The One That Got Away

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Emma is a 16 year old girl, telling her journal all of her interesting stories about her many schools and experiences at each. As she tells her diary her stories she slowly realises that she let one special guy escape... Will she ever see him again? Will she ever meet someone as good as him?

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Submitted: May 05, 2017



Chapter 1: The Morning Of My First Day
It was a surprisingly warm and cozy morning in the house. I sat up in my bed and stretched my wings like a starved hawk, my belly rumbling almost instantly, advising me to go downstairs and get my anticipated full English breakfast my mum kindly provided every morning. I imagined the delicious food which would soon fill my completely deserted stomach for a few moments then excitedly jumped up, ready to start my very first day in my new high school. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen full of joy. 
"What's wrong with you, Emma?" My mum was an extremely sarcastic woman which of course was passed onto me and cause me a lot of trouble with teachers.
"Nothing! I'm just happy!" I explained.
"Is there a boy you like at this school or something? You were never this excited when you went to other schools." She was right, i was never so excited to go to a new school. Each time i acted like the world was ending and the zombie apocalypse was right around the corner, aka my school. She wasn't right about the boy part though. Most guys i ever spoke to in person were absolute dicks and thought they owned the school, and all the guys i spoke to online just wanted nudes. One boy I was speaking to once said "Shame bby girl. Could of seen and felt a 6 incher" Not only was this incredibly gross. cringey and traumatizing to read as an innocent 16 year old girl, who hadn't done anything of the sort or even wanted to do anything like what this disgrace of a human described, but also heartbreaking to witness such poor grammar come from this boy, and I say boy to show his level of immaturity and childishness, who I had been wasting my precious time on talking to for the last 10 minutes. And yes, it was only 10 minutes until this total stranger I had been talking to asked for very personal and intimate pictures of myself, which of course, i refused to take because of my common sense. So no mum I don't fancy any boys and im most defiantly not excited to go to school because of any that may be there... But maybe i should have been, maybe I would meet a nice genuine boy there, and this time i say boy lightly, as I am not referring to his immaturity but just admitting that it makes me cringe when people say "lad" or "dude" seriously in conversations.
"No mum I'm just happy! Is that a crime?" I replied as I practically snatched the plate from her hands.

I finally finished my breakfast and went back upstairs to brush my teeth, have a shower and find my favorite crop top and high waisted jeans, which were usually paired with some small heeled boots, they were almost like Doc Martin's. I then urgently left my dark room to charge into the car which my mum was patiently waiting for me in. I then pondered about what my first day would be like, would i make any friends today? Would i ever make any friends? Would i just leave as fast as i came? I was used to moving around a lot, so naturally i couldn't get too attached to any location we ended up in because of our temporary house in each temporary town. However, today i just had the feeling that i would be a good day, i couldn't describe the feeling but it was overwhelming and very comforting as each former school gave me a bad feeling which was totally accurate...


