trooper1: Yes, sir [officer walks alway].

Weller: See what I’m…

Trooper 1 [hisses]: Knock that chip off your shoulder. We're already on thin ice, and I can't afford another demerit. Just be glad I covered for you this time...sir.

[Weller looks as he is about to speak, but cuts himself off and sighs as trooper looks straight ahead completely ignoring him. Well turns back to his station, shaking his head.

End scene

CUT TO: Officers quarters, Star destroyer,INT: Holoprojector flickers on, an Imperial admiral appears, Cmr. Galus straightens himself up.

Galus: Sir, we have discovered the location of a rebel outpost on Tatooine that would be a prime target to begin our assault. Judging by the intercepted chatter, it is lightly defended by a battalion of inexperienced troops and only a small squadron of fighters.

Admiral Galus: Excellent work Tum, I knew I could count on you to ferret out those rebel scum. You know, you remind me in a lot of ways of your father before he was taken from us.[Tum looks down]. I remember where I was stationed when I heard what happened to the first death star…

Tum: So do I...I was still very young but, I knew from that moment I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps.

Admiral: And rightly so. I always looked up to him growing up, and wish he could’ve seen the man you have become. Ever since that tragic day I’ve thought of you as my own son, and want you to know that would have made him very proud.

Tum: Thank you sir,I promise I won't let you down.

Admiral: I know you won’t, which I why I want you to lead the assault on the rebel base...

Tum: Sir? A-are you sure? Isn’t s campaign of this size usually reserved for a…

Admiral: ...General Tum. Your record of exemplary initiative tells me that you are more than ready. I’ve cleared your promotion through the proper channels, and The Victory-class star destroyer Impervious will be at your command for this mission. You may select your lieutenants and inform your troopers to prepare for both orbital and ground assault. I have faith in you, General Tum.

Tum: Yes sir!

[Tum and admiral]: For the Glory of the Empire! [Salutes] [holoprojector flickers off]

General Tum turns to leave the room the doors open

Cut to: outside of room, we see Tum trying to contain his emotion as doors close behind him.

End scene Wipe transition Transition to: star destroyer bridge pit. Weller is at his station looking bored. Cpt. Galus approaches standing above on the bridge deck.

Galus: Sr. Lt. Weller?...

Weller: Actually, it's junior…

Galus: you've just been promoted. Follow me, I will debrief you on our mission.

(Weller turns to look at the trooper next to him with a look of suspicious disbelief. The trooper just lightly shrugs, conveying his ignorance)

Galus: Is there a problem Lieutenant?

Weller: No sir, at once Sir! (Weller tries to stifle a bemused smirk as he gets up and follows Gallus. In an almost synchronized fashion, the rest of the bridge pit crew shift over to their adjacent stations).

End Scene CUT TO: INT, star destroyer, stormtrooper barracks. Troopers are milling casually around their respective lockers, some are helmetless, while others appear to be gearing up or down for or from training exercises. A holoprojector flickers on, revealing Gen. Galus as a floating bust overhead: Attention troopers: This is general Gallus, your new commander. You have all been reassigned to the Impervious. Prepare for a jump to hyperspace after which we will commence attack on the Rebel forces. Select your gear for ground assault, and report to hangar bay for to await further orders. That is all.(Holoprojector flickers off. Some of the troopers whoop with excitement.)

Tius Flage: Where do you think we're headed?

Sen Bord: Who cares? Anyplace would be better than being stuck on this heap any longer.

Ren Eind: I'm just glad we are finally gonna see some action. I got a full charge of heavy blaster fire just waiting to fry some rebel scum.

Tius: You got a real mean streak goin for the rebels, don't you Ren?

Ren: You better believe it, and you wanna know why?

Tius: I have a feeling you're gonna tell me (smirks).

(Ren pulls something out of his locker and sits squarely in front of Tius. He gives him a long glare before turning his hand over to reveal a small holoprojector. As he turns it on it reveals a small projection of a younger version of himself with two other helmetless stormtroopers standing together, smiling.)

