Me and My Gals

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Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017




Together Forever

  Us and Us Alone


It’s a very boring day called Valentine's Day

If we can dream it we can do it and it’s our world

It doesn't matter if we like pink or red we all are equal

Because we talk about boys and boys alone. We have a drag queen

Who just love gal things and gal shopping and what do we say



We can be anything we want to be. Whoa oh oh

Yeah, whoa oh oh oh Yeah

Anything is possible we’re unstoppable

Me and my Gals


Anything is possible, we have Gal Power.


We hang at the mall because why not there’s

So many boys to judge because they all try to


No seriously it’s like really is annoying.

It’s our world Whoa oh oh oh Yeah.

Boys try to hard with the most cliche things

In their boy world. No Boys world

Unless they’re cute.

Like Matt Duchene.

Or Zach

He’s too hot


Anything is possible, we’re unstoppable

Me and my Gals


Anythings is possible we have Gal Power

Me and My Gals

Me and My gals

Me and My Gals


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