Chapter 2: My Many Marvelous Municipalities- Smoke High
The first school consisted of complete stoners, and when i say stoner i mean Snoop Dog level stoners. So as you can probably tell, that is definitely my kind of crowd... Well not exactly, by the end of the 42 days i spent at the school, i didn't want to even look at Snoop Dog ever again. This school ironically was named "Smoke high" (that was a joke if you didn't already tell, like i said I'm a very sarcastic person and even though all of the stories i tell you are true, you should never really believe me and my dry sense of humour. But let's pretend it was actually named "Smoke High" for legal reasons). Now I'm not going to tell you all about my time at the school, because let's face it, stoners are exactly interesting are they? However i will tell you the juicy bits, let's start with my first high school party...
It was quite a hot day, for England that is. I got ready for the party, did my makeup, hair and picked my favourite clothes. I was lectured by my mum, which was like standard checks at this point. Even though my mum knows im sensible and knows i've never done anything stupid like getting drunk or high, she always made sure i couldn't do any of that by threatening to take my phone (which was like literal torture). But this time, she was right to lecture me, because that night, i got fucked up..
I finally arrived to the party and met my best friend at the time, Tana. Tana was a bit of a stoner, but only at Selena Gomez level. She sometimes did it at parties but she wasn't dependent on it like some kids at our school, "Smoke High". There were a circle of kids doing what they call "chain smoking" or "puffing and passing" and of course, my stoner friend Tana had to convince me to sit down and get high with a load of strangers in a random guy's house. Of course now i have the sense to say 
"Hey Tana, i don't feel like being murdered and taken advantage of tonight, maybe another time!" 
But of course i just went along with it and sat down, getting higher and higher. Not only was this dangerous but it was the worst decision i think I've ever made. I then had to tell my mum i just had a sleep over at Tana's but of course i was passed out on the floor i was so drunk and high, not really my best moment. There was a guy there that i have to admit, was kind of hot. His name was Adym, and for once, you will hear about a boy who wasn't a complete douche. Adym was a black haired 16 year old at the time, with dark brown eyes, he was Italian so as you can imagine, very hot. Adym wasn't a stoner, he was just 
friends with them, but that night he was definitely "bladdered"... He invited me to get in the hot tub with him, and i know that sounds douchey, but he said it in an innocent and sweet way, which gave me the impression that he literally just wanted to talk or something. At first, that was all he wanted, a nice chat and drink with a girl he occasionally spoke to at Smoke High. However, about 15 minutes into this nice friendly chat i had with the sweet but popular guy, Adym, his douchey friends, Sam and David, came over and got into the hot tub with us and started doing their douche juties, such as putting their arms 
around me, making kissy faces jokingly, and of course challenging me to a good old game of truth or dare. I had never played truth or dare after the age of 12, because like i have stated before, i have common sense and i know what teenagers are like. But of course, i was too drunk to care and agreed to play with them. Now they say you should never, ever play a game of truth or dare, or even 20 questions with what a like to call a "fuckboy", and they would be right to tell you that, because this game definitely wasn't innocent like i hoped. 

First, David asked, "Truth or dare?" and because i wasn't so drunk to lose all my sense, i answered "Truth". But as you can probably tell, fuckboys can make both truths and dares very dirty and uncomfortable for a girl like me. 
"How far have you gone with a guy?" he immediately questioned.
"If you don't answer, you have to do a shot!" Sam chirped. Now David wasn't too bad, but Sam on the other hand was the douchiest douche i think I've ever met, so douchey, that i couldn't believe that quiet and sweet Adym could possibly see a friend in such a creature. You'll find out why i found Sam as such a dick in a bit, so don't worry. I instantly took a shot, not because ive done anything bad, but because as an at the time 15 year old, being a virgin who hadn't even had her first kiss, i was a very rare species to all the fuckboys, so i would rather leave them with their imagination and let them think what they wanted.
"Oo lads that means she a slag" Sam said while nudging Adym, basically telling him to "get in there" as they like to say up North.

A few minutes went by and a few more dares had passed until it came back to me,
"Emma, go on do a dare!" Sam urged me.
"Alright then... Dare" And yes, i'm screaming "What are you doing you idiot! Never do a dare!" at myself so you don't need to bother, i already know it was a very bad idea, but i was off my head okay? A few giggles passed then Sam dared me:
"I dare you to snog Adym" he then burst with hysterical laughter. Now if you are an intelligent person or have any standards, you probably don't know what "snog" means, but it basically just means to kiss or make out. I have to admit, Adym was very attractive, and no not just physically, Adym was the only guy i spoke to at Smoke High, who wasn't a bad guy, didn't disrespect girls like our friend Sam and wouldn't call random girls "slags". However i must also admit that i wasn't looking to hook up with anyone at this dumb party like everyone else was, but tonight i guess that was just written in the stars for me and Adym, don't get me wrong, we didn't have sex, we didn't even do anything but kiss, but of course the rumours traveled as fast as The Flash.
"Omg, have you heard about Emma and Adym having sex in Sam's parent's bed!?"
"Get in there Emma"
"Emma, where's Adym? You hooked up last week didn't you?"
This was all i heard for the last 4 weeks of my time at Smoke High... I know i cant really blame the girls asking as they were just curious, it was Sam who spread it. And i can't blame Adym, because he was just as annoyed about it as i was,but if only he just said "Fuck off Sam you creep" and not "I'm down" with a cute chuckle, then perhaps the rumours wouldn't have been so intense, but then again, high school kids are pretty gross and have a good imagination. 

