Overlord Rising

Overlord Rising

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



A knight named Uriel is given an army to hunt down a dragon. She and her men succeed, but at the cost of her life. However, just as she is about to be finished off, she finds herself in a mysterious and dangerous realm called the Dark Lands. There, she meets a Dark Elf named Mycelia who dubs her as the new Overlord.
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A knight named Uriel is given an army to hunt down a dragon. She and her men succeed, but at the cost of her life. However, just as she is about to be finished off, she finds herself in a mysterious and dangerous realm called the Dark Lands. There, she meets a Dark Elf named Mycelia who dubs her as the new Overlord.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Prologue

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 07, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 07, 2017



Thomas rubbed his hands closely and then placed them close to the fireplace. Winter was his least favorite season. He hated the curtains of fog that hid the horizon, as well as the inches of snow that blanketed the land. He disliked the shorter mornings, as well as the white storms that would howl for days. The list went on. However, of all the things that got on his nerves, it was the abominable weather. Shivering on the spot, Thomas turned his head around and surveyed the encampment.

About a hundred other soldiers were seen present. Each one wore fine armor and carried decent weapons. Under the metal, they were dressed in the colors of their kingdom: blue and yellow. Most hurdled around campfires and quivered in their boots. The weather was a bother, but Thomas knew all too well that the cold was the least of their concerns.

At the far end of the camp, Thomas noticed the ballistae that they had dragged along with them. There were about six of them. These were often used to either attack or defend a castle. However, they weren’t attacking or defending anything. No. Instead, they were tasked with something far more difficult and treacherous.

“You don’t think it’s true, is it?” a young soldier named Alex asked, as he held his head. “They’re just rumors, right?”

“Bah, it’s all hogwash!” Flitch grunted, as he spat at the floor. “It’s just some garbage that those mercenaries thought up, after drowning themselves with a keg of drink! If you want my opinion, we’re wasting our time here!”

“But what about the scouts?” Alex replied, unable to hide tone. “They said they saw it as well!”

“Then we ought to get better scouts!” Flitch snarled, as he pounded his knee. “It’s shameful to think that we have soldiers who are easily spooked! I have served for over forty years, and not once have I ever faced a dragon!”

Dragons: giant reptiles that soared through the sky and breathed clouds of fire. That’s what the ballistae were for. It may have sounded ridiculous to some, such as Flitch, but there were rumors and evidence that made people stand on their toes.

“What about all the burnt villages and lands we’ve encountered?” Thomas asked, finally speaking his mind. “You don’t believe a dragon was capable of such destruction?”

“Those were clearly the work of marauders, not some overgrown lizard!” Flitch growled. “You pups have too much imagination! Just because we fight goblins and trolls, doesn’t mean you have to go believing every insane creature that is rumored from the Dark Land!”

“Have you ever been to the Dark Land, old man?”

A small vein bulged on Flitch’s head. He turned around to reply sharply, but soon found a frog in his throat when he gazed upon the person addressing him.

A woman stood before him. Her eyes were like amethyst spheres, her raven hair tied to a knot, and her tanned skin hinted a foreign parent. She wore armor that looked worth more than just a few pretty pieces of silver or gold. A cape of wolf’s hide hung on her shoulders. Two weapons were strapped the sides of her belt: a long sword and a mace.

“Lady Uriel,” Flitch stuttered to his feet and then gave a small bow. His harsh tone immediately softened, while the vein shrank down. Thomas and Alex copied the old soldier. A few heads turned toward their direction.

“Have you ever journeyed deep into the Dark Lands?” Lady Uriel asked. “I have. I have seen creatures and places that demands more imagination than a giant reptile that breathes fire. I have seen wonders and terrors that would make dragons look as docile as mice.”

“My lady, I mean no offense,” Flitch tried to apologize.

“However, it does not matter if you do not believe in the dragon,” Lady Uriel continued. “What matters is that you obey the crown and follow the commands given to you. Even if it means wasting your time. Is that clear?”

Flitch swallowed and fidgeted before replying. “Understood, my lady,” he replied. He gave her one quick look and then pointed his gaze at the ground.

“Good,” Lady Uriel said. She then turned her sights to the other soldiers around her. “I expect the same from all of you as well, understood?”

None of them answered. They didn’t need to. The submissive look in their eyes gave an answer that was louder and clearer than anything they could utter.

Giving a satisfied grunt, Uriel passed through the group and patrolled the encampment. Thomas quietly watched her walk away. He knew better than to blatantly stare, but he couldn’t help but look on with a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Lady Uriel was quite a wonder amongst the knights and soldiers. Female knights were uncommon, but not unheard of. Many knew of her tale, as well as her quests and accomplishments in the forsaken realm, simply known as the Dark Lands. Some dub her feats amazing and even legendary, whilst others dismiss them as mere exaggerations for the bards. Regardless of what people felt about her, there was no denying that she had caught the eyes of countless people.

