Dark Desires

Dark Desires

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



In a post apocalyptic world, one woman must choose between the life she's chosen for herself or the life fraught with danger to be with the one she loves.
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In a post apocalyptic world, one woman must choose between the life she's chosen for herself or the life fraught with danger to be with the one she loves.

Chapter1 (v.1) - On the Run

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 05, 2017



Rachael Rain lay naked and sprawled out on her twin sized bed in the hotel she currently was staying in. The sheets were itchy and rough on her skin, but having spent so much time in hotels the feeling had become a comfort. Her very long wavy, blonde hair was fanned out across her pillow, causing the itch to be against her neck but instead of irritating the sensitive area it only soothed her.

She was drifting into oblivion when gentle fingers traveled up her legs drifting aimlessly to her hips. Seductive lips whispered along the gruesome scar across her stomach, causing goosebumps to form over the grazed skin. Rachael breathed a gentle moan of pleasure as she buried her fingers into the man’s hair. His lips and fingers grazed every piece of her supple skin. Her moans became deeper and more sensual as he took one of her nipples between his teeth. She arched her back in heated pleasure wanting her skin against his...no needing her skin against his. His hand slowly slid between her legs, grazing his fingertips over her inner thigh and moving up to her wet warmth. His lips grazed over her chin and captured her lips. It felt like his hands and lips were everywhere as she tightly gripped the back of his neck deepening the already passion filled kiss.

Rachael’s golden eyes opened half way as he parted from her lips to breath. His lips were soft and tender compared to his strong face. His eyes were cold with a small touch of heated passion that melted Rachael into the sheets. His hair was soft and shimmered blue in her hands as she gripped his head.

She paused a moment her head clearing ever so slightly. Blue...? She thought, the momentary pause clearing her thoughts even more.

“LOCHAN!? FUCK! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” Rachael shouted at the now faltering illusion hovering above her; before it completely disappeared she saw plain as day the smirk on his face.

Rachael quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed her clothes. She pulled them on as fast as she could and packed what little she had around the bare room. She had to get out of there as fast as she could. If Lochan was invading her mind with his telepathic abilities, he knew where she was and wasn’t far from her. She grabbed her duffle bag and ran out of the hotel hoping the last bus hadn’t already left or her only other option would be to take the Big Boi leaving in half an hour. She hated Big Bois; she could barely stand while the Boi was moving and really hated the idea of having to get on one. Long ago she lived on the treacherous beasts of machines with very bad men and ever since the death of the leader she avoided them at all costs.

She raced down the streets; everything was a blur as she kept her goal in mind. She really needed to start planning ahead and find hotels closer to the bus stops. She spotted the little sign indicating the stop was around the corner and picked up her pace. There was no way she was going to miss the bus, she had to be on it and out of this place before Lochan caught up to her. She finally rounded the corner just to see dusty red tail lights speeding away.

“Fuck.” She cursed to herself as she watched the two red dots get smaller and smaller. It was just her luck to miss the bus by seconds. “Coc y gath.” She quickly muttered the curse in an ancient language she only knew little; mostly swears, before turning on her heel and running in the direction of the Big Boi loading court. It was a good thing she worked out in her spare time or she would die of exhaustion in times like these.

When she reached the loading area it was packed even at this time of night being it was the only reliable source of transportation to travel between the big cities. There were flood lights shining down on the massive crowd enabling people to see. Along the boarding area almost all the way to the gigantic metal contraption called a Big Boi, venders shouted trying to sell their product. The Big Boi made all the people milling about seem like tiny ants. It looked like it was pieced together with thousands of squares of metal with two equally large stacks a top the machine. A loud horn echoed above and around the ground indicating the Big Boi would be leaving in twenty minutes.

She took her eyes off the steam powered machine and scanned the crowd looking for a scalper, when her gaze landed on a man in a trench coat with dark sunglasses.

“How obvious.” She rolled her eyes at the impracticality of wearing sunglasses at night, before making her way over to him. “Hey, you! I need a ticket!”

“200 Quid.” He simply stated.