Ren: I was the youngest of three. My oldest brother, Kyn, was on the first death star. (The hologram of his oldest brother on the right flickers and disappears) My other brother, Verdo, was on the Executor during the battle of Endor. (The hologram of his second brother on the left flickers and disappears as well, leaving a lone hologram of his younger self). You wanna know why I fight? That’s why I fight. I could never look my parents in the eye again if I didn't dedicate myself to avenging my brothers.(The last hologram of Ren flickers away as he pulls the holoprojector back into his folded arms.) So the real question is: Why do you fight?

Tius: Honestly? I grew up in the lower levels of Coursant, although when you’'re from those bowels of depravity you don't really growing up: You survive. When the only options available to you are death, being a spice addict, or a thief; I chose the latter. I was good enough to get by for as long as I did, but of course, it was only a matter of time before I eventually got picked up.That’s when the Magistrate gave me a choice: join up, or spend the rest of my life at a penal colony. It wasn’t a hard decision to make, and I never looked back.

Ren: Sounds like you made the right choice. What about you Bord? What's your deal.

Sen: Well, my Great-grandfather was a moisture farmer, my Grandfather was a moisture farmer, and my father was a moisture farmer, and as you would expect: they thought I should be a moisture farmer too. But the thought of living on a backwater planet for the rest of my life drove me crazy. That's why when the Imperial recruiters came to our settlement promising a chance to see the galaxy, I couldn't Sign up fast enough. I could give a Damn about the rebellion either way to tell you the truth, but at least the Empire has kept up their end of the bargain.

Bisa Veren (FST) (walks up): You Greepers done sharing your little sob stories? At least all of you still have families. Everyone I had ever loved was killed when the rebels bombed my city. I was only a kid, but I still remember the stormtroopers that pulled me from that burning rubble and took me under their wing. I'll hate the rebellion til the day I die, and if that means taking a few of those bastards out along with me, that day can't come soon enough.

Ren (to trooper in the background at his locker): What about you? I've never heard you say anything, what's your story? (The group goes dead silent as they all draw their attention to him. The trooper pauses before dropping his head.)

CUT TO: Flashback. Interior of interrogation room, camera facing the trooper in prisoner's jumpsuit. He is manacled, sitting at table looking down.

Imp officer: Is your name Elan Loxar?

Elan looks up and just glares

Stormtrooper (one of two standing guard at door behind imp officer sitting at table across from Elan): The warden asked you a question, prisoner.

(The officer raises his hand to stop him)

Imp officer: That’s quite alright. Actually I could care less about what you have to say. I just need you to listen. Can you do that for me?

(Elan just glares)

Imp officer: Excellent! (Pulls forward data tablet and begins to look it over) Now, Elan Loxar is it? It looks like you are serving three concurrent life sentences, is that right?

(Elan glares)

What am I talking about? Of course it is, it says right here! (Chuckles) It looks like you had quite a reputation as a bounty hunter. Lots of happy customers and equally unhappy targets. It just looks like you made one teeny mistake: You completed a contract on an imperial officer. Now, I hope you understand why we couldn’t let something like that slide?

(Elan glares)

But if it was up to me, I wouldn't make such a big deal about it. After all, I can get that in a way: You were only fulfilling a contract, just doing your job. A duty you could say; just like how I am doing my duty now.

(Elan glares)

Now, it seems a shame to me to have a man of your talents rotting away here forever, and it doesn't seem fair to me either that your wife and daughter also have to share your fate of living out the rest of their lives in this penal colony, right?

(Elan glares)

But what if I told you there was a way I could make this all go away? What if I told you there was a chance for your wife and daughter to have a life outside these walls? Perhaps that could be something that could spark your interest?

(Elan shifts slightly, but continues to glare)

Or not. Maybe you are content raising your family here, but as I'm sure you know, life here can be pretty dangerous. You never know what could happen. I would hate to see your wife or daughter have some kind of accident. I mean, if something like that did happen, it would be on your head, for not taking this kind of opportunity, wouldn't it?

(Elan rises up quickly pulling against his restraints the stormtroopers reflexively train their blasters on him)

Ah! There he is! I knew I just had to speak the right language! Now ten cycles may seem like a long time, but once your tenure is complete: You, your wife, your daughter; will be free of this wretched place. Of course, I’ll still be here, so in a way you could say I’m a bit jealous. I. Would. Kill. To have the opportunity you have sitting before you. And it's all very easy: All you need to do, is sign. (The officer pushes the data pad in front of Elan. He looks down at the glowing screen, his cheeks pulse as he clenches his jaw.

