Self-harm story

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This story is based off people who self-harm and is based off true events.

Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017



Self-harm story
It was another day in this torchering world i live in but that is like every day. All i can do is try to fit in by looking normal.  So i did what every other teenager would do. I got out of bed, got dressed for school, skipped my breakfast and then left my house.


When i got to my bus stop this boy who is always horrid to me was the worst i think he has ever been.  He was giving me verble abuse just like always. School was horrible like always. The boy from the bus stop was moved into my class and got put right next to me. All day he was passing me notes or saying that i was fat, ugly, stupid and all the other vile words.


 When i got home i ran up to my room in tears, i had had enough, there was no way out, no hope, no nothing. The rest of the evening was spent in bed crying and hiding from the of the world to avoid the abuse. When everyone else in my house had gone to bed i sneaked downstairs to go into the kitchen. I quickly grabbed the biggest and sharpest knife i could find. I went back upstairs and threw it on my bed. I went into the bathroom and got my dad's disposable razer. 


I sat on my bed and looked at both the knife, razer deciding what to do or use first. I chose the razer . I pulled up my white school shirt and started to cut. After i finished my shirt was no longer white but was stained red. It felt so good cutting it was like all my worry's went away and i was finally free out of my darkness. Almost like there was a light at the end of tunnel after all these years of darkness.


In the morning i woke up feeling okay for once so i did my normal routine and headed to the  bus stop. I got to school and sat down but then realty kicked in. The boy who is always horrid was in school. He started his whole torchering routine once again.


After school that day i went back to my bedroom and just started to cut away at any part of my skin i could see. But this time i used the knife and it wasn't working like the razer did the other day. The more i did the more angry i got because it wasn't working. It just went in a circle of anger and cutting.


 My mum came into my room and just screamed making my dad charge up the stars to see what was wrong. My dad called 999 and got police and ambulance to come and sort me out. From then i don't rember hearing anything. The last thing i rember is cutting myself all over until it ended with a police man.


After that i felt strange. I had a vision witch was a doctor talking to my mum and dad saying "exsuces me for the words im about to say". The vision ended then and then i knew i was gone from that place. Finally i was free.

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