Simorgi the wolf of destruction

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This is a story about having the world brought down on you through the wolf Simorgi. In Russian mythology Simorgi was a caged beast who was guarded by the Russian Godess Danica (Who is also my Ex girlfriends name), If Simorgi was ever to be released, than the destruction of the world was to come about. This is a story of how Danica released the beast upon me.

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



Its back again. That same emptiness that creeps up behind me like a wolf. it just stalks me, knowing I’m watching it get closer. Im useless, I’m paralysed, i can’t do anything besides watch it creep closer and closer, until its right here. Its right here now, its infront of me. its consumed me without even touching me yet, I’m its prisoner, it keeps me still and unable to move. Than it strikes. It strikes like 5 wolves pulling me in 10 different directions. Its taken control of me, i just can’t do anything besides fear its eternal presence. How long will it be here for? how long will it cage me for? I’m its prisoner, but i have no sentence. Im completely destroyed now, i feel like nothing can save me. not even love. not even that happiness i felt before the wolf came. Although I’m not even sure what that happiness is, I’m not even sure what it will feel like if it came back, iv just forgotten what happiness is now. Im back now tho, I’m back in the grips of the wolfs teeth, the clench it has. He immobilises me, he keeps me in the clench of his jaw, its that same familiar pain thats here again, its that same jaw that hurts, but also bites me where iv been bitten before. Is it even pain anymore if its happened so many times? Is it even anything? i feel like i just can’t feel anymore. I know its not pain, its just teeth going through an empty wound which will never heal. it will never heal because theres no-one here to heal me, theres no-one here because i don’t call out for help, i don’t cry when he bites because than everyone would know. everyone would know that a wolf brought down what use to be a god. thats exactly what i was, i was unstoppable. i was a pink gold soldier in the century of blissful. but how did a simple wolf bring down a god? it brought me down because its teeth is poisoned with the only thing that can destroy everything. It was poisoned with love. Its time now tho, its time for the wolf to let go and run away and leave me to die. Although its not over yet, I’m still a god, every time i die and every time i think its over, i just wake up again in that same spot with the wolf creeping up. Its time now, its time to wake up, and now its back again. The same emptiness that creeps up behind me like a wolf.

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