The Whispers in the Walls

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Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017



On the east coast of the United States in the city of Durhnam, MA just a few hours south of Boston, the accounting firm Stousveens & co. have their headquarters. Their daily business is to provide accounting services to companies, big or small; and to individuals as well. As they grew over time they expanded into law consulting; at first, their tech support was outsourced but eventually, they decided that an on-site team would benefit them more. Their job was to ensure the hardware was running smoothly, to remove any bugs in the systems, and basic help with the office suite programs that the accountants often struggled to use. Regularly the users seemed like buffoons who barely understand simple English to them, especially to Josh who worked there the longest, almost fifteen years and still he is just a simple techie; a position opened up for the assistant supervisor but management decided he wouldn't be the right one for the position. At first, he was disgruntled that he wasn't chosen but in the end, he was happy that his good friend and colleague Lance got to be the AS.

During one of their night shift were Josh and Jeremy, the second 'oldest' in the team, were holding down the fort, one of the lawyers called that he needed help with his computer, "It just doesn't want to turn on," was his answer. "I'll be there in a moment," frustrated Josh said as he hung up the phone. "You want something from the vending machine?" he asked Jeremy as he grabbed his access card from the table. "Nah, I'm good, still have plenty of snacks in mah stash," Jeremy pointed at his drawer. "Alright, I'll be back!" he tried to impersonate The Terminator. "Dat some weak shit, heaugh! You need to work on your Arnie! Aaaah!" Jeremy responded as Josh was slowly walking to the elevator. As he stood there waiting and whistling, a sudden cold breeze shook him, the hair on the back of his neck stood in shock. 'Must be the AC again, should probably report it when I get back,' he thought to himself as the doors opened.  In the elevator, he whistled further and even danced slightly, as the ding signalled his arrival on the fifth floor, he stepped out of the light into darkness. No lights were on, he called out but no one answered,  Josh only heard a whisper, a ghostly "RUN!" nothing else. 'What the...I shouldn't have watched that movie with Jeremy yesterday' he shrugged it off and hit one of the switches. The whole floor radiated with light and Josh walked towards the 'customers' office, just as he got to the office door the lights turned off and darkness enveloped him once again. 'I hate these timed switches...It's better for the environment...environment my ass' he thought to himself as he searched for a switch. From the hallway he just came he heard again whispers, these ones more scared than the last one, an eerie: "You are doomed!" As his hand was moving more frantically he sensed a touch of another hand. "Ahh, finally here" the lawyer, Lawrence Burn exclaimed as he turned on the lights. "I've been waiting for ages," they entered his office. "Sorry, Sir, I got here as soon as possible," Josh answered absentmindedly. "So, let's have a look at your computer."

Five minutes and a long explanation of turning on the power supply later, Josh was ready to return to his station. On the way to the elevator, he heard some sounds from one of the offices. He approached the door and listened through the door. A man and a woman were arguing.
"If they found out, no one will ever find us!" the female voice sobbed.
"Stop panicking, I got the management wrapped around my finger. They'll eat any anything I throw 'em," the male voice calmed her.
"Wait! Someone's outside, they heard everything," the female voice shook frightened.
"Don't worry, baby-doll, they won't get too far," the male voice neared and the door flew open, yet no one came out, nor was anyone inside. "I knew this place will make me lose my mind," Josh massaged his temples, 'I'm in need for a double espresso,' he thought as he wandered through the dark hall. Ding! the elevator doors opened and revealed an empty shaft, illuminated by emergency lights. 'Stairs sound like a better idea' he lifted his finger and pointed towards them. 'I hate this hell-hole, this messed up shit keeps always happening to me?' his mind raced as he stepped on the stairs, 'why has this place have to mess with me?' Josh wondered as he reached the fourth floor. 'Hope Jerry’s alright' Josh arrived at the second floor and opened the door. As he entered a faint sobbing could be heard from behind him, he turned and saw nothing. "You had your fun, now quit it!" he shouted into the empty staircase. Only his voice echoed but still, he looked around. 'Screw this!' he dismissed the sobbing. He entered the office hall and went straight to his station, ignoring any noise he heard, he neared the elevator and saw a strange shadow stand in his way. "Who's there?" he shouted but no answer. "Stop playing around! I'm not having the best shift," he warned the shadowy figure. "This is bullshit, I'll just go to my office," Josh said out loud as the figure started to move towards him. Josh froze once the figure was in the light; in front of Josh stood a man in his late thirties in a white shirt, grey vest and pants, and black leather boots from which the light was reflected, what made him freeze was the man's face, on the right side of his mouth and on the left side of his forehead the flesh was missing, the skull underneath was visible. The man pulled his right skeletal hand up clutching a gun. "You can either be a snitchin' wet rag, or you can cut the gass and be hip about it. It's up to you what you wanna do," the man said as he took another step forward. "What are you talking about? Wet rag? The hell does that supposed to mean" Josh moved backwards. "Look, I'm probably on the wrong floor. This is surely just a simple mistake," Josh turned around. BANG! a bullet flew past his head. "I need an answer and I need it now!" the man said and stepped forward. Josh looked around and saw no escape when suddenly he realised, he's just mere steps away from the elevator. He faced the man and carefully took a few steps back. "Look, I'm not gonna snitch on anybody, I...I...I don't even...know wha...what you were talking about, I swear," Josh mumbled as he pushed the button. BANG! another shot fired. "Don't lie to me, I ain't got this hardware just for show, the next one's gonna bite you," the figure threatened him further. ‘I freaking hate these ghosts, they should really do something about that,‘ Josh thought as he stood in front of the elevator shaking, prepared to jump in when the doors open. "Answer me!" the man shouted as the elevator dinged. Josh leapt inside and felt the hard floor of the elevator, he immediately slammed the close door button and the first-floor button as well, the doors closed and he heaved a sigh of relief.

The elevator started to descend, passing the first floor and descending further down. "Hey, what the hell?" Josh screamed as the elevator didn't stop, just kept descending and accelerating. The force of the movement lifted Josh into the air, pushing him against the ceiling when all of a sudden the elevator stopped once more and Josh fell face first to the ground. He stood up and massaged his forehead, 'Why me? Why does this always happen to me?' he wondered. DING! The doors opened slowly, revealing only darkness. out of the darkness huge crimson tentacles sprung out and grabbed Josh, coiling around his neck and limbs, he was pulled into the abyss.
The next day Tim Harris the supervisor for tech support announced that Josh has left the company and that shortly they would publish a job offer.

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