Joy's Addiction

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This book is currently unfinished, and there are pieces i'm going to add to the middle of the story. Thanks for reading!

Submitted: May 04, 2017

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Submitted: May 04, 2017



Joy's Addiction

Joy Dailey walked down the quiet street. Her brown hair was flying in the wind. The sky was overcast, much like the mood of the people in town. The sky was struggling to hold the water in the clouds.

“Hey Joy!” said a friendly voice.

Joy slowly spun around to see her best friend Hannah.

“Hi Hannah,” Joy spoke.

“Um, it looks like it's going to rain so do you want to stay at my house until the rain stops?” asked Hannah. “And we can help each other with our homework? “

“Um, okay,” agreed Joy.

The two girls continued up the street.

“How are you today?” asked Hannah.

“I’m okay,” said Joy in her usual blank voice. “How are you?”

“I’m doing really well today!” said Hannah.

Joy and Hannah walked into Hannah’s small one story house.

“Do you want a snack?’ asked Hannah. She pulled a Tupperware container of chocolate chip cookies out of the cupboard along with a small glass container containing a yellow liquid that was labeled “JOY” and brought them over to the kitchen table.

“What is that?” asked Joy. “Why does it have my name on it?”

“It's a drink that makes you feel joy,” explained Hannah.

“Hannah. Is this like an emotion potion?”

Hannah didn’t respond. She was rummaging through her backpack.

“Hannah, you know these are illegal!” exclaimed Joy. “Why- How did you get this?”

“A guy in my math class has a brother who sells these,” Hannah explained calmly. “And I have more than just joy. I have fear, which I haven’t tried yet and I have calm, and I have love and there's a lot I haven't tried yet.”

“Hannah, you know feeling things is illegal, right?” asked Joy.

“I know it’s illegal,” admitted Hannah. “But I don’t think it’s right for feeling to be illegal. Some of them I don’t like but others make me feel really good. I don’t know how to explain what it's like to feel joy...drink some!”

“Try some,” she said as she held the bottle out to Joy.

Joy knew there were big consequences for feeling emotions. But what if emotions weren’t really bad?

“No,” said Joy.

Was Hannah crazy? Did she not know how dangerous this could be? You could be fined or even could get thrown in jail if the government somehow found out you felt emotions. And who knows what would happen if they found out about the potions that causes you to feel emotions? Having that could get you into even bigger trouble.

“Sorry Hannah, but I’m going home,” said Joy as she picked up her backpack and left.


“Good Morning class,” spoke Mr. Wilcox. “Today, our lesson is on the second world war, but before we start does anyone have any current events comments or questions?”

A hand in the back of the class rose.

“Yes Cade?” asked Mr. Wilcox.

“Why are emotions considered bad? I’ve been reading about them and they don’t all seem so bad,” spoke Cade.

“Emotions are dangerous, dangerous things,” spoke Mr. Wilcox, avoiding eye contact with any of the students. “Some of the world’s greatest scientists have, thankfully,” Mr. Wilcox paused and shifted uncomfortably, “found a way to, combat emotions...both positive and negative.”

“Why are emotions so bad? Like, based on what I’ve read not all of them seem so bad. And nobody has done a good job explaining why they are actually so bad,” said a voice in the back of the room.

“Not all emotions are necessarily negative,” spoke Mr. Wilcox. “But so many of them are. People don’t like feeling them. And emotions started controlling peoples’ lives, and sometimes led them to making unwise choices. But um, come talk to me about it after class. Let’s get on with today’s lesson.”


Once school was over, Joy caught up with Hannah about a block from school.

“Hey Hannah,” said Joy.

“Oh, hey Joy,” said Hannah.

“I’ve been thinking and, um, can I try some of your emotion potion? If you still have it?”

“Of course,” said Hannah. “What made you change your mind about it? You seemed really against it yesterday.”

“In Mr. Wilcox's class some kid asked him about emotions and Mr. Wilcox said they were bad, of course, but I think he was lying and I guess I can try your drink just to see what it's like.”

Once the two girls reached Hannah’s house, Joy followed Hannah downstairs to her room. Hannah pulled a small glass bottle from inside her sock drawer and placed it in Joy’s hand.

Joy slowly reached for the tiny bottle and brought it to her lips. She took a sip. The drink tasted like lemonade. Instantly her insides began to tingle. She felt light as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders and a music filled her soul. Joly felt as if a deep hunger had been satisfied.

