The Dreamer

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A dreamer's dream

Submitted: May 07, 2017

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Submitted: May 07, 2017



He dreams of being a suave player
lounges in his bed all day
listening to depressing music
wasting his life away

He dreams of running away to a better place
starting life over, making some new friends
reignite his passions, rediscover himself
a new leaf, a brand new day

He dreams of stages and voices cheering
of articulating his pain and someone hearing
the dark undertones in the sweet and mellow sounds
his guitar would produce if he would play it right

He dreams of being wanted by the one he wants
this other girl's loving does nothing at all
it hollows him out, it makes him feel evil
he can't reciprocate what that girl's feeling

So now he starts to wonder about his ex lover
did she feel the same? so empty and ashamed?
but he doesn't hate her, he just understands her
and so now he dreams of being someone better

All he does is dream, he dreams and does nothing
needs a wake up call to remind him that he's something
But now the world turns to grey, and it's starting to rain
so he lounges in his bed all day, wasting his life away

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