As soon as i heard "I'm down" my heart just dropped, i was relying on him to tell them to back off but these were his friends, and he was quite popular so he would probably be called gay if he didn't act like he wanted to snog my face off. I went red as fast as a traffic light,but instead of indicating him to stop, it indicated that i had to go. So i did. I shuffled towards him, and we started kissing him. Remember, this was my first kiss so i wasn't exactly listening in to what the pervs watching us were saying, but according to Tana, they were being pretty creepy. The best thing i took from the experience was that Adym was a pretty good kisser. The guys who were also in the hot tub then started proding poor Adym, telling everyone that he had a boner which of course he didn't, but let's remember these dickheads were very immature and vile. 

After our little kissing session, Adym and I left the hot tub and went inside the house, which now i know was stupid to do as that probably caused the most rumours to be made. We both sat in one of it's many rooms on our own and started talking, he apologized for them being so douchey and then brought up their dumb joke about his so called boner and reassured me that he's not that easy. I know what you're thinking: "Wow what a cringey tit!" Well i found it kind of funny im not going to lie. The time flew by then Adym started weirdly leaning in every now and then. As a girl who only just had her first kiss, which 
wasn't even a proper kiss as it was just a dare, i didn't really know the signs that someone wanted to kiss you, so i just kept ignoring it until he just went for it and kissed me. It was different that time, better. Unfortunately, the room we were in happened to be a bedroom, which of course was Adym's friend Sam's room. After a few minutes of kissing, Sam walked in and that's how the rumours started, from just a bit of innocent drunken kissing. People still think to this da y that the only reason i left that school was because of the rumours or because of Adym moving down South, but unluckily, i just moved because my mum's shitty job. I do miss Adym now though, but i guess that just wasn't meant to be...

Chapter 3- Fuckboy High: Part 1

Now my next story is about a what i like to call a "fuckboy", and bear with me, it's quite a long one. His name was Brad, i know, i should have left the second i heard that name right? Well I didn't, I fell for this fuckboy. Brad went to my third school, which was in Manchester. I went for my first day to this school slightly excited as i obviously hadn't learned that every school i would go to would be shitty. My mum dropped me off, said her goodbyes then i saw Brad, he was like the typical Justin Foley from 13 Reasons Why. If we were in America, he would 100% be the star quarterback, 
which is just never good is it? Of course young, dumb Emma found his blond, perfect hair and sparkling blue eyes attractive and obviously drooled over him. Yes I'm cringing as well... He walked over to me,
"Hey! Im guessing you're the new girl then?"
"I'm always the new girl.." I answered, showing my shyness and embarrassment.
"I was the new kid a few months ago, don't worry everyone will like you, ya well peng" he said with a smile. It was like he was trying to be smooth but it just failed badly. I don't know how i liked him, so please don't judge me because i'm doing that enough for myself. "Thanks so are you" i chuckled, this was the literal worst conversation i could possibly have because of its amount of cringey pauses, but after he left a few minutes later, after telling me if i need to find my way anywhere he's there to help, it left me wanting to talk to him more. There was something about the cute smile and wink he flashed at me that drew me in, but i guess that's just how fuckboys work.

On my way to first lesson, i flew through the chaotic sea of students, when suddenly, I walked straight into someone. Thud, the books fel to the floor. I quickly picked them up and handed them to the girl they belonged to. She had quite long, ombre hair which was slightly wavy. She also had light blue eyes which i was always jealous of including her gorgeous hair. "Oh, i'm sorry about that!" she said kindly. After a few moments and apologizing back and forth, we both left for our lesson.

