Hidden away

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Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017



Hidden away.

From all of humanity.

Trap in a cave.

Isolated from the perfects.

Being told to stay away.

Rejected by all souls.

That my memorizes never exist.

Being abandon and forgetton.

My name only a faded whisper now.

Treated as a monster.

Seen as a freak.

I am having a hard time believing in hope.

When i am alone with cruelty.

His blades slice my pale skin.

Leaving his mark...


The unseen tears stream down.

My body shattered like a China doll fallen on cement.

Then glued back together as if that fix everything.

I will still have the scars.

I will still recall the pain.

I was left for dead.

Abandon like a toy that has lost its purpose and its head.

My voice has faded away.

My heart has given out.

My face emotion less.

Perfectly scripted words on my face.

To hide my pain everyday.

I am screaming for mercy.

But get beaten by words of hate fro that.

I am begging for relief.

But only get Death's constant watch.

My tears are unnoticed.

And are covered by midnight's sweet stars.

Insanity is holding me hostage.

A prisoner of war.

I am disappearing from this world.

I want to let out my pain.

And be done with depression.

But no that is too easy...

My ears echoes with screams of death.

Of those who about to die and know it.

Their faces permanently engrave in my mind.

Stuck on repeat.

The terror in their eyes.

I am haunted by death.

I want it to stop.

I am a lost soul.

A soul that has fallen and shattered.

Running, trying to get away.

Hate whispers words that his boss has commanded to break people.

The broken refuse to live.

The fallen refuse to get back up.

My life is shattered like glass.

Where scars lines will always be there.

My reality is depression.

My fantasy is to live.

My colors hidden within.

My name bore no meaning.

My words covered up by liars.

To never be heard.

Yet i am still here.

So might was well keep trying.

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