Conquering the Conqueror

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An alien warrior on a far off planet experiences an alien abduction.

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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I did as the voice in my head commanded of me. This was puzzling to I had never heard this voice in my thoughts before. This alone wouldn't have bothered me but coupled with this new found pain in my skull, I had realized quickly something was amiss.

"What?" I asked, mostly to myself, as I ran my left hand across my usually smooth head. I said usually smooth because now there seemed to be a stitched wound not too far above my left ear. "What is this?"

I lifted my other hand to examine the rest of my head and was met with a slight resistance. I looked down at my hand to see a strange glove of armor covering it. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before; it was made of a strange metal, the likes of which I had never seen before. There was also a jewel implanted on the backhand of the glove.

"The Gauntlet. This will be your primary tool for this examination."

It hadn't occurred to me, but the voice in my head was speaking a language I had never heard, yet I understood every word it said.

"The Gauntlet?" I asked, examining the glove that sat upon my hand. 

"Proceed to the first examination area when ready."

I hadn't realized it until now, but the room I was in was covered in shadows until a path lit up in front of me, illuminating everything around it in a faint green light. The walls, the floor, the ceiling...they all had strange markings, alien in design.

"Why should I participate in your test?" 

"Objective: Complete the examination. Exit the facility with the three adolescent Krul."

"The three adolesce-" I started off before realizing who the voice was speaking of. My pupils. "Kit, Denda, Kovar..."

Anger began to fuel my veins as my incapability to fully understand what was going on stretched further and further.

"WHERE ARE MY STUDENTS?" I shouted. In my impatience, the voice was not answering me fast enough, which grew me even more frustrated. In my anger, I ended up punching the wall beside me with the hand that held the glove. Immediately my anger subsided as I saw the results of said punch. 

The stone wall I had punched now had a very large dented crack in it.

"This power..." I breathed out, the warrior in me now intrigued by what sort of weaponry this 'Gauntlet' could be used for. "If I participate in your test will you let my students free?"

"Objective: Complete the examination. Exit the facility with the three adolescent Krul."

"Alright then," I said. "Lead the way."

"Follow the green path to the first examination area."

I followed the lit green path until it ended at a metallic door, which shared the same symbols as the walls and floors. There was a small glass window that stood at the height of my head. I peered through it but was not able to see anything clearly. I looked around and noticed a red button on the wall beside me.

"Press the button to enter the examination area."

Again, I did as the voice commanded me. As soon as I pressed the button the door in front of me slid up, allowing an opening for me to walk through and get to the next room. As I stepped into it lights flashed, killing any sign of darkness that was there previously.

This room was different from the hallway I had just walked out of. Everything was metallic, though not the same metal that was made from the doorways or the Gauntlet. Everything was shiny and clean. There seemed to be baths, beds, and counters filled with strange objects I had never before seen.

"Proceed to the tank."


A few seconds passed before one of the baths illuminated. Strangely, it wasn't the bath that emitted the glow, but my own eyes.

"Proceed to enter the tank." 

I began to remove my boots and Krul warrior leathers before the voice instructed me against doing so. 

"You may proceed into the tank fully clothed. The liquid used does not stay."

I stepped into the 'tank' with my leathers and boots on. Immediately a glass enclosed around me and a pink water began to rise up around me. 

"I will suffocate!" I screamed.

I began to bang the glass before realizing I still had the Gauntlet on. I summoned the strength the Gauntlet gave me before and punched the glass with all my might. It did not even crack.

Before I knew it the pink water covered my head and filled the tank, but I could still breathe.

"What is this?" I uttered out. To my surprise the sound carried.

Above me, a hole opened and a few small metallic balls fell into the pit along with me. They swam around me, a light beam flying out of them and onto me every so often. Though if they had a distinct touch to them, I could not feel it. Soon they whizzed up to my eye level and emitted the light beams directly into my eyes before stopping and flying back up into the hole they fell from.

"Male. Of the Krul species. Nearing thirty-one planet cycles. Has numerous scars and long-term injuries left from battle. Along with mild blindness in the left eye due to head trauma. Removing all ailments."

I could not describe the feeling, except as feeling better. I felt all of my old wounds close, along with the healing of a few bones that had ached my previous. And now the vision in my left eye was now as clear as the one in my right.

"Diagnostics complete. The biological portion of the examination is now complete. Proceed to the next examination area."

The liquid drained and the glass disappeared. Another path lit up showing me which direction I was supposed to head to. I followed the path out into another hallway, again splattered with foreign designs illuminated by the green light. Eventually, I stumbled upon another doorway, with another button. Pressed it, and this door slid up as the first did.

"This portion of the examination will test your physical prowess when using the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet can scan into your nervous system, and read brain functions, and as such should be able to read which one of its tools you wish to use. Usually, the minimum setting would consist of fifty tools, but since you are a lesser being, you shall only be given four. These will be a flame tool, a liquid tool, a seismic tool, and a plasma tool. Step into the middle of the chamber."