I finally arrived at H1 for my Psychology lesson, we were in Year 10, meaning that I had 3 subject options, which i chose Psychology, Child Development and French for. I then made awkward eye contact with a weirdly tall, and strong man, Mr Brown. Mr Brown looked like the most aggressive and terrifying man you could possibly create, however,as soon as you spoke to him, he was like a literal teddy bear. "Hello Emma Davies! Come in, don't be shy! Here you can sit next to Chloe, she's the girl with the glasses at the back, okay?" He said, whilst giving me a book which i later used to write pages and pages of boring notes. And of course, Chloe was the girl i had almost knocked over in the corridor 5 minutes before. Mr Brown was a Southern man, which caused him to butcher my last name, which would have made me instantly despise him if he wasn't such a pleasant teacher for the rest of my time at Fuckboy High. I anxiously walked over when she said: "Hi Emma!" she said, this made me ponder as to how she knew my name, which must have shown on my face as she then explained, "Sir told us there would be a new girl last lesson, I'm not just a crazy stalker." 

For the majority of our 10 bullet points we were told to copy, Chloe was silent, making me think that she didn't enjoy our small talk about where I was from which we had at the start of the lesson. However, halfway into our first lesson, a boy who i later learnt was called Nathan Caldwell, made her laugh so much that she snorted. As soon as i heard this sound, i burst into hysterics, and ever since, we were as close as you could be...

I spent all of the rest of the double talking to Chloe and Nathan, and sat with Chloe at break, who then guided me to my next lesson, English. I walked into my room whilst she left to go to hers which was next door. Suddenly, i heard someone shout: "Hey new girl!" I looked around to see where this deep and slightly familiar voice was coming from when i saw Brad, who was sat on his own beckoning me over to sit with him, which i did after hesitating and bring persuaded as he said that "Everyone in here is boring as fuck, you'll make this lesson a lot more fun" whilst smiling endearingly. A few minutes of talking was then interrupted by a set change, which i was very glad for as our conversation was already getting awkward and reminded me a lot of Sam we met in Chapter 2. As it was the start of the second half term, students who got better or worse at Maths, English and Science moved to a different set, I was in set 2, and luckily Chloe came to my rescue and moved down from set 1 to my set. I quickly shouted her and made her sit with us which she was glad to do as she didn't know or like anyone else in that class. However she didn't want to sit with Brad, which she obviously didn't say while he was sat at the table, so she waited to question me while he went to the toilets. "Why did you make me sit with that dickhead!?" She angrily whispered. This gave me the impressions that she wasn't much of a fan of Brad, so i asked her why she didn't like him as i found him okay. "Are you kidding... He's literally known for being a fuckboy, he's fucked nearly every fuckgirl in this school!" she continued, "How can you like him! Are you crazy?" This was a full on rant at this point. "He was nice to me before! He was even saying he'd show me to any of my lessons if i wanted and that i could sit with him at dinner later!" This didn't convince Chloe that he was nice, she just shook her head and said:   "Have you learnt anything from 13 reasons why!? They act nice to your face and reel you in then when they have you they do all they can to fuck and chuck you! He's literally the English version of Justin! I know he's a fuckboy! It's obvious!" Soon after this she went quiet, as her rant about Brad went on so long that Brad was back from the toilets and came and sat with us again. "Why did you stop talking when i walked in?" he said while laughing, "You're not telling the new girl about what happened the other night with us are you Chloe?" "Her name's Emma... And don't start making rumours about me Brad, you did that enough with Jaime. I wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole!" Somehow, i knew this was a step too far. "Everything i told people about her was true, she's a dirty little slut!" Everyone went silent, and Miss Ainscough, who was our English teacher, piped up and advised him to go calm down outside, which he said he didn't need, but Miss insisted. "See what I mean!?" Chloe said, I still somehow ended up liking Brad again, even though this encounter showed his fuckboy-ness. 

