Key to My Heart

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A woman loves and nourishes her Husband to the extremity, and by doing so, explains on how the effect that comes from this makes her feel. Key to My Heart is a line by line rhythmic poem explicitly detailing the events of how she sees herself through him.

Submitted: May 06, 2017

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Submitted: May 06, 2017




Key To My Heart


It is pure, this Bliss

He surrounds me as a fabric of skin

As much inside as he does out

Allowing the sole purpose of life

as a dream illuminated to the surface

emulate his

As though he knew me so well

Having me wrapped around his finger

Hands could barely caress my skin

and hair could stand on end

His kiss, the water

I so needed in the ability to survive

Reviving me, when I thirst

with each word he spoke onto my lips

In a language I knew so well

I understood him

the way he stared into me

was like electricity

A spark of a damp tap to a wire

Stirred such a fire that seeped through my veins

an energy one craves

The Euphoria one seeks so gleefully

Heart racing, mind pacing

He did for me what no other knew how

I, his only world he sought to reside in

A home, his woman

wife, a lover

He, my foundation

A Husband

My door would open

And he'd walk in as freely as he could walk out

I confide in this man

In this we'd cling to

and build towards eachother

breaking the walls between us

Filling the empty void within me

Lighting me up

making me his own as much as I accepted him

here and now

He kept care of me

catered to me and save time to allow company

friends, from either side

I, as free as can be

No question of Jealousy

I appealed to him not of property

but something, someone he needed

Just as badly

Kept me going

knowing full well how to turn

on and off the lights to save energy

My love, I allowed to walk through me

to reside deep inside

Arms open

As walls that surround him

making of me his everything

kept me warm in the winter

and comfortably cool in the Summer

Til this day, he still comes running Home

As though he had been waiting for so long

to build this future inside

our little future

Seen safe and sound

Appealing as what we were from the outside

Others could know by the looks of us

we were built to last

I'd been prepared all of this time

And only he had held the key to my heart..

wrapped around his finger

As a token of promise

dedication and bliss

til death do us part

For the 'Key to My heart'

I also had to his











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