The path led into a circular floor of light and color. I stepped into the middle of it awaiting for what was to come.

"Create fire."

I struggled for a few moments before a flame appeared over the palm of the gauntlet. The faint residue of gas around my palm evaporated as the flame ate it up. 

"Now water."

Again a sort of gas arose from the palm of my hand before circling around into a ball and eventually becoming the giver of life. Water floated above my palm in a perfect circular motion. I moved my hand; the ball of water broke its form, but never apart, as it flowed in the direction that my hand did. 

"Hit the target with a beam of plasma."

A red circular target appeared above me as the voice finished its sentence. I stretched my hand out but nothing appeared. I was sort of embarrassed, not because of the lack of beam, but mostly at my lack of knowledge in regards to what I was supposed to be creating.

"Hit the target with a beam of plasma."

"I don't...I don't know what plasma is," I said, my voice growing smaller with every word said.

"Plasma is what makes up the stars, and lightning. And for future reference, 'seismic' deals with the ground moving or quaking."

So basically, I was supposed to make a lightning blast. Not a problem. I shot my hand out again and in a split second an electric spark flew throughout the gas and shot out an insane beam of light out towards the target. The target was engulfed in smoke but was not destroyed or even damaged in the blast.

A loud crumble followed with a slight vibration of the ground happened as quickly as it stopped. I turned around fully to see another target had appeared, with a large chunk of rock sitting in front of it.

"Hit the target without destroying the rock using your seismic tool." 

I sent a vibration through the ground towards the rock and the target. I could not live in victory, as the rock was destroyed by my tactic.

"Fail. Try again. You have two more times to fail this portion of the examination before you fail the examination altogether. Now hit the target without destroying the rock."

I sat back and observed all that I could do for a moment. Time lingered as I formulated a viable solution. If I sent a straight burst of seismic vibration straight towards the target, the rock will be destroyed.

As I thought of a strategy another rock dropped from the ceiling onto the same exact spot the other rock sat before it was destroyed.

There would be no way to send the vibration through the air, could it? I outstretched my palm and sent a seismic wave from my palm, but nothing happened to the rock not too far from me.

If I curved the vibration around the rock it could hit the target. But what if the impact against the target also shattered the rock in the process? Then it occurred to me. I could curve the vibration under, causing the ground beneath the rock to falter, and itself causing the rock to tumble down away from the target.

I did as I thought and the plan worked. What I hadn't thought of though, was what to do when the rock inevitably started tumbling towards me.

"Passed Physical Examination. Destroy the rock and move to the final exam."

As soon as the voice instructed it I had already begun working a seismic shock within my fist. As the rock neared me I punched at it with a tremendous seismic shockwave that split the boulder in two, flying harmlessly by me. At the end of the room a door lit up and I followed it.

I reached it within minutes but was met with confusion. The room was dark, except for the only lit part of it which was the part of the path I stood on. I stretched my foot out to tap the ground but felt nothing.

"Defeat the Covarkian to finish the exam."

Immediately the room lit up. It was larger than any room I had been in before, this strange place or back home. It wasn't metallic, or at least from what I could tell it had not been. This room looked equal parts to be some ancient ruins, an ancient site of worship and study, and a graveyard. The ceiling was as high as I could see and the floor below me was littered with skeletons, of things humanoid and not so humanoid. I noticed Krul leathers on a few of them. I certainly didn't notice any Gauntlets on the hands of them, which told me if I were to fail the test whomever would come to retrieve it. Immediately I felt my anger began to rise, the warrior within my veins seeking to leap out.

I heard a shout come from above me. In a cage, seemingly made of energy, my three pupils lie captured. 

"Master Lurch!" I heard Kovar scream. I detested when he called me master, especially seeing as I had been raised a slave before the Alim Empire freed me. But that was another story. "Help us! We can't escape!"

"Lurch!" I heard Dendra's feminine voice shout from over his. "Please save us! There isn't a way to get out of this cage!"

"I must defeat Covarkian," I replied to them. "Then they will let us leave. Point me to him."

"Here I sit, boy," a voice boomed out from below me. Unnoticed among the many dead bodies, one stood, almost motionless. "Come down and face me."


Covarkian lit up, as was usual by now when discovering something new or when the voice needed to bring my attention towards something.

"Species: Covarkian. Known for having extremely tough skin as well as strength that far outclasses that of a Krul. Will need to be cautious-"

"Nothing outclasses Krul," I spat at the voice, refusing to listen to anything else it had to offer. My confidence was coming back, I was now back in my element. Battle. There was nothing a talking voice in my head, that wasn't mine, could tell me about fighting. It was what I was best at. 

I jumped down from the doorway to ground, skeletons crunching beneath me as I landed. 

"Krul huh?" Covarkian said. "I've met and killed plenty of you, child."


"Big boast from such a small being," said Covarkian, in a degrading tone. "I have tested many beings, all who have failed. You will be no different, boy. It is I who have stood here for over four centuries, as the guardian of this ruin."

"And you will stand no more."

