The Castle By The Roof

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A Castle no one can enter. Kings and peasants alike have tried for thousands of years but to no avail. Maybe two runaways and an orphan can change that. Join them as they discover the secrets to the Castle, as they roam the City in search of answers that are waiting to be found if only they will look...

Submitted: May 06, 2017

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Submitted: May 06, 2017



"Come on, Cal, quickly!" Reeve shouted back down to Cal, who was clambering as fast as his legs could carry him up the side of the roof, and they finally reached the top of the roof, and they heaved a huge sigh as they flopped down. The night was full of stars and possibility, both shining brightly in the young boys eyes, as they looked out across the sleeping village, and towards the Castle that everyone could see from where they stood. There was a legend that no matter where you were in the world, if you climbed to the top of any roof, of any building, you would be able to see the Castle.

The Castle by the Roof.
Because no matter where you where, you could always see it from any roof. It was like a lighthouse, a beacon of hope to them almost. But that was where the possibility ended. For while this legend instilled hope within all of them, that they could always see the Castle, their hope came crashing down around them as they knew they would never be able to enter.
Many had tried, yes, thousands of peasants, hundreds of Kings had tried to enter the enigmatic castle that sat in the centre of the City, but none could enter. Neither by window, nor by door. It was not that they could not open any door, or open any window. The mystery of what made it that, was when they walked through a door, or climbed through a window that would lead them inside, they would end up back outside. And they would try to get inside again, and they would get no closer to being inside than they had before. It drove them to madness, some repeating this cycle hundreds, if not thousands of times before collapsing outside an entrance to the castle from sheer exhasustion of stubborness.
But the Castle was more stubborn than any of them.
Reeve let out a long breath as he finally sat upon the roof, and reached out his hand to pull Cal up the last little way and they both sat staring out across the silent city, their gazes pulled towards the Castle that loomed both ominously and mysteriously in the distance. It was almost as if it was calling to them with the fluttering keen of a flute and the wail of a siren.
"There it is." Cal breathed, leaning closer towards it, his feet dangling over the numerous tiles that lined the roof. "We can see it because we're up so high." he finished, and for a moment, the night held possibility. It held secrets and whispers of the moon to the stars, and they tried to listen, to hear the whispers of the night, but all they could hear was the whining breeze that twisted and turned through the air like a ghostly serpent.
"Do you think anyone will ever find a way in?" Cal said dreamily, and Reeve sighed, running his hand over his face for a moment, and then turning his attention to Cal for a moment, before returning his gaze to the Castle, glinting like a holograph in the distance, a veil of blue clouding it in an ethereal way.
"No one ever has before." Reeve was overcome with sadness for a moment, his feet swinging back and forth, the soles of his shoes thumping dully against the roof before he quickly stopped, not wanting to awaken the whole City.
"There's always a first time." Cal responded, his voice quiet, serious, and Reeve darted a look at him out of the corner of his eyes, having to remind himself that Cal was a mere eleven to his thirteen. Sometimes Reeve forgot that, and looking up at the spectral stars above him, lightyears away, radiating their beams back to earth, age seemed meaningless in this expansive sky of stars.
"Maybe the Castle wants someone to find their way in but...someone else doesn't." Cal spoke again, and Reeve was startled yet again by the somberetiy of his tone, forgetting his youth again, and glanced curiously at him.
"What do you mean? You think that," Reeve leaned in towards Cal, whispering into the emtpy night air, his voice quiet despite the fact that they were alone, "the Castle is cursed?"
There was silence in the air for a moment, the question dropping off into the abyss, waiting for an answer.
"Maybe," finally replied, staring out towards the Castle, leaning his hands on the cold, rough tiling of the roof, "we should ask the Castle."
It was what seemed like a thousand nights later, but in reality was only three, that Cal dropped quietly onto the window ledge of Reeve's room and rapped his knuckles onto the glass pane, shivering into the cold blue air once more, remembering the thoughts that had crossed his mind after seeing the Castle. Feeling it's call stronger than ever, hearing it's song louder than ever, part of him knew that his wish was in vain, but there was also another part of him that hoped he held the key. Or that he could at least find it. The key to entering the Castle.
Kings and peasants alike had been equally matched in the Castles enigmatic ways, and Kings, being so much higher than peasants - at least in status - if they could not even enter the Castle, then what was to stop another from having a go?

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