“There’s something weird in my head,” said Joy. “Is this what actually feeling something is like? I kinda like it.”


Joy followed Hannah down the stairs to the bottom level of a bleak apartment building. The girls stopped in front of the second door down the hall.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The door creaked open a few inches.

“Hannah?” a male voice whispered from the other side of the door.

“I brought the friend I said I was going to bring.’ said Hannah.

The door opened all the way reveal a short man.

“Come in,” he whispered, peeking around the corner. Joy and Hannah stepped inside. The man shut the door behind the girls.

“So, she knows about why she’s here?’ asked the man, to Hannah.

Hannah nodded.

“I’m Ren,” said the man, holding out his hand for Joy to shake. “I hear you want to try some emotion potions?”

“I guess,” replied Joy.

“Then you have come to the right place,” smiled Ren. He invited the girls to sit down at the kitchen table.

“Is this safe?” asked Joy as Ren went into a bedroom.

“I’ve been here a few times and I’m still alive,” assured Hannah.

Ren came back out carrying a black briefcase and set it on the table.

“Here,” announced Ren “are my emotion potions”

Ren opened the case to reveal dozens of small bottles with different colored liquids. Each had a different label. There was one called “trust” and another labeled “fear.” There was a bright orange one called “excitement.”

“Is there one you want to try? I’ll give you your first one for free but if you want any more you’ll have to pay.”

“I think I’ll try joy again,” said Joy in a cheery voice. “I think it fits me”

Ren handed joy the small bottle.

Joy took a sip. She instantly smiled. Again, the deep hunger inside of her was satisfied.

“How long do the emotions last before they wear off?” asked Joy. “And how do I get more if they wear out?”

“Hannah will show you where to meet me after school,” replied Ren. “Five dollars a bottle”

“We’ll meet you there tomorrow,” said Hannah. “But we have to go home before our parents notice we’re late coming home.”


After school the next day, Joy followed Hannah to a park to meet with Ren and some other people who bought emotion potions from Ren.

A girl next to her drank an emotion called “optimism.” A boy standing a couple feet away drank a potion called “happiness.” Joy noticed Ren handing a middle school aged boy an emotion called “humiliation.”

”I’m gonna give this to Stevie,” Joy heard him explain to the boy standing next to him.

“Here you go,” said Ren as he handed Joy her bottle of joy. As she drank she felt her shoulders become lighter and as if the sun was shining brighter.


Joy found herself completing her homework much faster than usual. She usually took a long time to complete her homework, but today Joy wanted it done quickly so she could take time to actually enjoy herself.

Once Joy’s homework was done, she took her dog on a long walk around the neighborhood. Instead of quickly running her dog up and down the street, Joy walked slowly and walked a few blocks. She took time to admire the leaves that were turning bright shades of red and orange and birds chirping in the trees.

“I wish I always had this much attention to nature,” thought Joy. There are actually a lot of things in this world that we should take time to enjoy.


Joy sat down on the ragged couch in the living room. Directly across from her was her mother, Delores Dailey, and her father, Breen Dailey.

“Do you know why we have called you in here?” asked Breen in his usual monotone voice.

“No,” stated Joy.

“Your Mother and I believe you are hiding something,” spoke Breen.

“I’m…I’m,” stammered Joy.

“Why have you been sneaking out Joy?” interjected Been, with an unfamiliar edge to his voice.  

“To be with my friends,” she mumbled, staring down at her feet.

“Why?” asked her mother.

“To just hang out.”

“Does this have anything to do with it?” inquired Dolores as she pulled a small clear plastic bottle from behind her back. White letters on the bottle spelled out “JOY.” Inside the bottle was a yellow liquid, the color of lemonade.

“What’s in the bottle?” snapped Breen. “It has your name on it.”

“It’s a drink” explained Joy. She wasn’t totally lying. She was just leaving out a few details.

“What kind of drink?” questioned her mother.

“It tastes like lemonade,” answered Joy.

“Where did you get it?” barked her father.

“It’s from a friend at school” said Joy. “And why are you so mad about a drink?”

“Your brother found it before us,” explained Delores. “And he says it makes you feel things. And you know that feelings are a dangerous thing. Joy, I’m sorry, but your mother and I have turned you into the authorities.”

Joy felt her heart beat harder and harder.

Then came the knock on the door.

A cold sweat broke on Joy’s back.

For the first time ever, Joy felt scared.

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