“Are you fucking serious?” She was irate with the outrageousness of his price.

“There are tons of other people willing to pay. I can wait for someone else to come along.” He spoke low and slimy.

“Whatever.” She grumbled and fished out some quid.

It was his lucky day, she didn’t have to time to threaten his greasy ass and needed to be on that Big Boi ASAP. She weaved and sometimes even ducked through the crowd and up the ramp into the steamer. She had to get to her cabin before the ship started moving or she’d be at the mercy of whoever came upon her trembling body. She ran passed many passengers and steamer workers down the halls until finally she made it to her cabin and opened the door.

Upon stepping in Rachael saw a spiky white haired man sprawled out on her bed. His long white robes were like blankets camouflaging to the white sheets. She could see through his dark coated glasses and saw his eyes were closed. Her eye twitched momentarily as she stared at him then remembering her hurry kicked the man in the face with her thick boots.

“Kumo! Get the fuck off my bed!” She shouted at him as he fell off the bed and landed on his face probably intensifying the pain of the kick Rachael just handed him.

“Ra...Rachael?” Kumo mumbled through his hands which were trying to stop his bleeding nose. “What are you doing here?”

“That’s my question! What the hell are you doing in the cabin I paid for!?” Rachael threw her bag on the floor the panic slowly making its way through her body. Any minute the steamer would be moving and Kumo would be here to witness her pathetic.

“Uuuuuh...it was empty?” Kumo slowly stood noticing her tense body and clenched fists. “Are you okay?”

“Just get the fuck out!” Rachael threw open the door and booted Kumo in the ass. “And don’t come back!” She slammed the door on his face just as the Boi vaulted forward.

She completely froze in place as she could feel the rumbling under her feet. The fear engulfed her. Her heart began pounding in her chest as her breath was ragged and unsteady. Sweat formed over her skin clinging to the goosebumps as a drop slid down her temple. Her body trembled as her knees suddenly gave out on her and she fell to the floor unable to catch herself. She slowly brought her hands to her chest as the steamer jumped slightly scaring her even more. She could only think of the fear lacing through her body. Her heart beat furiously within her chest; it felt as if her heart would burst. Her hands shook against her chest unable to slow her breathing. It took all her power to clear her thoughts enough to even think about moving herself on to the bed. She was irrationally afraid of this giant piece of metal and could only hate herself for it.

Rachael very slowly placed her hands flat on the floor trying hard to calm herself enough to drag herself off the floor, but the steamer jolted again and she fell onto her stomach the fear overcoming her. Tears welled up in her eyes in disgust as she rested her forehead on the floor. She was so pathetic and couldn’t do a damn thing about it. She knew she wouldn’t be moving from that spot for the rest of the trip so she rested her head on her arms and closed her eyes. Falling asleep was the best way to resolve her fear, because then she’d wake up on the other end of the torturous ride. It wasn’t an easy task for her for every bump and rattle sent her heart flying; her mind raced with fear taking longer to calm herself. It took her an hour to two hours to finally rest her mind; she was happy to feel the darkness come over her when it did.

Rachael awoke to banging on her door. She quickly sat up to realize she was on the bed and naked. She paused a moment trying to remember the last thing before she blacked out and remembered she had been on the floor fully dressed. She glowered knowing exactly who had come into her room and undressed her. Before she could grab her clothes that were neatly folded on the chair beside her, the door was thrown open revealing the spiky haired idiot.

“Rachael!? Are you okay!?” The minute the words left his lips he paused his eyes wandering down to her bare chest and his cheeks flared a bright red. “Well...”

“Before you say something stupid get out.” Rachael slid off the bed and stood, really not caring about exposing herself. “You know who will be pissed if you try anything.”

“R-right! We arrived! I figured I should let you know, bye~!” Kumo spoke fast and slammed the door shut before he did something he’d regret. Rachael heard a woman’s voice from the other side and Kumo explaining away, probably blushing and guiding her away from Rachael’s room.