The majority of the week in that lesson was quite awkward as Chloe and Brad basically despised each other and I was stuck in the middle. Chloe and I got closer and closer, spending every Psychology and English lesson laughing and joking, because of this, I also got closer to Nathan, who was the guy Chloe had been laughing at in our first Psychology lesson together. She later admitted to me that she had a slight crush on Nathan, but threatened to murder me if I told Nathan any of this information. I of course agreed not to tell him, but naturally this was quite hard to keep secret as I totally shipped them together and was very close to Nathan as well as Chloe. But I had only just moved to the school weeks before this information was disclosed so I wasn't risking having no friends just to get two people together. However, they got closer and I got the feeling that they liked each other, as a consequence of having my mother's genes, I am defiantly considered to be a meddler. One day, I built up the courage to ask Nathan if he like Chloe, he was very stuttery and embarrassed whilst replying with: "W-Why would you think that?" He went instantly red, basically answering my question without needing verbal communication. "Well It's pretty obvious something's going on, I'm pretty much a third wheel now..." I answered. We had this very short conversation whilst Chloe went to the Science toilets. "What do you mean?" He knew exactly what I meant, he was just acting innocent and stalling in hopes that she came back before he had to admit anything. "You literally flirt every single fucking day..." His plan worked, Chloe came back for I could get any gossip. But I did tell her about this conversation while at her house that night. I explained what i said and how he reacted and she still denied that they were madly in love with each other and had a go at me for ever bringing this up to Nathan.

We had more girly talks, and I admitted my feelings about Brad, who I had recently added his Snapchat and gotten a streak with. She was surprisingly nice about it, as she kind of didn't hate Brad as much anymore as he wasn't being as fuckboy-ish for the last few weeks. I told her all of this information, and about how in Maths he always made me laugh and smile. I also convinced her that when you got to know him, he was quite sweet and nice. I showed her screenshots of our conversations, and at this point she even made up a ship name for us: "Bremma". I acted like I didn't love this but really I couldn't help but smile every time she nudged me whilst he walked past and winked at me, or even said his name to tease me. There was just something different about Brad, he was so different to the kind of guy I usually would like, not like I liked many guys before him, but I know what kind of people I would like and he definitely didn't fit into the strict category. I always like the quiet type, but also popular, and although he was very popular, he wasn't at all quiet. He always flirted with girls playfully, and this should have been a red flag, but unfortunately i think I'm colour blind and didn't realize that at the time as I just convinced myself that he acted different with me, even though I heard many girls talking about how they felt the same.

The next few weeks involved more Bremma and Cathan (Chloe and Nathan) flirting, and we all got closer and closer. Every Maths lesson left me with a cringey and cheesy smile, which of course encouraged Chloe and now Nathan to bully me about. Nathan had eventually found out because Chloe can't shut her bug mouth. I threatened to tell Nathan about her crush but she obviously gave me a death threat afterwards, so I didn't dare. I hinted towards it, don't get me wrong, but if I was too obvious she would flash me a "shut your fucking gob" look whilst he flashed a endearing smile, showing that he got my reference. Chloe told me about her cute encounters with Nathan that she had in Maths while I wasn't around, which involved him leaning on her desk, saying something cute and then going back to his desk smiling after. This just depressed me as they were literally relationship goals and me and Brad weren't really getting anywhere at the time. Well, not before the party at his house...


Chapter 4- Fuckboy High: The party

After I forced Chloe to go to the party with me, she also asked me if Nathan could go which I answered with my bullying ways and agreeing. Brad told me I could invite whoever I wanted, but I couldn't ignore him at the party. This made me feel very important and special, as the only other person he let invite people was Kyle, his best friend. It was the night of the party. Scurrying, I found my new dress I had bought especially to impress Brad, and put it on along with my natural makeup and heels. I curled my long brown hair into soft beachy waves, and left my house to get into Chloe's mum's car. I then thanked her for taking us, and promised I'd take care of Chloe for her.

