Brother, who?

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Relationships in brother differ from brother to brother

Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017



Who’s your brother?

Who’s like no other?

Is it the guy you shared the womb and the room with?

Or is he the guy who set your tomb amid the doom riddle?


The words are as they are

Or is the meaning barred?

Do the branches grow together forever?

Or are they promised to differ like never?


Which makes bond, blood or memory

One doesn’t change, the other a colored history

Drawing on the trails of life, who’s Jekyll and who’s Hyde?

Who’s gone to be dragon or butterfly, or turtle’s shell to hide?


Do they meet, Python and eel?

Or do they meet, Penguin and seal?

Can one grow prey and the other one preydetaor

In sibling rivalry and chivalry, who is the selected and the selector?


Brother, brother

Words like no other

Out loud, there is an echo to the sound

Turn around, and what is there to be found?

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