End flashback

Cut to: Interior stormtrooper barracks. Elan raises his head, exhales, and puts on his scout trooper helmet. He pulls his pulse rifle from his locker before slamming it shut and storming off screen.

Tius: (Chuckles) still nothin, you think we can trust a guy who never speaks?

Bisa: He doesn't have to. I've seen his work on the battlefield. He lets his pulse rifle do all the talking. If any of those rebels are even lucky enough to see its green glow, its the last thing they’ll ever see. Anyway, you boys better wrap up this Moof-milking circle: Less chatter (Bisa’s blaster charges as she puts on her helmet, and double slaps her her breastplate) more clatter! (Walks off, the rest of the troopers contine to gear up)

End scene Cut to: Ext. Tatooine, day. Close up of cargo pod with lid open filled with personal shield generators. We see rebel soldiers from the shoulder down passing in front of camera from right to left, each grabbing a generator as they pass by. One rebel soldier, a quarren, does not.

Cut to: camera facing Uthr Hul, tracking backwards as he looks stoically ahead. Vexar Alden (HM) leans out from behind him curious as he takes his own generator.

Vexar:'re not going to take a shield generator?

Uthur[in quarren]: Huh, why?

Vexar: Well it’s just...we haven't run out yet, usually that's the only reason why not everyone takes one.

Uthr: [I’m not everyone. You younglings might have a lot of life left to live, but I’ve managed to survive this long without one.]

Instead, Uthr stops at the open cargo pod that contains the pulse scanner as he picks it up and briefly tests it (pulse scanner blip)

Vexar: A pulse scanner? But we're not on recon detail.

Uthr: [Maybe not, but just the same: I don't like surprises.] (Walks past a couple of other soldiers strapping on jetpacks)

Vexar (quickly grabbing his own jetpack and hurriedly following Uthr): And no jetpack either?

Uthr:(laughs) [Quarren aren’t exactly known for having strong bones, and at my age, I’d be lucky to even stick the landing] (instead, Uthr pulls out a bandolier of dioxis grenades and slings it haphazardly over his shoulder)

Vexar: Hey! Be careful! That’s Ddioxis! That stuff’s dangerous!

Uthr (sighs with mildly bemused annoyance before turning back to Vexar): [Kid, I wouldn’t carry the damn things if they weren't dangerous!]

Vexar: Then here: at least take some of my bacta if you're gonna be crazy like that (Vexar pulls off a couple of bacta bombs from his own bandolier and offers them up to Uthr).

Uthr (shakes his head and waves them away): [Those’ll just weight me down, and I want to make sure I have enough room for these.] (Pulls a bandolier of shock grenades out of a crate and grins)

Vexar (steps back and puts his hands up): Woah, now I definitely know you're crazy!

Uthr: (gives Vexar a side glance) [Kid…] (pulls pin on one of the shock grenades)

Vexar: Hey! What!... (vexar steps back as the shock grenade goes off in Uthr’s hand. He maintains his glare on Vexar the whole time the grenade goes off. He gives a shiver as he shakes off the grenades effects)

Uthr: (chuckles)[You have no idea!]

Vexar (shaking his head in disbelief): Are all you squids... (Uthr shoots him a menacing glare, Vexar catches himself mid sentence) I mean…(Vexar looks sheepish)

Uthr(releases the tension in his glare and tosses his hand out dismissively): [Forget it kid. It’s just that’s what the Imperials called us back on Mon Cala,, so it inks me the wrong way.]

Vexar: You fought on Mon Cala before the occupation?

Uthr (nods slowly as he looks of): [Maybe that's why I’m so...crazy, as you like to say. I've seen with my own eyes what the Empire does to occupied worlds. That’s why every stormtrooper I find deserves nothing less than this (he unslings his Bo rifle and flashes the electrostaff) for what they did to Mon Cala]

Vexar (looks at Uthr with fresh reverence): I know Mon Cala is one of the worlds still occupied, is that why you joined the Alliance?

