i wrote this for my girlfriend skylar , let me know if it's any good.
thank you,
x rose

Your lips so soft and red, 
the thought of kissing you is stuck in my head. 
Your beauty so bright and warm, 
shinning through the darkest storm.
Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky, 
when I stare into them I feel like I am soaring high.
My love for you is pure and true, 
I never stop thinking of you.
The sound of your voice saying "I love you" makes my heart pound 
because I knew I'd truly found my one and only.
I promise to love you for every moment of forever 
and when everything else crumbles, I will never.
I am your armor to protect you from harm, 
like you are to me, a lucky charm.
For you are my heart, my soul, 
baby you are my whole world.


Submitted: May 10, 2017

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