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Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017





The muffled screaming in the background haunts me, it’s a sound too familiar to comprehend.  My body slams against the wall, as I slowly slide down to the blood stained carpet. The empty bottles of alcohol still have the same toxic smell, except they have completely lose their purpose. I cup the surface of my ears, trying to block the ringing sound. Until everything turns pure and silent. “I should just fucking end you, put a stop to your miserable life, you good for nothing slut”. The same silence arouses, which was always a deadly sign. I slowly open my bedroom door, the squeaking of the rotting wood makes me more cautious. My father was passed out on the floor, he was holding a razor-sharp piece of glass covered in fresh blood. In the corner of my eyes, I see my mother rocking back and forth from pure shock. She looked down at the floor, like it held some type of answer, some type of meaning. She slowly looked up, staring at me with her dead, empty eyes. “Melanie dear, I’m sorry”, her voice was soft and gentle, it brought both of us peace for a moment. “I can’t move Melanie, please help me get out of here”, she whispered under her breath while choking on her own tears “It hurts so much” she sobbed. Her legs were covered in slash marks from dad’s glass, they were deep but not fatal. Blood was slowly dripping from her tainted legs. I searched our house, gathering as much material as I could to survive. I shoved the necessities into my backpack; food, clothing, first aid kit, and my wallet. I carried my mother’s limp body into my car, placing her down as gently as I could. I stopped in front of a motel miles away from home, it was rat and cockroach infested, but anything is better than our certain situation. As soon as we got to our room, I immediately started treating her wounds. Painkillers, disinfectant, soothing cream, bandages, cloth. She needed a real doctor, but we didn’t have the luxury for that. “Mom, i’m calling the police, everything will be okay”. She placed her hand on top of mine. “No sweetie, I love your father far too much to get him arrested. It was the alcohol talking, not him. He loves me, it’s just sometimes he can’t control himself. Sometimes he loves me a little too much.” “Go to sleep Melanie, today has been a long day for the both of us.” We fell asleep together, embracing each other's warmth until we slowly drifted away.


“Stop hitting her! Let go! Let go of my mom you bastard!” I sprang up from my bed gasping for air, my whole body was covered in sweat and dried tears. I slowly come to my senses. I sigh gently while observing the motel room. It was still pitch black outside, meaning I barely got any sleep. Goosebumps covered my entire body as I shivered. “Sorry about the screaming mom”  “Mom?” I was alone in the room by myself panicking. She was nowhere to be seen. All that was in the room with me was my backpack and a mysterious note.


Good morning Melanie,  I hope you slept okay.

This is the last time you’ll ever here from me, i’ll make sure this note is worth your time. The cold truth is that I ruined you, I ruined everything. I’m the reason why your father abuses the both of us, I’m the reason you spent most of your childhood sleeping on the streets, the reason why your father isn’t the same man as he was before. It’s my fault my own daughter, my own bloodline, despises me. I hope that since i’m out of the way, you and your father can live a peaceful, happy life.

I love you Melanie, mom.

The bathroom door was locked while light was still shining from inside. The light reflecting from the bathroom felt like a pathway to me, a pathway I had to follow. I walked to the door step by step. I hesitantly open the bathroom door. My mom was laying in the bathtub covered in a pool of her own blood. Her eyes were wide open, staring at me. She cut a large slit into each of arms, deep enough to bleed out. I ran to her body, holding her up against my chest. I ran my fingers through her long, knotted hair. “You’re okay mom, you’re okay. Just keep breathing.” She was motionless, her blank eyes were still staring at me. She was unresponsive, I knew she was gone. Yet I still continued to believe she’s alive. I gently placed her head back on the edge of the tub.  I crawled to my phone, my legs were too weak to support my body weight.


“911, what’s your emergency?”

“My mother is dead”


Moments later the police and ambulance rushed into the motel, clearing the crime scene. They placed a thin cloth cover my mother’s face while carrying her on a stretcher. I’m assuming they were taking her to a morgue. I rocked back and forth on the carpet near the crime scene, tears began burning my skin. I suddenly felt a presence in front of me “My sincerest condolences miss. We’ll find as much evidence as we can for why this tragedy happened. For now, please contact this number if you have any information at all.”