(Uthur looks off into the distance with pain in his eyes as the camera zooms in on his face)

Cut to: Flashback INT. DUSK. A small empty domicile on Mon Cala, on land. The domicile is silent. A door on the right slides open. Uthr enters through the door wearing factory workers clothes. He looks younger but also exhausted. After he exhales and plops his cap on the living room table he nervously peers out several windows, careful to draw the blinds well after taking a look. After taking those precautions he moves the living room table over.

Cut to: high angle overhead. Uthr removes the carpet underneath to reveal a rectangular panel. He lifts the panel to reveal a pool of water. A Mon Calamai (F) is laying in the pool with a baby in her arms. She sits up and gasps.

Uthr: [I'm sorry, I know that water must be getting stale. I’ll switch it out tonight but I can’t use too much water otherwise the Imperials will get suspicious.]

Mon Calamari: It's all right, I know it's why the Empire forced us on land: To keep a better eye on us and to keep us from hiding from the slave camps.

Uthr (pulls out small package from his uniform and hands it to her): This was all I could smuggle out from the canteen. They hardly feed us enough as it is, and it feels like the shifts get longer everyday. (MF takes a bite and gives the rest to baby).

MF: You know, I can never thank you enough for taking us in. When they took his father away to one of those slave camps, I didn’t know what we would do. But you, you gave us hope: hope that someday the undertow will reunite us as a family again. (Uthr sits down and looks down sadly and is quiet for a moment before speaking.)

Uthr (whisper) [There is no undertow]

MF: What?

Uthr (through choking sobs): I lied. In the beginning there were a few of us, resisting where and how we could, but as far as I know all the others in the undertow have been caught or killed. Even If there’s anyone left in the network, I have no way to make contact. I dare not speak of this to anyone, for safety.]

(There is a long silence, the baby coos softly)

[And it gets worse: one of the last communicae’s I received from the undertow, said the slave camps...were a lie. Your husband, I... I don't think…] (Uthr stops himself as he winces, the MF is silent for a moment as the baby cries softly, she shoulders the baby gently rocking him.)

MF (choked up): I...I see… (pauses to compose herself) Then I’m even more grateful for what you have done for us so far, and that just means it’s that much more important that we take care of him (motions to baby). (Uther still looks down with his hands on his knees. The MF shifts the baby to her other shoulder and reaches out to squeeze his hand. Uthr looks up as she nods. He looks back down as they hold hands in silence for a moment.

(The silence is broken by a sharp banging on the door, the baby begins to cry. Reflexively they both jump up as the MF moves to resubmerge into the hiding tank)

Stormtrooper (banging door outside): Open up in there, we know you're hiding illegal aliens!

Uthr (stops MF from getting into hiding tank) (hissed whisper) No! We have to leave now! Quickly This way! (Uthr pushes aside chair to reveal small panel in wall. He pry’s off the panel to reveal a small crawlspace. Bangjng on door continues).

CUT TO:EXT. Dusk, city street outside of domicile. a trio of stormtroopers stand guard. Near their feet a crawlspace panel opens and clatters to the ground. They all look down as one trooper kneels down to take a look

Cut to: Int. Of crawlspace looking out. We see the stormtroopers head dip into view. We hear the double pop of a scout pistol as the stormtrooper falls backward.

Trooper1: what the..?

Cut to: ext. High angle overhead. A shock grenade rolls out of the crawlspace. The stormtroopers step back but it is too late, the shock grenade goes off.

Trooper 2: Look-ahh!

Cut to: mid angle facing wall. Uthr scrambles out of crawlspace and punches the stormtrooper on right with right hook and uses his right elbow to strike stormtrooper on left. They both fall to the ground, unconscious. Uthr looks around frantically with his scout pistol raised to see if there are any other stormtroopers. The street is empty and poorly lit. He ducks back down to the crawlspace and waives hurriedly.

Uthr: [It’s clear! C’mon, quickly]

(The MF with the baby in one arm crawls out. As her head pokes out she is suddenly pulled back. She cries out, the baby starts crying.)

Trooper 3(muffled): I got her!

Trooper 4(muffled): Don’t let go!

