My Son Walked Across The Stage Today

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This really happened.

Submitted: May 06, 2017

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Submitted: May 06, 2017






My son walked across the stage today,

Hurrah, hurrah!

His last bill was paid by the way,

Hurrah, hurrah!

He couldn’t have looked the better

In a robe, a hood, without fetters.

Oh my son walked across the stage today,



Milk stains still in the cradle,

Oh yes! Oh yes!

It was almost stormy weather,

Oh yes! Oh yes!

His room was such a mess,

We tossed out trash, old clothes, and a desk,

Cause today was his last day in the dorm room,



He says that he’ll soon be a workin’ at Mint John’s,

Let’s pray.

He’ll be a makin’ games for the computer boards,

Let’s all pray.

At least he won’t be tossin’ hay,

And he’ll be earnin’ more than twenty dollars a day!

He tells us that he’ll soon be a workin’ a Mint John’s,

So let’s all pray.


He used all of his shoe shine for this great march,

He wore it all way chasing eagles in a horse a cart,

Let’s get him a little sun shine and a can of starch

before his aniversery!


He’ll soon be eatin’ peach cobbler on his weddin day,

He just graduated and will soon get married in the month of May.

He will dance The Boogie all that he can,

And play the guitar in a slim string band,

Yeah, he’ll soon be a eatin’ peach cobbler on his weddin’ day!


They both will ride out on two ponies when the wedding is through.

Both will be a grinnin’ so hard that they won't have time to feel blue.

It will be the most cheer filled day since they were born,

As the two ponies are lead away by a purple unicorn,

Yeah, he’ll be a gettin’ married here really soon!







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