Now that the Big Boi was stopped she could freely move. It was strange her fear. She didn’t know why she became petrified only when a Big Boi moved or perhaps she did but it was deep within the recesses of her mind. However she knew why she hated Big Bois and the crew aboard, they were despicable human beings and if she could she’d kill them all; she tried once and would have continued had Lochan not found her. She quickly shook the thoughts from her head, she didn’t need any wandering thoughts of him to get heard. She quickly finished getting dressed and left the Big Boi before it headed on its way to the next city.

The sun was setting on the horizon when Rachael stepped off the Big Boi. She cursed to herself knowing full well the last bus probably already left and she sure as hell wasn’t going back on the Big Boi. She’d just have to lay low until morning and catch the next bus to get her ass out of town before Lochan found her. She’d find a nice cheap hotel and possibly drink the night away. She easily maneuvered her way through the crowd, her agility and reflexes at their finest. A man’s fist came flying her way and she stopped it with the palm of her hand. He looked surprised for a moment then his pervious anger returned.

“Move out of the way, whore.”

“Excuse me?” Rachael dropped his fist appalled.

“You heard me. Don’t make me repeat myself.” A few people turned to look at the commotion the man was stirring.

“No, I didn’t.” Rachael replied not intimidated by the bulky man whatsoever.

“Move. Out. Of. The. Way. Wh-” Before he could finish the word Racheal pounced on him with a knife at his throat before he even hit the ground. She dug her knee into his chest and pushed the blade against his neck drawing droplets of blood.

“Did you want to repeat that?” She ignored the gasps from the crowd as she let her full weight go into her knee.

“N-No...” He swallowed, his Adam’s apple moving under the blade.

“I thought so.” Rachael slowly got off the man, not caring about anyone else around her. She would have killed him on the spot back in the day, probably could have done it today, but she had to stay the night in town and really didn’t want the hassle of the authorities looking for her, which in turn would cause an even bigger mess. She sighed to herself and slid her knife back into the sheath hidden on her body as she turned away from the guy. She picked up her little duffle bag when she heard a gasp from the crowd, quickly spun on her heel and slammed her foot into the guy’s balls.

“Don’t fuck with me asshole.” Rachael straightened up as she watched the guy heave over in pain. There was no sympathy in her eyes as she gazed down at him, she wasn’t afraid to resort to those type of measures. He was three times her size and probably could squish her if she let him get that far. She used every advantage at her disposal and if kicking someone in the balls was that advantage then so be it. For a second time she turned away from the guy and headed for the cheapest hotel.

The hotel was easy to find. It was just off the main drag in the seediest looking part of town. She liked it that way. She could do whatever she wanted without the hotel management questioning her. The inside of the hotel wasn’t as bad as one would think, even with the drug dealer and hooker making out in the lobby. It was easy to check in as she paid with quid and quickly made it to her room to drop off her bag. She had no issue if someone decided to steal the bag, it was ratty and old, with pare clothes and her short swords. Her short swords were the only thing of value, not that they were worth that much to begin with. The hilts were nothing special as they were only wrapped in plain brown material while the metal was of value, a common thief wouldn’t know that. The blades even had three cuts out of the metal closer to the hilt. No one, would bother with them.

The last couple years she had been the girl going around the bar serving the sleazy men drinks, but tonight it was her night to drink it up and be a sleaze. Unfortunately for her in the corner of the bar sat the obnoxious white haired idiot, drinking to his heart’s content.

“Can you even afford this?” Rachael plopped down beside Kumo, not caring about the other men around the table he was entertaining.

“Uuuuuh...yes!” Kumo grinned happily with flushed cheeks.

“Yeah right.” Rachael rolled her eyes as she ordered a bottle for the table. “That’s on me.”

“AW! Racheal!” Kumo spontaneously hugged Racheal. “You are the best!”

“I know, I know.” Rachael’s smile halted when a fork lodged in the wall behind her and Kumo. Kumo immediately slunk off Rachael and practically ran for the back door as she slowly looked towards the bar. There sat a tall, very dark blue haired man with a human skull attached to the shoulder of his dark jacket slowly eating his cheesecake.

Lochan Knyte. He had finally caught her. 

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