Charlotte's First Kiss

Charlotte's First Kiss

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Being a loner and social outcast is something Charlotte Briers is all too used to. So what happens when two of the schools popular people take notice of her? Surely not chaos and first kisses...

A one shot, short story.
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Being a loner and social outcast is something Charlotte Briers is all too used to. So what happens when two of the schools popular people take notice of her? Surely not chaos and first kisses...

A one shot, short story.


Submitted: May 06, 2017

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Submitted: May 06, 2017



Charlotte Briers was the type of person who had the ability to read other people well; especially their body language and what they may be thinking.

It was a both a blessing and a curse, on one hand she could avoid people if she sensed they were in a volatile state. On the other hand, she constantly felt aware of herself; what to say do and act in case the persons demeanor changed. It was why she had such difficulty making friends; she was too scared not to mention shy about being herself.

Charlotte learnt a long time ago that people had expectations – HUGE expectations, not meeting them would in fact result in disappointment. So she did what she had been doing for almost all her life; staying quiet and melting into the background.

It had served her well for many of her years so far. It was what she currently was doing in fact – she stood by her locker, trying to secretly get a glimpse of Tom Simpsons. He was standing by his own locker, arguing – or that was what Charlotte thought – with Amy Pond, his girlfriend, also Miss Popular/ the bane of Charlotte's existence/ the one flaw in her plan.

It wasn't that she 'bullied' her but Amy in the last few weeks had somehow picked her as the gullible loser that was going to be her brains – because apparently Miss Popular was too busy with her own social life to actually have some.

So everything from her assignments to her love life was all handed to Charlotte to manage. The assignments were easy enough, but it was the love life that she had a problem with. No one knew this, especially not Amy – but Charlotte had the biggest crush on Tom, and every love letter to thoughtful romantic gesture she advised Amy on, always felt personal and intimate.

It was why she was waiting at her locker in the first place, the day before Amy came running to her because she forgot Tom's birthday was today and demanded she get the birthday present for her. Charlotte did, a very good one as well, one she knew Tom would love.

What they were arguing about she could not say, but from the animatedly way Amy's hands were moving, she guessed it was serious. Before she could even think any further, both of them simultaneously turned their heads and glanced her way.

Charlotte was rooted to the spot; suddenly feeling too aware of herself. More arguing followed and then Tom turned completely and looked straight at her in the eyes. Charlotte could feel her face heating up, she knew something was very wrong and it involved her. She quickly closed her locker; grabbed her bag and ran the other way out of the school building. Home she thought, that's where she needed to be, to feel safe, away from their attention.

When she got home, she found the house empty, which was good being alone was the way she liked it. Her phone suddenly rang; she picked it up and read the caller name. Great – it was Amy.

Answering it, Amy immediately started ranting on the other end, "WHERE WERE YOU? Why did you run away? God! Listen...Tom knows! He knows everything you've been doing for me!"


Charlotte's heart started to thump loudly.

"H-how can he know?"

"He asked me about the present - what the hell did you get anyway?"

"It's his favourite, a Ukulele, his mother used to love playing it before she died."

"What...and you couldn't tell me this when you gave it to me!? He asked me about it, I stumbled, I didn't know it meant something to him. He got suspicious and questioned me. I became angry and accidentally told him about you. Then he questioned me more and now he knows you've been helping me with EVERYTHING. He's run off somewhere and I can't reach him."

"M-maybe it's for the best, just be honest with him."


"What are you stupid!" Amy screeched. "Look just wait at home I'm coming over..."

Switching the phone off, Charlotte sighed and dropped her head into her hands. What a mess she thought. This was exactly why she avoided people. The doorbell rang, Charlotte frowned it can't be Amy yet.

When she got to the door and opened it, it was not Amy that stood there but Tom. Losing the ability to speak Charlotte just gaped at him.

Tom smiled "Hey, can I come in?" he greeted her like they were old friends.

"Yes come-on-in," she stammered.

Tom walked past her into the living room, the smell of his expensive cologne drifted up her nose, instead of soothing her it made her more nervous.

Why is he here? She thought. Helping Amy wasn't a crime was it – God...he's not here to kill me is he?

Charlotte closed the door, taking a moment to gather her wits. Taking a deep breath she followed him.

"Nice place you got here," Tom commented, looking around.

"Thanks! It's my parents." Charlotte squeaked out. Oh God, duh, why did I have to say that?

