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This poem describes what you might feel like if you decided to go outside, sit in the shade of a nice, leafy tree, and close your eyes.

Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017



A- Leaves crunching under my feet,

A- Woodpeckers  peck-pecking  along to my beat,

B- Seasons come then they go,

B- Summers of heat follow winters of snow.


A- Leaves change colors as a mood ring, and descend to the ground,

A- Happily boys and girls play all around,

B- As animals prepare for Winter’s sleep,

B- The snow of winter starts to creep.


The plants areswallowed by Winter’s  frosty freeze,

And blown away by spring’s breeze,

Flowers begin blossom and grow,

School is nearly out, it’s almost time to go.

So nature ,as you can see,

Is often changing, constantly,

Nature will never be the same,

Because seasons go as swiftly as they came.  


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