We entered his house and we went to talk to Nathan, "Where's your boyfriend then?" He laughed while he asked. I gave him the angriest look possible and stayed for a few minutes before I saw Brad and left to talk to him, they both quietly, but not quietly enough, sniggered as I left, "What are they laughing at?" He questioned as he put his arm around me and smiled widely. "Ugh nothing they're just being annoying as usual.." I lied, he then sat me down on the table and placed himself next to me. We then had one of the best conversations we ever had, he even told Kyle to go outside and talk to his other friend Liam whilst he talked to me. He asked me questions about my past, things that no one really bothered about or ever cared to ask me, including my best friends, Chloe and Nathan. He made me feel like I really mattered to him, and that he really cared for me. Throughout the very long discussion of getting to know each other better, he kept touching my leg, which I felt uncomfortable with as people kept looking and whispering when they saw this, probably predicting the amount of rumours which would soon be created. However, I loved our conversation, and I didn't care what anyone said about us at the time, as I had a few shots by that time which Brad purposefully provided me, hoping for something to happen, which of course did...

After about 30 minutes, I joined Chloe and Nathan again, who no doubt were also flirting while I was gone as usual. They bombarded me with questions like: "What were you talking about?", "What did he say when he kept looking at us?", "Was he touching your thigh!?". All of these several questions they were bursting to ask me for the last half an hour, I answered after insisting that they calmed down and asked one at a time as their rapid rate of speech was very confusing and difficult to understand. Whilst I told them what we were talking to there was an "aww" and "how cute" coming from both of them, which was frustrating and also embarrassing because they can always tell when I blush and it's hard to keep it from them when I blush.

We spent more time outside for about an hour, sat around a small fire outside, when I suddenly spotted Brad waving at me to catch my attention. As soon as I saw this I smiled widely, each corner of my mouth reaching all the way to the lobes of my ears. I told my friends I'd just be 10 minutes, as Brad told me this through sign language and I worked out from lip reading. I got up and nervously walked over into his house which he entered when he saw I understood him and got up to approach him. I turned back to see the whole of the population of the party sat laughing and drinking behind me, and Chloe and Nathan looking back to me to see where i was going. They were both sat next to each other, Chloe drunken, resting her head on Nathan's shoulder as he sat with his arm around her. I stopped for a second and couldn't help but smile and realize how happy I was at Fuckboy high. I had real friends here, people who actually cared about me, and genuinely liked me. This was my third high school of Year 10, and my fifth high school in total, and the only person who I enjoyed my time with apart from the 3 closest friends I had at Fuckboy High, was Adym. I sometimes would think about Adym, and his gorgeous unbelievably fluffy hair. I always thought about the night of the party at his friends house, and regretted dodging that kiss. Although, it would have been so much harder to leave Smoke High after getting into a relationship, and that's why I usually wouldn't get involved with people that much at school. Not because I didn't want to, because I know that in a matter of a month, I would be in a new school, completely alone again. I stood there for about 30 seconds, pondering about what would have happened if I did kiss Adym. This was before Brad caught my attention, "Emma? What's wrong?" he asked me  as he walked over with his hands full with cans of beer which one was for me and one was for him. "Nothing! Sorry I was just daydreaming," I walked inside and went to sit down on his couch. "Wait.." He said before I could sit, "Come with me." He directed me to the stairs with his head and I hesitantly followed after he flashed another irresistible smile at me. 

