When I (Over)Think!

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The world is round, I found it once I sat down some night thinking about my life's problems. I don't know if i found a solution or not but definitely I forgot the problems for a while.... How?? Read to find.... Hope it brings a smile...

Submitted: May 06, 2017

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Submitted: May 06, 2017



Burdened by the load of life,

I walked into my room.

Switched off all the lights,

Closed my eyes to see the doom.


Anyone wondering,"In any way does that help?"

Nah! It doesn't, save to show a grave setting.

People think I am focused into my self,

While sleepy eyes is all I am getting.


Yet I thought, and thought, and thought.....

And thought.. "EHHH...What to Think?"

All problems flashed, all at once!

Though had forgotten what made me here sink.


I reflected small isuues,

Few that "assume" meant a lot.

Why was I sweating?

Come on crazy! It is hot.


I wondered why I wasn't hungry,

Dude you have already eaten!

I wasn't sleepy either,

Though for being a night owl was beaten!


Eureka! I remember what racked me..

How to wake up before the noon?

Solution as simple as sleep early,

Ouch! There Sets the moon!


Innovating the ways to snooze,

I reflected to the highest degree.

Logic told me I'm awake brainstorming,

Satisfied, concluded, I slept at three.


Such a turbulent head I have,

Seriousness and order far kept,

In the Left of it there's Nothing Right,

And in the Right half Nothing Left!



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