Logical Explanations

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The home invader's favourite tool.

Submitted: May 07, 2017

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Submitted: May 07, 2017



Logical Explanations


I’m really very sorry that you had to resort,

To logical explanations - it’s totally my fault,


I want you to keep on sleeping,

So that I can keep on sneaking.


You see I am not perfect, I can’t move well in the dark,

I’m just trying to cut through it all, like a stalking shark.


head you’re answering many questions,

Of which all are logical explanations.


Is there a window open? I can feel the cold wind’s sting,

No, you tell yourself, you forgot to turn on the heating.


Why are the floorboards creaking, if there’s no weight to press them down?

The explanation - the house is old, that’s why it makes that sound,


Can you hear those fevered whispers approach the bedroom door?

Your mind insists it’s in your head, that and nothing more,


Why wouldn’t your dog bark if there’s an intruder in your home?

It’s not like it’s had its throat sliced up, right on through the bone,


Your bedroom door is open, was it always so?

Your dumb brain tells you maybe, neither yes or no


Can you see my figure in the doorway, as I wait and stare?

No, I’m just a piece of furniture, that explanation’s fair,


I’m an imperfect person, I make mistakes, I fail,

But your logical explanations ensure my smooth sail,


You think logical explanations are your ally, that they help you sleep at night,

But they are your worst enemy, my agent, they’ll turn around and bite,


When your gut’s telling you of monsters, and it’s kicking and screaming,

Your logical explanations calm it, saying there’s no such thing


Even when I’m breathing down your neck, the logical explanation,

In all its logical wisdom, blames your active imagination,


When the logical explanations are illogically numerous,

My knife’s already in your neck, and I find it oh so humorous.



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