We arrived in his bedroom, he sat down on the side of his bed and patted his bed, inviting me to sit next to him. As usual, I did. He then put his arm around me and drank some of his beer. Several minutes passed and about 200ml of my drink had "magically" disappeared. I was now very drunk, however, I was fully aware of what happened that night... He pulled me towards him whilst kissing my forehead. I jokingly laughed and kiss his cheek back. This then led to him confessing something to me, "I'm not gonna lie, I really want to kiss you right now..." He looked strangely serious, and completely different to what he usually was like, cheery and funny. I nervously laughed and jokingly pushed him away and teased him saying, "Aww that's too bad I don't wanna kiss you!" He smiled and then held my hand, which instantly made me stop smiling and get fixated on his lips. He planted a small, passionate kiss onto mine and the pushed me onto his bed onto my back. Before I knew it he was talking his top off, and started to touch my inner thigh again like he did before whilst kissing me. Across the hall, we heard a girl giggling, which caused us to stop and listen anxiously. It was a cosy and fairly big room, full of trophies for his rugby team. Decorated with blue paint and a wooden floor which made it obvious that I was in it because of my heels. We looked around to the door, and he got tup to lock it and turned back to smile at me again. I then took my shoes off and got up to kiss him which resulted in him pushing me back onto his bed and slowly going to take my underwear off and threw it to the side while kissing my neck. While he was zipping my dress open then unhooking my bra, I unzipped his blue, skinny jeans and carried on kissing him. As you can imagine, a lot happened that night, but I'll spare you from the details...

According to Brad, I fell asleep after it all went down. Luckily, he went back downstairs and told everyone that I drank too much and asked if I could sleep somewhere so he offered his bed as I felt quite ill. People were asking him if he kissed me but he denied it, which I was very glad of. Chloe and Nathan were of course very suspicious of this as I had told them I would be 10 minutes and was perfectly fine outside, but they didn't ask too many questions until the day after. Brad's parents were away for the weekend so it was just him and his 21 year old brother, who couldn't care less if he got drunk or not because he was too busy getting drunk at a club himself. I then woke up a few hours later at about 3am when he came back in the room to check if I was okay.  I jumped up and wrapped the sheets around me when I realized I was naked. "Has everyone gone home?" I groaned. "Yeah Kyle just left, the others left about an hour ago." He explained. He asked how I was and we spoke for about 10 minutes before he kissed me again and apologized for leaving me upstairs, "everyone would have known what happened if I didn't, and I know you wouldn't have wanted Chloe to know since she hates me..." I reassured him and said, "She doesn't hate you at all! I've finally gotten her to kind of like you," and giggled along with him. It was mostly true, she didn't hate him, but she didn't like him, she just put up with him because she wanted to be supportive of me. Ever since she heard what he was like at parties, she didn't ever like him again, but I always told her how he treated me to encourage her to like him. "They were all asking me if I did anything with you but I just said you felt ill and wanted to go to sleep so I let you sleep in my room." This made me laugh straight away and he asked me what I found so funny. "I love how you made yourself sound like the hero." I jokingly said and nudged him. He spoke for another few minutes before he asked me, "Did you want to... at first?" He looked and sounded so sweet and innocent when he asked this. "Yeah, I did.." He then kissed me again and ran his fingers through my hair and this time I pushed him on the bed, showing him I did want to... And of course, we had sex again because I'm stupid like that.