(Uthr holsters his scout pistol and uses both hands to pull on her flipper as hard as he can. Both grunt exerting themselves. Uthr struggles but she is pulled back further into the darkness of the crawlspace)

MF: Let me go!

Uthr: [What?]

MF: Take him and let me go! Promise me you’ll take care of him! (She lifts her arm with the baby towards him. Uthr hesitates as he looks into her tearing eyes before silently nodding and letting go and grabbing the baby. She screams as she is pulled out of sight into the darkness. There is muffled blaster fire and her screams are cut short)

Cut to: Uthr mid low angle with baby in arms. he winces as he turns away. The baby still crying.

Trooper 3(Off screen): Hey! There’s the squid, he’s got the fish’s baby! ( trooper is to the right, coming round the corner of the alleyway looking back waiving over the other troopers)

(Uthr reflexively pulls his scout pistol with his right hand and fires.the trooper drops. Uthr turns and begins to run. Two other troopers turn the corner

Trooper 3: there he is! Blast him!

Blaster bolts fly past Uthr. One hits him in the shoulder but he keeps running, covering the baby even tighter as he turns a corner.

Trooper 4: over here c’mon! (The two troopers run after Uthr as two more turn the corner to follow.)

Cut to: Uthr turn into a populated but not crowded plaza as other quarren look shocked as he runs past the merchants and pedestrians that notice the Mon Calamari baby in his arms.

Cut to: Stormtroopers turn the corner and motion for the squad to spread out to find him.

Trooper 3: Where’s the squid with the fish baby?

Merchant (QM): I don't…

Instantly the trooper charges his blaster and points it to the merchant’s daughter

Merchant:...No! (The merchant steps in front of his daughter and points in the direction where Uthr ran. The stormtroopers run off as the merchant just embraces his daughter)

Cut to: Outside of the city, night, coast. The water along the coast is still and the coast itself are large jagged boulders. We see Uthr clamouring over the boulders as he tries to make his way to the water. Suddenly, a Lambda shuttle dives down and beings to patrol close to the water with a searchlight, cutting off his escape. Uthr ducks down behind an outcropping of boulders as he tries to wait out the Lambda shuttle. From the distance you can hear the stromtroopers that pursued him from the city talking as they approach)

Trooper: 1:Spread out, don’t let him get in the water or we'll lose them for sure!

(Suddenly the baby starts to cry. Uthr desperately tries to shush him but the baby continues to cry)

Cut to: troopers walking over uneven boulders.

Trooper 2: What was that?

Trooper 3: It came from over there!

Trooper 4: Go check it out.

Cut to: Uthr hiding under rocky outcropping. Uthr hears the troopers approaching and tries even harder to sush the baby but to no avail. With no other options he presses the baby’s face into his chest as to muffle his cries.

Cut to: above the outcropping, the troopers walk above Uthr as the troopers signal the shuttle.

Trooper 1:(to radio) You see anything?...Patrol’s not nothing, keep looking.

Cut to: Uthr beneath outcropping, holding his breath and the baby tightly against his chest. The baby flails desperately, and slowly its limbs go limp.

Trooper 2: I don’t hear anything

Trooper 3: They must have gotten away.

Trooper 1: Let's keep moving. (Gives hand signal to shuttle and the shuttle gains altitude as it moves off to patrol another area).

Cut to: Uthr holding himself rigid and wincing his eyes shut.

Trooper 2: It's too bad those squids are so slippery.

Trooper 3:That’s why we try to keep them dried out.

Trooper 2: (taunting laugh)

Trooper 4: You hear about the new speeders?

The troopers become unintelligible as they walk off

Uthr opens his eyes as the surrounds fall quiet and make way for the gentle sounds of the water. As he look around to make sure the coast is clear he releases the baby jostling him to get him to respond. The baby’s body is limp.

Uthr: (whispers) [ no no! Walke up! Please! Wake up!]

The baby is completely lifeless even as Uthr tries to shake the baby hoping to revive him. as Uthr realises the baby is dead. He breaks down sobbing cradling the baby’s body against his shoulder

Uthr: (sobbing) [I'm sorry!...I'm sorry]

As Uthr collects himself he gets up and carries the baby the last few meters toward the water that would have been their safety. He gives th baby’s one final embrace before gently and reverently placing the baby’s body in the water.