My father was in the interrogation room across from me. The only thing separating us was a thin piece of glass, one way mirror.

“Mr Williams, I’m afraid I have very bad news for you, Mrs Williams committed suicide yesterday evening”

It took him a moment to process the information. Guilt began surfacing over my father’s face, slamming his face against the cold metallic table, he screamed with horror.

“Did she leave anything at all? A note? A Letter? Please! I need something!”

The officer slid the note she gave me before she died. As my dad read the letter, regret began forming in his eyes.

“How’d she do it? How’d she kill herself?”

“Her arms were slit with a razor blade. She cut her radial artery on her left arm which caused her to bleed out. Despite everything we could do, we couldn’t save Mrs. Williams in time. I’m very sorry to say this, Mr. Williams, you’re under arrest for the abuse of Miss and Mrs. Williams.”


I watched everything happen, the handcuffs around his hands. I should’ve felt bad that my dad was going to spend the rest of his life in jail, but i couldn’t. I felt no contempt. All I could feel was hatred, he’s the reason my mother is dead. He killed her. I never wanted to see him again. The police station was too overwhelming for me. I walked to the closest liquor store and bought all the alcohol I could. I charmed the cashier to let me drink underrage. I stumbled over my feet, I was too intoxicated to walk normally. I walked to the house i always walked to when my parents fought.






I twirled my finger impatiently in the waiting room, looking down at the tiles that probably haven’t been washed since the 90’s. The room had a creepy vibe to it, the paint on the walls slowly peeling away, the ticking sound from the clock on the wall, but the room was somewhat comforting for me. “Hello Sylvia” Mrs. Brown looked over at me with a warm smile on her face. Her bright hazel eyes reminded me of Mel every time I looked into them, they were bright and welcoming. Her office was cold and gray for such a kind person, it felt like a tiny cubicle. I looked down at Mrs Brown’s hands, it seemed like she was fidgeting with a cylinder object in her hands. She seemed hesitant and afraid. Mrs Brown slowly handed me a pill bottle, her expression suddenly turning dull and dark.


“Sylvia, you can finally see Mel again. You can be happy together again”. Mrs. Brown was monotone and serious, the room went silent and cold. I couldn’t breath properly, it felt like I was drowning, like I was slowly drifting away. My heart shattered into pieces, hearing her name gives me flashbacks of what happened, I continuously tell myself that she’s still alive.  



I stared at the bottle for an eternity, if this is the only way I can see Mel, I’m willing to risk everything. I contemplated what to do, I kept wondering why the world was so cruel. The same questions repeatedly circled through  my mind like a tornado. Why me? Why did this happen to me? Could i have saved her? Is this my fault? What’s the point of living anymore? Why Mel? My tears flowing down my cheeks burned, it felt like acid. It made me remember everything we did together. Sneaking out at night just to lay on the hills together, staring at the bright stars while talking about our dreams and goals, she always wanted to be a dancer and move to New York. I can still remember the way her eyes lit up with joy when we talked together. I was slowly but surely losing my sanity without her.I could feel myself grinning at the bottle, but i didn’t know why. “Anything for Mel” I whispered to myself softly as the pills slowly trickled down my throat. I was screamed from the agonising pain my body was going through, it was pure torture. I could feel my insides rejecting the pills, until my vision goes black.



I woke up to a soft melody and bright lights flashing at me. A soft melody rings in my ears, it sounds familiar. Mist and dust surrounds me, my vision becomes blurry from the particles in my eyes. I squint to see my surroundings, everything around me is pure and white. The melody becomes faster and louder, pounding into my ears until I can’t hear my own breathing anymore. It feels as if the music is circling through my body. My eyes scan the area, but I see nothing. Nothing but emptiness. My eyes close, listening to the music very carefully, counting the beats, following the rhythm, beginning to notice the detail in the piece.


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