“She’s a tough one,” Flitch remarked, as he wiped sweat off his forehead.

“That she is,” Alex agreed. “Are all the tales about her true?”

Flitch lifted his head and made sure that Lady Uriel wasn’t in earshot. “I don’t know about every detail,” he said, still keeping his voice at a certain volume. “However, I do believe that there is some truth to what she has gone through.”

“You can’t believe a dragon, but you can believe her extravagant feats?” Thomas asked, as he raised a brow. “That’s rather odd.”

“Bah, don’t go changing my words, pup,” Flitch snarled. “Some of her stories have been coated with honey, but she has the look in her eyes.”

Alex and Thomas turned to one another, expecting the other to explain. “What look?” Thomas asked.

“There are certain experiences that change people, pup,” Flitch said. “The look in her eyes tell me that she has seen and been through much. Whatever happened to her in that forsaken land, she now sees the world in several more shades.”

“Should we be impressed or feel pity?” Alex asked.

“That’s for you to decide,” Flitch snorted, crossing his arms. “Regardless, the lady does have a point. We are here under the king’s orders and we have to obey the command, no matter our opinion.”

Alex and Thomas nodded the same time and returned to silence. The cold was still itching into their bones. They had a rumored dragon to hunt, but at the moment, their fight was against the weather. Exhaling frost from his mouth, Thomas grabbed some kindle and fed the flames. He was told not to use any more, but a few extra wouldn’t have really hurt.

Just as the fire grew stronger, a voice cried out from one of the guards on watch. “The scouts are returning!”

Thomas and a few others stood to check. This declaration was an odd one. The guards would not loudly announce the scouts’ return, unless something had gone wrong.

Walking to the end of the encampment, Thomas narrowed his eyes and focused his sight at the distance. A lone scout was approaching from the distance. Something was definitely wrong. Scouts often rode in pairs. Where had the other one gone? As he watched, Thomas noticed the rider screaming and waving his hand, trying to signal the encampment. However, his voice was too far for anyone to understand.

As the rider drew closer, a rugged howl cracked through the fogged sky. A gust of wind suddenly descended upon them like a crashing wave. Thomas braced himself and nearly lost his footing.

Before anyone could begin questioning the wind, it appeared. Like a nightmare unfolding from the shadows, the dragon appeared from the clouds and chased the rider. With one deep breath, it spewed out a cloud of fire and completely engulfed the fleeing scout. He was lost.

Thomas jerked back a bit. Despite being far away, he could already feel the heat of the flames touch his skin. The discomfort of the weather was quickly forgotten and replaced with a sense of awe and horror. The other soldiers carried the same reaction. They all froze with uncertainty and fear, unsure of what they had to do now. All except for one.

“To arms, men!” Uriel commanded, as she climbed on her horse. “All cavalries are to distract the beast, whilst the rest ready the ballistae! There’s no time to waste, move out!”

“You heard the lady, move it!” Flitch, although not in any position to command the others, barked out.

The men scrambled to their positions. Thomas and Alex took their bows and arrows and mounted their steeds, whilst Flitch helped with the ballistae. As soon as the soldiers were ready, Uriel tugged her horse’s reins and led them into the valley.

A large company of soldiers rode through the field of brown grass. The horses charged straight forward, not caring that their riders were directing them to a fire-breathing giant. Their hooves crashed like thunder, making almost as much noise as the dragon.

For the longest time, it has always been Thomas’s dream to ride alongside someone like Lady Uriel, but never did he expect it to be in a battle such as this. As much as anything, he wished to prove himself a great warrior and soldier. However, this was not the proper time to show off.

As they advanced, a few riders took their horns and blew them. The sound blasted into the air. It didn’t take long for the dragon to notice them.

With a bloodcurdling roar, the dragon landed on the ground and released another stream of fire. Lady Uriel quickly steered to the right. Thomas and several others followed. However, a number of soldiers were too late to react and were swallowed up by the flames. Many of these soldiers were immediately burnt to a crisp, while a few were left screaming in agony, as the flames only began to devour them.

“Open fire!” Lady Uriel commanded.

Thomas took an arrow, aimed and then released. A volley of arrows flew at the dragon. With a target of this size, it was nearly impossible to miss. Unfortunately, this advantage was almost useless. The arrows either bounced off or broke upon hitting the creature’s scales. Some arrows did hit the wings, but not one was able to pierce or even rip through.

The dragon howled and scanned its enemies. Slamming its tail on the ground, the dragon spun and lashed out.

“Watch out!” Thomas cried, as he redirected his horse. The tip of the dragon’s tail had narrowly touched him.

Five men and horses flew into the air and crashed back on the ground. Despite all the noise around them, the sound of shattering bones was still heard clearly.