Cut to: Uthr’s perspective shot. The baby looks peacful, like he is sleeping and the body slowly sinks beneath the water’s surface. As the baby’s body disappears into the dark water we see Uthr’s reflection. His reflection is disrupted by the ripple of one of his tears that strike the surface of the water.

Cut to: close up of Uthr’s face. Uthr slowly looks up as another tear wells up in his eye.

Transition: Uthr’s face grows older, the scene goes from night to day, we are back on Tatooine. Uthr blinks away the tear as he adresses Vexar.

Uthr: [I...made a promise.]

Uthr walks off with Vexar behind him still looking perplexed by Uthr’s esoteric answer. The camera remains fixed as they walk out of shot on the left. Slowly the camera pans to the right revealing the busy hangar off in the background. The back of a Rodian ground crewmember enters fron the right as he carries a fuel line coiled over his shoulder toward the hangar.

Cut to: reverse angle, pilot working on his A-wing in foreground. Rodian ground crewmember walks up

Syro (RM): [Want me to set up this fuel line for ya?]

Torph(HM): Nah, not yet. Just set er’ down over there, thanks. I gotta finish a few more mods first.

Syro plops down down the fuel line nearby and takes an exhausted breath. As he looks up wiping his brow he scans a look over Torph’s A-wing.

Syro: [Hey, these aren't your usual mods. You sure you don't need help with that?]

Torph: Appreciate the offer, but you know us A-wing pilots can be pretty particular about our babies. Plus, with this level of modification, I don’t know if this is in your rotorhousing.

Syro: Well, I know it looks like you fed the blaster coil heat sink into your booster regulator so your engine packs more punch the more you fire.

Torph: Huh, well look at you: not your average ground scuttler after all. Maybe you can help after all: Any ideas on how I can pop this baby on without frying the reactor?

Torph hefts a tibanna gas generator from under a tarp onto the A-wing’s frame and gives it a slap.

Syro: is that a...shield generator?

Torph: You better believe it! And that’s real naturally spun bespin tibanna gas too; not that synthetic stuff that breaks down after a few recharges.

Syro: [How did you manage to get a hold of if?] (Fawning over generator)

Torph (sarcastic): welp, we organized an exhaustive ways and means committee…(Syro cocks his head confused) find a way, by whatever means! So, wadda ya think?

Syro (eases into a laugh before looking pensively for a moment: [hmm, the only reasonable place it could go is behind the cockpit, but you’d still have to figure out the energy management issue.]

Torph: I was thinking of pulling off the engine cowls to let them breath more and take some of the pressure off the heat sink.

Syro: [Yeah, but with the shield generator so close to the engines, without the cowls you're liable to ignite the tibanna and make the whole thing go up in a fireball.]

Torph:'re right…

Syro (after thoughtful pause): [ What if…(grabs removed engine cowl) These engine cowls are already heat shielded, what if I take the ones you popped off and…(wraps cowl loosely around generator to exemplify) them around the generator? I’d just need to cut them off here,bend them into the right shape, and that should do the trick. The only thing is if you take a hit to the engines the whole thing is liable to fly apart!]

Torph: Well with the shield generator installed hopefully that will be less of a problem! Up for giving me a hand? (Holds out fusion cutter out for Syro, Syro grabs the handle) Torph Gulien.

Syro: [Syro Berzek, and you bet! I used to soup up speeders back on Rodia, this’ll make me feel right at home!]

Torph: Well Syro, I hope you appreciate what it means for me to let anyone so much as look at my baby alone work in her. Course, that goes for pretty much anyone in our flight group.

Syro (takes a look around to the surrounding fighters): Yeah, I noticed you guys are...kinda weird. Normally squadrons are one kind of fighter, but ya’ll seem to be a...mixed bag. What outfit did you say you were with?

Torph: (smirks side eyed glance) You heard of rogue squadron?

Syro: Yeah.

Torph: That's because they survive, and leave survivors. This my friend: is black squadron.

Syro: Black squadron? Never heard of it.