Chapter 5- Fuckboy High: The last weeks

I woke up that morning next to him in his bed. His brother had only come home about an hour after we fell asleep, at 4:30am. Brad was still asleep, so I found my opportunity to get up and creep into his bathroom, which was an ensuite,to put my underwear and dress back on, he later admitted he watched me running into his bathroom naked and found it hilarious. I got dressed and went back into his room to find Brad pretending to be asleep and my phone buzzing. It was a text from my mum, but what scared me even more, was that Chloe also texted me, I knew I was in trouble... "Where are you!?", "Your mum texted me saying you never came home!", "Did Brad wake you up after everyone went home??", "It's 11am, where tf are you!??",  "Text me back when you see this, I'M WORRIED BITCH!" She was a strange and eccentric person as you can tell. I then texted her saying, "I'm fine!! Brad woke me up but told me I could stay there and text my mum telling her where I was but I forgot and fell straight back asleep! I'll text her now." It was about 10 seconds before she replied, "Thank God!! We were worried sick! Where did Brad sleep..?" I instantly panicked and told her he slept downstairs on the couch, which of course was a big fat lie. She obviously didn't believe this but didn't push it after asking one more time. Meanwhile, I was texting my mum, telling her I stayed at a friends house, but made sure she thought it was a girl's house I stayed at. Brad must have realized I was texting as he rolled over and finally revealed that he was in fact awake. "Did you ever text your mum?" "Nope, and now they're all worrying." I replied. "Is it Chloe?" He said whilst rolling his eyes. I hated it when they argued in English or called eachother to me, Chloe was my best friend, and I really liked Brad, I hated being in the middle all the time and had many conversations with Chloe, asking her to at least try to like him.I just wanted them to get on, I always felt like I had to chose sides even though I wasn't even involved, and me and Brad weren't even together at the time. "Don't start Brad she's just worried..." "She's the one who hates me! She shouted all that in front of the whole class about Jaime because she knew it'd piss me off." I didn't know who Jaime was, because she apparently left the half term before I moved to Fuckboy High. So I had no idea what he apparently spread about Jaime, and before now I was too afraid of the answer to this question I was dying to ask, until now. "

What even happened with this Jaime?" I said curiously. He looked at me, and wondered if he should tell me or not, and I stared back, insisting that he told me. He sighed, "Fine, I'll tell you..." He took a deep breath and explained what happened. "She was my girlfriend for about 4 or 5 months.. She cheated on me like 5 times with my best friend at the time, Callum. She was known as the nice, bubbly girl who wouldn't hurt anyone, and I was known as the fuckboy of the school. Chloe says it, and even you said it once.. That's why I've been so weird with you, I knew you and Chloe slagged me off and she was telling you shit that wasn't true about me. I bet she doesn't even know what Jaime did to me. Callum showed Kyle nudes she sent him thinking Kyle wouldn't tell me but he did. He came to me straight away, everyone calls him but he's the only person I can trust. I was talking to him about it after I broke up with Jaime, who obviously lied and acted like she did nothing wrong. Someone overheard us and started asking us why I broke up with her, and I was angry so I told him. I didn't tell him anything that wasn't true, but he twisted my words and started making shit up on his own. Chloe doesn't even know how Jaime treated me, she threatened to tell people things about me and my family, show them nudes I sent her and start rumours that I raped her which obviously wasn't true... I fucking loved her but she was a psycho and literally tried to ruin my life when she was the one who cheated on me. She started rumours that I cheated on her first, which I promise you I didn't. And she told people that I pushed her hard against the wall, which was true but she tried to make it sound worse. She hit me so I pushed her off me but she kept coming back and punching me in the face so I pushed her harder. I wish I left then but I didn't realize what was happening at the time. People like Chloe just heard these things about me and believed it all, she's probably just worried because she thinks I hit you and kidapped you or something. You can try all you want but she won't ever like me. I wouldn't be surprised if you thought I was lying and hated me..."

He finished his story and sat back and stared into space. i waited a few seconds, sighed and held his hand, "I believe you." We sat in silence a few more seconds before I said, "And I didn't ever call you a fuckboy, she always said it but I never saw it in you." "I stopped outside English after I came back from the toilets.. I heard everything you were saying. 'I know he's a fuck, it's obvious!'' Do you not remember saying that, I remember hearing it, but it's fine everyone thinks that about me." It clicked as soon as I heard this, "Oh my God! Brad! It wasn't me who said that! I remember now, I promise it was her, she was basically ranting at me for 5 minutes and I didn't get a word in! I was defending you!" He smiled as I said this, probably finding it amusing how serious I got about this subject, but I knew I never said that about him, I saw the side of Brad that most people didn't see, I knew he was different to how he came across. I started laughing as he put his arm around me and kissed my cheek. "My brother should be home now so you better shut up before he hears you!" But it was too late.

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