Justice for all 2

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Social justice

Submitted: May 06, 2017

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Submitted: May 06, 2017



Time to take not to give

Time to break not to live

Time to stay and not to leave

Time to sway not to believe


Top of a mountain, edge of a tulip

It seems all aspire ascending the same tip

But some look down at those who look up

Some know no debt, some sweat, some stop


All ask questions, during, before and after

Some hearts filled with tears, other tainted laughter

What haven’t I done to be like the other

When one day, he must’ve been my brother


Why should I be punished and is it deserving?

I served the other while others are self-serving?

I sever none and severed more with more in store

He dies young while old, and I old while younger?


He needs me and I know he does, but speech mode mute

If I ask him anything, he gives me the best answer “you are cute”

I wonder if time ever becomes an eyelash flip universe

How would the rich feel when flip happens and they’re on the reverse?

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