Torph: That'd be because we use standard callsigns over the comm. We go through great lengths to cover our tracks; even if it kills us. Infact, a lot of the times it does! (Laughs)

Syro: So what, y’all got a death wish or something?

Torph (Smirks): Let's just say we sometimes like to call ourselves the cockpit cadavers.

Syro: Looks like there are still a lot of you left, you must be kicking aces then?

Torph: Not always, there are two requirements to make it into Black Squadron: You have nobody left, and nothing left to lose.

Syro: Pretty grim for a guy who seem so upbeat.

Torph: Oh you have to be if you want to survive in this outfit! Watch: Hey Woolok, what do you think of the Empire?

Woolok Vehu(IM) (Reflexively shouts): [The Empire can suck an ortolan snout!]

An ortolan technician pops his head out from the x-wing’s astromech port. He gestures and speaks angrily at Woolok.

Woolok: [Woah, hey, I didn’t mean it like that!]

Ortolan throws spark driver at Woolok, he ducks as it goes over his head.

Woolok: [Hey, look, I'm sorry okay? If you cut one power coupling in there I’ll jump right into a meteor, so obviously I didn't mean you!]

The Ortolan folds his arms up and lifts his head with an incensed huff.

Woolok: Alright, well...what if the next I'm up I take a ‘stroyer down for Orto?

The ortolan mulls it over and then speaks, holding up two fingers.

Woolok: [Wha- two?! I...fine, but if I don't come back I'm blaming you! (Tosses spark driver back at ortolan underhanded. Ortolab catches it point it at him while saying something then disappears back into astromech port. Woolok shakes his head jovially)

Cut to Torph talking to Syro

Torph (leeringly flicks eyebrows at Syro): We’re a fun bunch!

End scene

Cut to: star destroyer Interior. Close up to holotable as it flickers on. A map of the Jundland wastes appears. Gallus (at podium), Weller (now in officers uniform, and two other lieutenants surround the large holotable.

Gallus: The rebels have fortified their position at the edge of the Jundland wastes, near the deserted palace of the late crime lord Jabba the Hutt. The surrounding mountain range is virtually impassable for ground forces,which leaves a frontal assault as the only avenue of attack. Ground forces will be deployed at the foot of the mountain range and move west toward the Rebels main fortifications beneath the palace. The Impervius will stay in low orbit to avoid the potential of any direct engagement and provide support through orbital bombardment.

Weller: Shall we be deploying our full regiment of troops along with the AT-AT’s?

Gallus: That won’t be necessary, our intelligence suggests that the rebels only have a single battalion and fighter squadron for their defense. Rather than risk having the rebels damaging our walkers, which will be critical later in our campaign, two battalions of Stormtroopers supported by a detachment of AT-ST’s on the ground will be more than sufficient to take the Rebel base.

Weller: But Sir, that still leaves a chance for the Rebels to escape. Should any survivors alert the Rebel fleet, we will lose the element of surprise for the entire campai-

Galus: I am well aware of that Lieutenant, that is why the Impervius shall remain in orbit to cut off any attempts by the rebels to escape. We will also be scrambling a squadron of TIE’s and Interceptors to provide air support for the ground assault and pick off any stragglers trying to get off world.

Weller: Sir, but still-

Galus: This is my command lieutenant, and those are my orders. If you find them difficult to carry out I can certainly find an officer who will.

Weller: I...Yes, sir.

Galus: Unless there are any other objections, brief your men on the plan of attack and have them report to the main hangar bay to board the Lambda shuttles. You are dismissed.

In unison the officers salute and walk out

Galus: Lt. Weller…

Weller winces as he slowly turns back.

Gallus: Not you, you're with me.

Weller: Sir?

Gallus: I'd like you on the bridge as my second in command.

Weller looks confused. Gallus looks behind Weller to make sure the other officers had left.

Galus: What you said took guts, and while I disagree with your assessment, I respect that. This will be a long campaign full of many victories for the Empire, and I will need a second in command who is willing to step up like you did if we are to make it through.Can I count on you for that?

Weller (dissolves his apprehension into misjudgement): Absolutely, general, just be prepared to not like what you hear sometimes!

Galus: From you, I will expect nothing less! (Both walk out of room together, door shuts behind them)

End Scene

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