My School Lockdown Story

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DISCLAIMER: This never happened, its just a story i made since i was bored.

Submitted: May 06, 2017

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Submitted: May 06, 2017



It was normal day in my school, i was reading a book about our independence since i had a test of the independence of my country. At 9:23 AM we hear one shot in the entrance from the school, many students jumped out and some of them got really scared.

Then a teacher entered the library and he screamed: "GET UNDER THE TABLES, WE ARE IN A LOCKDOWN!!.", then everyone started to react and got under the tables, i was really scared, i dindt know if those were going to be my last minutes of life. Then the teacher begin to call the police, then we hear more shots. Then when i watch the door, i watch a person on the door's window, then he started to bang the door.

People was scared, he was still banging the door, then he finally opened the door. I was thinking i was gonna die here, the man screamed: "EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE TABLES NOW!", people dindt hear him, then the man started to walk inside the library, he standed on a table, then he shooted. In every second, i saw feets getting closer and closer to me. He started to shoot the all the tables he see, then he was getting more closer to me. It looked like he was having fun shooting, luckily the side i was on the library is dark, then he would have think that nobody was under the table i was. Then he runned out of the library when i got out of the table there was injured students and a pool of blood right next to me. I dindt know if there was deaths. I was getting out of the library, and i see the hall with backpacks left on the floor. I started running fast as i can, when i got out of the school cops grabbed me and put me in a way out of the school. Then i meet my mom there, i knew i was safe and survived a lockdown. I wont never forget that day, where my friend died.

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