The hurricane with a broken heart

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The hurricane, wounded in his heart, attacked the coast that emerged in his midnight dreams

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



The hurricane, wounded in his heart, attacked the coast that emerged in her midnight dreams. He started to knit a storm on the tops of its gloomy rocks, converting them in the curly heads covered by sea foam. His enormous power of destruction tore the clouds into tatters and wrathful arrows of lightning blasted the sky with frightening flashes. As downpours lashed the land with long whips she moaned, trying to hide from the vast embrace of the mad whirlwind.

He was so enchanted by the sleeping beauty of the land that he tried to kiss her, but his kiss was accompanied with flying tree trunks, torn from the earth by their roots. His enamored gaze was reflected with a stern face in the swirling rushing rivers, which were gaining strength in the streams of rain. His tender sigh turned into a tornado, destroying fragile shacks on the shore and his gentle hands drove up a giant wave, drowning ships in the bay. He had never been in love before.

But the land did not appreciate or understand his vast caresses. In response to his love, he was burned by the hatred of all living things. A terrible pain of disappointment pierced his huge body, and because of this he began to writhe in convulsions, tearing the roads apart.  He understood that he will never feel sweetness with the trembling of an endless passion and neither will hear words of love at dawn.

He howled like a beast, trying to sing a beautiful sonnet, and beat a roof of a house over a fence into its courtyard. But people did not hear his friendly verses and showered him with contempt, hiding in the basement.

He was dumbfounded by the unreality of the land’s loveliness and was in despair because his love remained unanswered. Nobody understood him and finally he flew away, putting in his pocket a couple of dead bodies and a deep sadness.

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