The soldiers desperately circled around the dragon, attacking its knees and wings, only to get swatted by its tail, or crushed by its claws. Nothing was harming it. Thomas was also running out of arrows. He would soon have to try attacking with a sword.

“Thomas!” The soldier turned to his right and found Alex. He had stopped moving and remained on the spot to aim. “Try hitting the chest! It has no scales there!”

Thomas nodded and prepared to draw out an arrow. However, as he pulled out an arrow, the dragon’s tail rose near him. “Alex, get out of the way!” he screamed.

The cry came too late. The enormous tail dropped down on them with a mighty crash. Thomas fell off his horse, while a cloud of dust rose. He slowly rose to his feet and breathed of the dust. Thomas rubbed his eyes and coughed out whatever dirt that he may have inhaled.

As he fixed his balance, Thomas looked around and searched for his young friend. To his horror, he found a mushed puddle of blood and flesh. It was unrecognizable, but Thomas didn’t need to see the face to recognize who this mush was.

Thomas stared for a while. He wanted to say Alex’s name, but couldn’t find his voice. A deep frown then formed between his eyes, and his teeth grinded tightly. Grabbing his bow and the nearest quiver he could find, Thomas began firing relentlessly at the dragon.

“Damned monster!” he yelled. “He was still only a boy!”

Thomas’s arrows flew everywhere. Some bumped on the scales, others on the wings and a few even somehow missed. He kept pulling arrows, until his quiver was empty.

Despite all that he had done, the dragon did not even spare him a glance. Raising its claw, it moved in to swat anything within reach. Thomas noticed that he was inside of its range, but did not even move. Biting his lip, he dropped his bow and then quietly waited for it to end.

Just as the claw was about to knock his torso from his hips, the dragon gave a loud howl and cancelled its strike. Thomas turned to the dragon and found it reeling on its knees, while shaking its head. Looking at the top, he found Lady Uriel desperately clinging onto one of the scales, while bashing her mace at the base of the dragon’s right horn.

“Do not stop!” Lady Uriel commanded, as a bit of the horn chipped off. “Attack while it is injured!”

Seeing the creature finally hurt, the soldiers rallied together and charged. Drawing out their swords and spears, they charged straight towards the dragon. They plunged their blades at the dragon, some attempting to fit through the scales, whilst others plunging at the chest.

The dragon howled and stumbled around, as the men attacked from every side. Realizing that it was completely surrounded, it spread its wings and prepared to take flight. The wings flapped steadily, sending a few soldiers back. As it was about to leap into the air, several projectiles flew from the distance and punched holes through its wings.

Not too far away, Thomas found the ballistae set in positions. They were a distance from the battle, but close enough for the projectiles to reach. The men cheered, as the dragon’s tattered wings dropped down, unable to carry it back into the air.

“Strike the head!” Lady Uriel called out at the ballistae, waving her mace in the air.

Those at the ballistae noticed her. A few more projectiles flew. One managed to break the horn off the dragon’s head, whilst the others pierced the scales and dug deep into the neck.

Loud cheers cried out, as the men raise their weapons in the air. However, their celebration came too early. Even with its neck embedded with projectiles, the dragon still moved. It slapped away those in front of it and then bashed its cranium on the ground.

Thomas and a few others retreated from the rampaging creature. The pain must have driven it mad. Turning his head back at the beast, Thomas found Lady Uriel lying on the ground. Her right hand was broken and her armor was damaged. She lay on the ground, coughing blood and hardly breathing.

“Lady Uriel is injured!” Thomas yelled. “Protect her!”

The remaining soldiers charged at the dragon and attacked it. They drove whatever weapons they had left into the creature. Even with the blades piercing through and blood spilling from its chest, the dragon did not hinge or move. Its eyes remained locked on the one woman who had managed to turn the tide around. It took a deep breath and readied the flames in its mouth.

“Stop that monster!” Thomas yelled.

The soldiers tried everything. They slashed and stabbed, until they were practically soaked in the dragon’s blood. More projectiles fired from the ballistae, piercing the dragon’s body and turning it into an oversized pincushion. However, the creature would still not move. Then with one final blink, it finally happened.

Fire burst from the dragon’s jaw and showered upon the Lady Uriel, completely consuming her and the earth around her. As the flames from its mouth began to weaken, the dragon finally tilted to the left and crashed to its side. Its chest slowly stopped and its eyelids closed. The dragon was dead.

Victory was theirs, but not a single voice cried in celebration. Thomas and other soldiers approached Lady Uriel’s body. On the ground was a shouldering corpse of red and black. Smoke sizzled in the air, carrying a sickening aura of cooked meat. She could no longer be recognized. Parts of her armor had melted from the dragon’s fire.

Thomas fell to his knees and stared. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it. He wished he wasn’t there to see it. She was gone. Lady Uriel, one of the kingdom’s champions was dead.

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