The Quest For The Lumatrex

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This is a story about Dwight the snabber blaster searching for the lumatrex.

Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017



It was a bright cold day in The Enchanted Wilderness when Dwight the snabber blaster found a map to the lumatrex. Before starting his quest he needed a sword so he went to the Monastery in the enchanted wilderness and found his first sword. He had found the kings sword of  haste. The blade has a large jillen claw offering plenty of protection to the owner's hands and thus his life. The cross-guard has a decorative galga max on each side, the cost of this weapon must have been high. A fairly large tristle tron is decorated with precious bristlewood, this weapon is clearly meant to kill keith krakon from the lumatrex tribe. 

Not knowing what to do, he spoke to the shabbits. And they agreed to joined his quest for the lumatrex. But there was a problem. The shabbits had been robbed of there jeristini cyegons along with there zug zugs and we're powerless to the Infamous bristlewood Horde. Dwight the snabber blaster we need you to get rid of those cruel vermin. He mumbled to himself (By the strawberry shortcake what in tarnations is he talking about). So they was on their way to the Caverns of the further. Once they arrived they noticed that the The Infamous bristlewood Horde had already started digging for the lumatrex. So he pulled out the king sword of haste, and then punished them with a giant roundhouse kick and then ended it with a swift blow with his stampy long nose peduskus. 

Once the Infamous bristlewood Horde had been defeated they all had yetti smiles. So venturing deeper into the Caverns of the further they stumbled upon a Ko-Kaux and a Gin-Taux. So they captured them and later cooked then into a closser craim pan using a aspectaspear. There is a reason they call them the stone cold Swamp Horde. After gulping down the Gin-Taux and the Ko-Kaux they had no idea that they was poisonous containing dalorda. So they started having bad stomach pains that made them puke blood. 

Dwight the snabber blaster was the only one that did not eat the cats so he used his spell called Ancestor's Rain of health to bring them back. Since the shabbits didn't believe in spells they didn't know how spells from scag barrons like Dwight was could hold real importance in their lives and, if anything, has made them more light-hearted. So the shabbits was willing to continue the quest with dwight. They had went to the village of gloomcrest where they spotted this woman with white greasy hair awkwardly hangs over a galacta snouzer slanted purple eyes set lightly within their sockets, watch fondly over her skinny children that have thrived from deku seeds for so long.
Dwight the snabber blaster had been looking for a female to join his quest mainly so he could shake shoug her pwouge. 

So they traded some pine donkeys for the girl and some food. After taking turns shagging her pwonaga they were back on the hunt for the lumatrex. The girl knew how to read the map since she knew how to speak and read the lumatrex language and she said that we have to go south to The Watching plains in near the Village of Exiles. But they would have to cross The Dead River. They was not sure how they would be able to make it there without thier jerastini's so they had to look for the thieves from the east that stole them fron the shabbits. With courage they marched eastward towards thieves of the Black Sand where Mr. O used to live. Once they arrived they there was a guard at the gate and of all things it was a snorlax. They know that the snorlax had around 900 hit points so they casted Hellfire Typhoon which killed it instantly. Not only did it kill the snorlax but destroyed their village and all of the thieves of the Black Sand. So they searched their pockets to find only partial remains of the jerastini's. Fiddlesticks! Said the leader of the shabbits! So to let some stress out they taked turnes shagging the girls pwonaga once again. 

After defeating her pwonaga again they continued their journey towards the Village of Exiles. Upon arrival they never knew that it would be  as charming inside as it is on the outside. It was boo degrees. Tree logs with bristlewood support the upper floor and the hall drains attached to them. The walls are littered with so many different snoopy mooses, you're not sure if they tried going for a specific pristine style at one time or just put up anything they like. 

Only problem was there was a gate with two ogers with the face of bob jeswald, a true protector among clydesdales. They stand towering among others, But nonetheless, they are ruthless, stubborn, and horny. The ogers seem to have a chub for the girl from gloomcrest with her sparkling purple eyes and white greasy hair. The ogers looked down at dwight with a stare as dark as night. Teeth filed to fangs. Soulless bloaks they were. A vile smell like tasting death, The personal guard to King Lumatrex himself. the ogre warrior elite. The deadliest fighting force in all of the Village of Exiles. 

Needless to say dwight handed the girl over to the ogers. As they walked away they could hear the horrific screams from the girl from gloomcrest as the ogers had their way with her. So they needed another plan to get inside the Village of Exiles. They had found a small plank on the ground that they used to dig a crevasse so they could go under the gale ton stone wall. Once the started into the hole the dirt was alive with copley bugs, so they were forced to use their Frost Bomb spell to kill the bugs. they crawled through the hole only to find few villagers inside have blood red eyes, but it's the wide mouth below that takes all the attention away from thier strawberry shortcake shirts, you're unsure if all of them are even alive, but whoever those scag barrons are, you think it's probably time to leave, right now. But they gatherd up there courage and walked past the villagers. They was unable to read the map because only the girl from gloomcrest knew the language, but dwight had an idea. He took more jera stini's and was able to read it. 

They was only 400 yards from it. The shabbits replied, the treasure of the lumatrex must be  burried under a galacta schnauzer statue ogers vair. And it was guarded by 50 Ko-Kauxes and Gin-Tauxes. So they made a plan. Rather than stop and smell the roses, they told dwight he should cast his sneezy cat nut spell on those beasts. So dwight put on his balaclava and he swallowed some nessle frag juice and casted the spell. 
The the frayo nums from the spell was enough to wipe them all out. The problem was some guards heard the commotion. And there war cry could be herd throughout the hall drains that surrounded them. Blood thirsty ogers have a tendency to be a bit clumsey and didn't know that the shabbits had already planned ahead and made a trip wire out of gailga max. 

As the ogers tumbled on there faces the ground shook and caused a tristle tron compolsion around the scag snarge. Which gave dwight enough time to cast a F.H.R.I.T.P spell level 6 which spawned 25 ron jeremys on the blood thirsty ogers. To be continued...

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