"Very well," Covarkian said, smirking. "I am ready."

I rushed to him. I reached him within seconds intending to land my first blow, but of course, he blocked it; such an obvious move. As he was distracted by the initial blow I delivered a kick to his side and he shifted momentarily before regaining his balance. He pushed me back and I stumbled.

He stretched his hand upward, his palm open until a golden staff crested with a jewel in it appeared. He crashed the staff down towards me but I blocked it with the Gauntlet. As I did this he brought a knee into my stomach that sent me flying back. I crashed into the wall behind me and fell into the pile of skeletons below. I picked myself off and spat out a little blood.

There was shield beside my foot. I picked up and took a defensive stance against my attacker, who hadn't moved from his spot. He wanted me to come to him I figured, but I wasn't willing to let him control the battle just yet.

I sent a lightning blast at the large, scaly, rock-man, who simply deflected it with his staff. It shot into another section of the wall and sent a pile of debris falling. I sent another and another; same results. Then I had the brilliance of another idea pop into my skull.

I ran at the alien with full speed until I was only inches away from him. He immediately took an offensive stance and tried to deflect whatever attack I was about to throw before I threw it, but didn't count on me faking him out. As soon as I was close enough to him I jumped back, missing his swipe at me with his staff. I then took the opportunity to let a flame blast out so humongous that it set a minor explosion off and sent me flying back again, though not as far as the first time. I hadn't received much damage from the fire due to the perfect time I employed with the shield to block it.

I looked at the pile of smoke that sat there and smiled. There was no way anyone could survive an explosion that big.

Except...he did. The smoke cleared and Covarkian stood there in his same spot.


"I'm a rock person," he said, laughing almost. "Fire doesn't do much damage to us."

And from that statement, I could deduct that neither would water. Neither would plasma if he had a staff that could deflect it. That means my only option was seismic...and I had the perfect plan.

I stepped back up and walked towards the rock creature, though stopping far enough away to keep some distance between us.

"What is it now, boy?" 

I winced when he called me it. It reminded me of when my old slave masters used to refer to me as the same. Though, this time I would not let my anger get the best of me.

I threw shockwave at through the ground towards him...and he jumped...far higher than I would have guessed, but it was perfect for me. As he started to descend back to the ground I sent another seismic wave into the ground, as I had done with the rock and the target, and sent it to come up around where he stood. The ground began to shift and tilt; as he landed he was caught off balance and began to stumble down the improvised ramp I had made.

Another shockwave was charging within the fist of my Gauntlet. As he stumbled down towards me, I rushed up towards him and threw a punch that connected to his gut, sending a massive shockwave throughout his whole body. He was now shattered.

"You did it, master!" Kovar shouted enthusiastically. 

 Not too long after, their cage began to descend and some large massive doors to the side of me began to open, revealing sunlight and trees in our immediate view.

"Nice to see you've made it through alive," Kit said as the three approached me. Dendra ran up to me and gave me a hug; the two boys sat back.

"Once I knew what was at stake I knew I had to make it through," I said in reply to Kit, the oldest of the three.

"What's that covering your hand, master?" Kovar asked. "Is that what you fought that thing with?"

"Apparently it's a Gauntlet of some sort," I answered. "I don't know where or how I got it. I just know it helped me get to you."

"What happened to your head?" Dendra asked. I had almost forgotten about the stitched work above my left ear.

"Same answer as the Gauntlet's," I said truthfully.

"Not to sound like a killer of curiosity," Kit breathed out. "But we should leave this place before something else strange happens."

"I agree with that," Dendra said, her white hair beginning to flow with the coming wind from outside.

I led them to the doors and began to step out, fresh air filling my lungs like water passing the throat of a man who the displeasure of eating nothing but desert worms for several weeks.

"Master..." Dendra's voice spoke out, almost in a whisper. It was so faint I didn't think I heard it I first. "Those trees..."

I looked out at the forest in front of us. It was something strange about them as well.

"What about them?" Kovar asked.

"You need to read more fool," Kit spoke out. "There is nothing like these on Alim."

"So you think..." Kovar began. The young Krul's mind began to wander before he came to the same conclusion the rest of us had. "That's impossible..."'

"Is it really?" I asked him. "Everything seems out of place. I've just fought a being of a species I had never heard of before. This glove...this it a stretch to say we might have traversed to a different world than our own?"

"But how?" Dendra asked, confusion terrorizing her face as she struggled to work out the possibility. 

"Impossible," Kit said aloud. 

"We've already discussed the realms of possibilities in regard-" I started. I cut myself off when I caught a glimpse of Kit. The boy was no longer focused on our conversation. Instead, something in the sky was now gaining his interest. 

A shadow began looming over the four of us, and the remaining three turned our attention to see what Kit was looking at. A large object, bigger than a city, was now falling from the clouds. Or should I say it was floating, seeing as how its fall was beginning to decline into a complete stop?

I stared in a mix of terror and wander as the object parked itself in the middle of the sky, now knowing who the real owners of the Gauntlet were.

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