The Legal Eagle

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Don't mess with the eagle

Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017




The legal eagle's sulphur gaze
Takes the measure of your days 
Watches pauper, prince and fool
Babe and ancient, kind and cruel
And his pitiless yellow glance
Marks each footprint of the dance

The piper at the gates of dawn, St Peter at his portal
The legal eagle stands with them to weigh the fate of mortals

And when your mortal thread is spun
Come trembling to the three in one
Who's eyes discern just who you are
Through deep disguise or avatar
Here stands the watcher of your days
Fear his adamantine gaze

You may have hid your perfidy, for threescore years and ten
But now you kneel before the minds that strip the souls of men

There is no thing you now can do
To change the fate that waits for you.
Child, have you lived your time in love 
In kindness and in grace?
Or will you you feel the talons of
The Lord of Cyberspace?


© Copyright 2018 Jane Jago. All rights reserved.

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