The corner of Tom's mouth curved he's laughing at me, he must think I'm a total loser. 


"Listen-" Tom said, "I found out from Amy that you've been helping...well...pretty doing everything for her," he hesitated, "can I ask, did she force you to do it?"

"Err-um..." Charlotte tried to form her words.

Tom went on, "No, it's just that – err - Amy isn't the nicest person to get along with and usually when she sets her mind on something she pesters and pesters until she gets her way."

"It was my fault! She asked me to help her and I couldn't say no. Before I knew it - it got out of hand and then she just got used to asking me for every little thing," Charlotte tried to get her point across.

"You shouldn't have had to go through that," He said fiercely. "So...all those love letters were from you not her?"


"Yes," Charlotte whispered.

"My present, how did you know, to get that?"

"I heard my mom once talk about it, how much your mom loved it before she died. I remembered..."

"All all those things she did for me, y'know things even didn't think Amy was capable of thinking up, that was you?"

Charlotte nodded, feeling like an inch tall.

"Damn...I should of gone with my instincts," Tom shook his head. "You thing I hate is dishonesty, my parents had that, and I swore whatever relationship I had wouldn't be the same."

"I'm sorry!" Charlotte said in sadness, wishing he would leave and go talk to Amy about all of this. She hated the fact she played a part in something that he was so against.

"It's just that – it's weird that out of everyone she picked you. I'm trying to understand why she did that," Tom went on.

Maybe it's cause I'm the idiot who has trouble saying no to people Charlotte thought.

As if Tom read her mind, "No that's not it," he stepped closer, "look I'm sorry what Amy did to you didn't deserve that." He reached out and tucked a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear. Charlotte's heart fluttered.

"I kinda may know why she picked you," he confessed, looking apologetic.

"It's my fault mainly. She might've clocked on to all those times I stared at you," Charlottes jaw dropped in shock.

"My friend once warned me I did that a lot - stared at you. I guess Amy noticed to."

"Y-you like me?" she asked in disbelief.

Tom nodded.

"Since when?"

"At the garden party couple of years ago when your mom introduced us - remember, you looked so out of place," he laughed.

"Yeah...I remember, my mom forced me to go and wear that hideous dress." Charlotte said, embarrassingly.

Tom shrugged, "I thought you looked cute..."

Charlottes cheek flamed, she just couldn't believe the most popular guy in school - the one that she had a crush on forever - just called her cute and liked her. She felt almost giddy.

"I wanted to ask you out even then, but I was afraid you'll say no - you always seemed to avoid me whenever I tried to talk to you, I thought you didn't like me."

That was true, not the 'not liking part' but how she avoided him whenever he would approach her. She was too shy to form a coherent sentence it was easier to run away from him than face him.

"I do!" Charlotte blurted out, "I do like you, and I liked you before the party as well..."

Tom eyes lit up. "You do, really?"

Charlotte nodded and smiled.

"So - I thought maybe me and's your choice."

Charlotte felt like they were going way too fast.

"Wait - what about Amy aren't you dating her?"

"Me and Amy broke up weeks ago," Tom revealed.

"What! When was this!?" Why didn't Amy tell her and why did she go on on like her and Tom were still together all those times they talked?

"Me and Amy were just not working out any more," Tom answered.

"Though like I said - Amy is persistent, she kept trying to get back with me, hence all those love letters and all those lovey dovey stuff I thought she did but it turned out you did instead."

As the truth hit Charlotte, everything up until this moment started to make sense, she couldn't believe it, all this time she had been played for a fool by Amy Pond.

"I guess she picked you partly out of jealousy and she got pleasure out of using the girl I was most attractive to, to help her get me back," Tom finished.

Distantly Charlotte heard the sound of a car pulling up the drive way. Someone opened and shut the door hard.

Tom stepped closer to her.

"So - that brings me to my previous question – will you go out with me?" He looked into Charlotte's eyes, and held her gaze.

From the corner of her eye she could see the front door open - giving him her full attention she looked straight into Tom's eyes, nodded slightly and then smiled wide. In that instant, he leaned in suddenly and pressed his lips to hers. Soft and sweet and bone meltingly incredible - as their mouths opened to deepen the kiss, Charlotte heard Amy's cry of outrage, but she didn't care, the best and only kiss she's ever had was Tom's, her first boyfriend. 

© Copyright 2017 Aleena Starr. All rights reserved.

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